I am\n<<cyclinglink "the blood of warriors" "the wind and snow" "the wolves in the forest" "the green and the white" "a child of woad">>\n\nI dream\n<<cyclinglink $amipassage "of ancient songs" "of banshee's wail" "of a heritage that survives in the bone">>\n\nThis is [[who I am.|thedream]]\n
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All at once, things change.\n\nA new story begins. Now, <<cyclinglink "a maelstrom of light" "a storm of white and gold" "a vortex of illumination">> rages around you.\n\nSuddenly, it catches.\nYou become a part of <<cyclinglink "the ebb and flow" "the eddy" "the cycle">> and as you move it moves with you.\n\nYou spin on the spot.\n\n[[Laugh.|laugh]]
<<cyclinglink "And so the fracture remains.">>
I have seen many things.\n\n<<cyclinglink "A coastline shaped by Giants." "The Music of Tears." "The Swans of Lir." "The cry of the Banshee.">>\n\n[[But I have never seen Fireflies.|end]]
This is a light that is alive.\nA light that <<cyclinglink "dances" "flows like water" "remakes the world">> with every passing moment.\n\nA light made up of hundreds of parts\nevery one alive\n[[every one vital to the whole|fireflydesc3]]
As your breath catches in your chest, you know\n\nthis is only the beginning\n\nthis is a world that \n<<cyclinglink "you do not know" "does not belong to you" "you are not a part of">>\n\na sight that your ancestors could never have imagined\n\nit is time\n[[you step into the light.|maelstrom]]
[[What am I?|ami]]
All of this is <<cyclinglink "who" "what" "why">> I am and <<cyclinglink "who" "what" "why">> I am proud to be.\n\nYet, there is a hole\n<<cyclinglink "a dream?" "a memory?" "a fracture in the bone?">>\n\nA yearning for the light at [[dusk.|fireflydesc]]\n\n
<<cyclinglink "Fireflies" "Fireflies">>\n\nIn this one, singular moment, you have been accepted by a land more alien to you than <<cyclinglink "the moon" "the stars" "the worlds beyond ours">>.\n\nIn this moment, you have been allowed to transcend who you are and experience the <<cyclinglink "bones" "dreams" "memories">> of another world.\n\nSoon it will be over.\n[[Dawn approaches.|dawn]]
A Fracture In The Bone
Niall Taylor
Another light begins to crest.\n\nThis light is one you do know. A light that touches the entire world, one that is felt in the <<cyclinglink "bones" "memory" "soul">> of all.\n\nThe fireflies fade away, and I am back in the [[lands of my ancestors.|ireland]]
I can feel it.\nBehind the thickness of a thought.\n\nThe air is <<cyclinglink "different" "warmer" "thicker">> here.\nThe breeze carrying the scents of a world so far away.\n\n<<cyclinglink "wood smoke" "fresh cut grass" "the earth after rain">>\n\nThe sky is darkening, and the edge of the forest moves towards sleep.\n\nAnd before you.\n\n[[only light.|fireflydesc2]]
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