It's even darker in the cave. And scarier. But there seems to be another light up ahead. Daylight, even brighter than the jungle. You hurry outside.\n\nYou're in a clearing in the jungle, just rocks and sticks and a couple sad-looking coconut trees leaning against each other. But no treasure. The trees don't even look strong enough to climb like Bob had wanted, they're leaning against each looking like a giant “X” or something.\n\nWell, this was a waste of [[time|time]].\n
Being a pirate was fun, but you like having all your body parts attached your body. With your money you move to a beautiful island by the blue sea, where you impress people you meet with tales of your days as a fearsome pirate.\n\nThe End
Hey! You're a pirate!\n\nWhich explains why you're standing on the deck of the Jolly Jumper, the 11th fastest ship (not everyone can make the top 10, it's important just to try) in the seven seas!\n\nYou're the most junior of pirates on the crew, so you want to do well and not get into any trouble. You especially don't want to get on the bad side of Captain Bonnie Read, who at this moment is glaring down at the crew from the fore of the ship (fore is the ship way of saying front - there are so many things for a pirate to remember).\n\n“Avast, ye scurvy dogs! You're the sorriest pirate crew I've ever had the misfortune to lay eyes on,” said the Captain, who liked to motivate the crew with these little speeches. “But never fear! You'll soon have the chance to prove yourselves real pirates.”\n\nBeside the Captain, the ship's navigator One-Eyed Eric stepped forward, “I have a map right here that can lead us to buried treasure.”\n\n“Huzzah!” shouted the crew, which is the pirate way of saying 'awesome.'\n\nOn the other side of the Captain, the 1st mate, Peg-Leg Pete raised a hand, “And I've spotted a ship nearby that'll be easy to capture. It's full of riches!”\n\n“Huzzah!” yelled the crew, but stopped when the Captain raised her hand.\n\n“We can't do both. We'll have to take a vote on which pirate-y thing we're going to do right now.”\n\nWhat do you decide? Look for buried [[treasure|treasure]]? Or go after the [[ship|ship]]?\n\n
You turn the big wheel towards the right, hoping for the best.\n\n“Aye! Good work! You're a natural pirate,” One-Eyed Eric says.\n\nYou are getting the hang of this! You steer the ship onwards over the blue sea until someone yells-\n\n“[[Land ho|land]]!”\n\n
The ship raises its sails. One-Eyed Eric grumbles but sets the course for the nearby ship.\n\n“I think you made a good choice,” another pirate, Noseless Ned, says, “Those treasure maps can be duds. And taking this other ship will be easy - if we survive the cannon fire and the armed guards.”\n\nUh oh! You can already hear the cannon fire as the Jolly Jumper comes up alongside the other ship.\n\n“Duck!” \n\nYou don't see any birds of any kind but a fellow pirate, Limbs-Largely-Intact Terry, pulls you down just as a cannon ball goes zooming by. It's all very loud and very scary.\n\n“You better stay where it's safe,” Terry tells you, “It's too dangerous for a junior pirate. Listen to me - why do you think I'm the only one not missing a body part?”\n\nTerry has a point. But then the Captain yells, “Board the other ship!”\n\nOther pirates are grabbing ropes and swinging out over the water and landing (mostly) on the deck of the other ship.\n\nThere's a [[rope|rope]] nearby. There's also a [[door|door]] leading below.\n
You climb into the rowboat and set off alone back to the ship. Once there you make up some tale about being attacked by angry crocodiles and the other pirates being lost. The Captain looks like she doesn't believe you but when the chest is opened to reveal a pile of gold and jewels she's too happy to question you further.\n\n“We'll have a party,” she announces, “With our junior pirate as the guest of honour.\n\n“Huzzah!” shouts the crew.\n\nThe crew celebrates with singing and dancing. You're the most popular pirate there, everyone wants to shake your hand and pat you on the back - until a large sack is dropped over your head.\n\n“Hey!” you shout, “What's going on? Guest of honour, remember?”\n\n“Yes,” says a cold voice, “And we know how to treat our guests.” \n\nYou realize with a shiver that the voice belongs to One-Eyed Eric.\n\n“Did you think we couldn't swim?” asks another voice, that you recognize as Terry's.\n\n“Or that you could fool me?” asked the Captain.\n\nGulp.\n\n“Don't worry,” someone who sounds like Bob, says, “You'll have lots of time to think about where you went wrong.”\n\nAnd you do. You're loaded onto the rowboat and taken back to the island. You watch the Jolly Jumper sail away, taking the treasure with it. You're left with a lot of coconuts to eat and a lot of time to imagine how you would do things differently.\n\nThe End
The other three pirates come stumbling out of the jungle after you call. They look tired and cranky, but then they're surprised to see you with the treasure chest. They're even more surprised when you tell them how you found it.\n\n“I don't know what's inside,” you say, “I thought we could open it on the ship.”\n\nThey nod and get in the rowboat. Bob offers to row for a bit to give you a rest and the four of you set off across the blue water to the ship.\n\nOnce onboard the Captain comes over to you. “Who found the treasure?” she asks.\n\nBefore you can say anything One-Eyed Eric steps forward, “The junior pirate was the clever one, Captain. We would still be looking.”\n\n“And we probably would have double-crossed the others and kept the treasure,” Limbs-Largely-Intact Terry admits, “At least I was planning to.”\n\n“Yep. Me too.”\n\n“Total double cross.”\n\nThe Captain shook her head, “It seems the most junior pirate is the only trustworthy one among you.” She hands you a hammer and chisel, “Will you do the honours?”\n\nYou manage to pry the chest open to reveal - jewels! Gold! Gold-covered jewels!\n\n“We're rich!” shouts Bob-just Bob, “Er, I mean, however you want to divide it Captain.”\n\n“I think,” the Captain said, “Everyone on the crew will get a share.”\n\n“Huzzah!” shouted the crew.\n\n“But the largest share will go to our junior pirate!”\n\n“Huzzah!” shouted the crew.\n\n“You'll have enough money to [[retire|retire]],” the Captain said to you. “Or,” she added, “You could stay on as a valued member of the [[crew|crew]]. It's up to you.”\n
Yours turns out to be the deciding vote - you're going to look for buried treasure!\n\nOne-Eyed Eric is so pleased with you that he lets you take the wheel to steer the ship. “Just turn the wheel starboard,” he says.\n\nUh oh! You are a junior pirate and it's hard to remember all this pirate talk. Which way is starboard again? Is it [[right|right]]? Or [[left|left]]?\n
It may be dangerous and scary and not always good for the health but being a pirate is exciting. It's the pirate's life for you! You and the crew set sail for more adventures.\n\nHuzzah!\n\nThe End
Your shouts echo beyond the clearing, but you still have to go back to the beach to find the others. You lead them back through the jungle and the cave, into the clearing. They don't believe you at first but are happy to let you dig, until finally-\n\n“I found something!”\n\nIt's a small wooden chest, locked and very heavy. The other pirates give you the honour of carrying it back to the rowboat, which doesn't seem like much of an honour as you huff and puff and drag it across the beach. Then they still make you row!\n\nBut not to worry, Terry tells you, they'll make sure the Captain knows finding the treasure was all thanks to you.\n\n“It was us,” Terry says as soon as they're on board, “Me, Eric and Bob-Just-Bob. We found the treasure.”\n\nYou open your mouth, about to say something but Bob steps in front of you, elbowing you in the stomach. “So we get first dibs, right? On whatever's inside?”\n\n“Of course,” says the Captain, “The three of you did all the work.”\n\nA file and chisel is brought up from below to force the chest open. The rusty lock gives way and the Captain swings the chest open to reveal-\n\nA pile of rocks.\n\nWell, no wonder it was so heavy.\n\nOne-Eyed Eric widens his one eye and then points at you, “It was that junior pirate's fault!”\n\nThe Captain looks at you, “Go below and peel potatoes. That'll be your job for the rest of the week.”\n\n“But-“\n\n“Go!” As you turn to leave you see the Captain look at the other three pirates and the pile of rocks. “Well,” she said coldly, “You did want first dibs.”\n\nYou're lucky all you have to do is peel potatoes. Better luck with your pirating next time!\n\nThe End / [[Restart|Start]] \n
Avast! \n\nAn all-ages Pirate Adventure
You head below decks. With everyone fighting above it's empty, except for the ship's galley, which is the pirate way of saying kitchen. You head there, maybe you can at least get a snack while the terrifying battle is going on.\n\n“Smart move,” the ship's cook, conveniently named Cookie, tells you as you come in, “A battle is no place for a junior pirate. You can stay here and help me. Start by peeling all those potatoes.”\n\nThere's a mountain of potatoes in one corner of the galley - if by mountain you mean a really really huge pile of potatoes.\n\n“All of them?” you squeak. This is going to take forever.\n\n“Yep,” says Cookie, handing you a rusty potato peeler, “Pirating is hungry work. Get to it.”\n\nYou pick up a potato. Upstairs you can hear cheers and huzzahs but for you there's only potatoes. Not much of a pirate adventure after all.\n\nThe End \n\n
You notice that the sun on the rocks lining the beach is forming very sharp shadows. In fact the shadows look kind of like a squiggly line, one that leads off into the jungle.\n\nIs it a [[clue|clue]] from the map? Or just [[nothing|nothing]]?\n\n\n
You follow the path the shadows make until you get into the jungle where it's all shadow. And a bit scary with all the bugs and weird noises. But you're a pirate! You laugh in the face of danger. Ha! um… ha…\n\nYou're about to turn back to the beach when you see up ahead an even darker shadow, except this one is shaped like a triangle. You realize it's the triangle-shaped entrance to a [[cave|cave]]. Could this be the triangle shape from the treasure map?\n\nIt must be!\n
C'mon! It's so boring here on the beach! Even if it's not a clue following the squiggly line will give you [[something|clue]] to do.\n
The Captain sends you, One-Eyed Eric, Limbs-Largely-Intact Terry, and Bob-Just-Bob on a rowboat to the island. \n\n“Find that treasure and you'll be famous pirates,” the Captain says, “Fail and you'll be supper for the fishies of the sea.” The Captain really has to work on her encouraging talks, but after a few gulps you set out to the island.\n\nAs the most junior pirate you get stuck with rowing the boat while the other pirates argue over the map.\n\n“I'm telling you,” One-Eyed Eric says, “That squiggly line there be a river, cross that and the treasure's on the other side.”\n\n“I don't know,” Limbs-Largely-Intact Terry said, “That triangle shape could be a mountain - it looks like the treasure's at the very bottom.”\n\n“You're both touched in the head,” Bob-Just-Bob snapped, jabbing his finger at the map, “There's an “X” and there's a coconut. Clearly we need to climb a coconut tree and look for an “X” on the ground.”\n\nThey keep up this argument until you row them onto a sandy beach.\n\n“Stay here,” One-Eyed Eric tells you, “We'll call for you when we find the treasure.”\n\n“Yeah,” Bob-Just-Bob adds, “So you can come and carry it back for us.”\n\nThey all laugh but then start arguing again and the three of them end up going off in different directions. You sigh and sit on the beach. It's [[sunny|sunny]] and you wish you'd brought a hat.\n
The sail falls - right onto the enemy guards. They struggle and roll around and are generally quite trapped.\n\n“You did it!”\n\nYou - the most junior of junior pirates - have saved the day! And while there's some grumbling that it's not a real pirate battle if no one loses a body part, everyone is very happy. Even the Captain.\n\n“Why, with your share of the treasure and the money we'll make ransoming the prisoners, you'll have enough to [[retire|retire]]. “Or,” she said, “You could stay on as a valued member of the [[crew|crew]]. It's up to you.”\n
You find a stick and start pushing through the sandy ground. It's not easy and you're just about ready to give up and go back to the beach when -\n\nYou hit something solid in the ground.\n\nIt's a small wooden chest! This must be the treasure! Except it's locked.\n\nIt's heavy, but not too heavy, you're able to carry it back through the cave and the jungle and onto the beach. You load the chest onto the rowboat.\n\nThe others are still looking, you could [[call|call2]] to them. But they weren't being very nice pirates before, maybe you should [[row|row]] back to the ship now and get all the credit.\n
You take hold of the rope and get a running start - you're out over the water! This is scary! And awesome!\n\n“Huzzah!” you yell as you swing through the air.\n\nYou land on the deck of the other ship. The pirates from your crew are there, but so are the enemy guards, all with really big swords.\n\nThe Captain puts a sword in your hand, “Make it count, junior pirate.”\n\nYou don't tell her that you didn't get to sword fighting in your training yet. But wait - the enemy guards are all standing under a half torn sail. It's been damaged from all the cannon fire and it looks like it's hanging on by a thread.\n\nYou dart forward and swing your sword at that very [[thread|thread]]…\n
Wait a second! Giant “X”?\n\nYou walk in between the two trees. The ground there is soft and sandy. You want to start [[digging|dig]], but should you [[call|call]] for the others?\n
You spin the big wheel to the left, hoping you're right - but right by being left. Oh this is confusing!\n\n“What are you doing?” One-Eyed Eric snaps, “You've got us going port instead of starboard!” He takes the wheel and sends you off, “Go untangle ropes until you can learn which way is which!”\n\nWhy can't pirates just say right and left? This pirate life is harder than you thought, you spend the next half hour untangling ropes from a giant snarl until finally from high above in the crow's nest (which is the pirate's way of saying lookout spot at the top of the mast) there's a cry of "[[Land|land]] ho!"\n