Okay, okay. You unbolt yon FLASK and hold it aloft. A great shaking begins. The dungeon ceiling collapses down on you, crushing you in twain. Apparently, this was a load-bearing FLASK.\n[[Start Over|Start]]
Ye takes the scroll and reads of it. It doth say: BEWARE, READER OF THE SCROLL, DANGER AWAITS TO THE- The SCROLL disappears in thy hands with ye olde ZAP! [[Go Back|Start]]
Ye cannot get the FLASK. It is firmly bolted to a wall which is bolted to the rest of the dungeon which is probably bolted to a castle. Never you mind. [[Go Back|Start]] [[Get Flask|Death 1]]
Well, they're parapets. This much we know for sure. [[Continue|Go North]]
You engage Dennis in leisurely discussion. Ye learns that his jimberjam was purchased on sale at a discount market and that he enjoys pacing about nervously. You become bored and begin thinking about parapets.\n<<if $visited_Get_Trinket eq "yes">> \n[[Give Trinket|Ending]]\n<<else>> \n[[Continue|Go Dennis]]\n<<endif>>
Ye arrive at [[Dennis|Talk Dennis]]. He wears a sporty frock coat and a long jimberjam. He paces about nervously. Obvious exits are [[NOT DENNIS|Start]].\n
You go NORTH through yon corrider. You arrive at [[parapets|Look Parapets]]. Ye see a [[rope|Get Rope]]. Obvious exits are [[SOUTH|Start]].
Ye find yeself in yon dungeon. Ye see a [[SCROLL|Get Scroll]]. Behind ye scroll is a [[FLASK|Get Flask]]. Obvious exits are [[NORTH|Go North]], [[SOUTH|Go South]] and [[DENNIS|Go Dennis]].
A novel idea! You givst the TRINKET to Dennis and he happily agrees to tell you what parapets are. With this new knowledge, ye escapes from yon dungeon in order to search for new dungeons and to remain... THY DUNGEONMAN!! You hath won! Congraturation!!
<<silently>>\n<<set $visited_Get_Trinket = "yes">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYe getsts yon TRINKET and discover it to be a bauble. You rejoice at your good fortune. You shove the TRINKET in your pouchel. It kinda hurts. [[Continue|South]]\n
You attempt to take ye ROPE but alas it is enchanted! It glows a mustard red and smells like a public privy. The ROPE wraps round your neck and hangs you from parapets. With your last breath, you wonder what parapets are.\n[[Start Over|Start]]
Test story
You head south to an enbankment. Or maybe a chasm. You can't decide which. Anyway, ye spies a [[TRINKET|Get Trinket]]. Obvious exits are [[NORTH|Start]].
Thou hangeth out at an overlook. Obvious exits are [[NORTH|Start]]. I shouldn't have to tell ye there is no TRINKET.
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