<<i>Lance</i>> tell <<i>Vincent</i>> thank you, and that he had a good time.\n\nHe thanks <<i>Lance</i>> for coming, and sends him one of the pictures he drew for him.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> feels <<b>Warm</b>> in his chest.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> likes this feeling.\n\n[[Notice you have a few texts.]]
This is a story about a man named Lance.\n\nLance has a boyfriend.\n\nLance's current status is Neutral.\n\n[[Talk to boyfriend.]]\n\n(hint, theres weird almost code in a lot of the pages because im too lazy to fix it right now. that and my hand hurts like a motherfucker. so deal.)
<<i>Lance</i>> watch <<i>Vincent</i>> draw while chatting to him, he occasionally responds.\n\nHe is focussed on the drawing. <<i>Lance</i>> has fun watching and decide to go to these more often. He plays the piano for <<i>Lance</i>>.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>>'s current status is <<u>Adorement</u>>.\n\n[[Tell Vincent thanks for streaming.]]
<<i>Lance</i>> manages to talk to both <<i>Erik</i>> and <<i>Vincent<i>> at the same time.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> feels <<b>Distracted</b>>.\n\nHe starts to feel that <<b>Warm</b>> feeling in his chest again whenever <<i>Vincent</i>> responds.\n\nIt's the same feeling he gets when <<i>Erik</i>> tells <<i>Lance</i>> he loves him.\n\n[[Open up to Vincent about it.]]
<<i>Lance</i>> waits even longer still.\n\nFinally, a reply.\n\n<<u>Sorry, I fell asleep</u>>.\n\n<<u>That's okay</u>>.\n\n[[Are you going to sleep?]]
<<i>Lance</i>> asks if <<i>Erik</i>> is going to go to bed.\n\n<<i>Erik</i>> responds <<u>I can stay up though</u>>.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> frowns and says no.\n\n<<u>I want you to get some rest</u>>.\n\n<<u>I love you, goodnight</u>>.\n\n[[See you tomorrow.]]
Lance and Erik discuss plans, tell each other they love each other, and feel sad that their relationship is long distance.\n\nLance's current status is Depressed.\n\n[[Stop talking for a while.]]
The next day, <<i>Lance</i>> wakes up to <<i>Erik</i>>'s good morning text, and feels good.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>>'s current status is <<b>Happy</b>>.\n\n<<b>G O O D \nE N D I N G</b>>\n\n[[Start]]\n
<<i>Lance</i>> recieves a message from his friend.\n\nHe looks at it and determines the best respond, before typing.\n\n<<u>Hi</u>>.\n\n<<u>Yo</u>>.\n\n<<u>Sup?</u>>\n\n<<u>Texting <i>Erik</i></u>>.\n\n<<u>Cool</u>>.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>>'s current status is <<b>Awkward</b>>.\n\n[[Bring up a better topic.]]
Lance and Erik spend a lot of time sending each other messages back and forth.\n\nLance feels brave and sends Erik a picture of himself as is.\n\nErik responds Awww what a cutie.\n\nLance's current status is Flattered.\n\n[[Continue talking.]]\n[[Take a break.]]
<<i>Lance</i>> decides to stop texting <<i>Erik</i>> for a while, and boots up a phone game.\n\nHe plays it until he gets bored of it, then turns on the music and replies finally.\n\n<<i>Erik</i>> sent <<i>Lance</i>> a picture of his bunny.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> responds <<<u>What a cute, wow<u>>.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>>'s current status is <b>Calm</b>>.\n\n\n[[See a message from Vincent.]]
<<i>Lance</i>> looks back down to his phone to see a message from his boyfriend he ignored.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> quickly responds <<u>Sorry</u>>.\n\nAnd then <<u>I was reading a story</u>>.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> feels <<b>Guilty</b>>, but good for being <<b>Honest</b>>.\n\nIt is late at night and <<i>Erik</i>> hasn't texted back.\n\n[[Wait for Erik to respond.]]
Lance texts Erik.\n\nErik responds a few minutes later with a Hello.\n\nAnd then What's up?\n\nLance responds normally.\n\nLance's current status is Elated.\n\n[[Enjoy a conversation with boyfriend.]]
Aw, <<i>Lance</i>> forgot <<i>Erik</i>> was waiting for him to respond.\n\n<<i>Erik</i>> got worried.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> tells him he is alright, to reassure his boyfriend.\n\n[[Multitask conversations.]]
<<u>Ssooo</u>>.\n\n<<u>What's up?</u>>\n\n<<u>Draw Anything?</u>>\n\n<<u>I'm drawing right now, want to see?</u>>\n\n<<u>Yes, I do</u>>.\n\n<<i>Vincent</i>> links you to where <<i>Lance</i>> can watch him draw.\n\n[[Watch.]]
Instead of responding back to <<i>Erik</i>>, <<i>Lance</i>> decides to browse the internet and read a story.\n\nHe plays music while reading.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>>'s current status is <<b>Monotone</b>>.\n\n[[An hour passes by.]]
<<i>Lance</i>> waits.\n\nAnd waits, and waits a little bit more.\n\nHe texts <<i>Erik</i>> again.\n\n<<u>Where did you go?</u>>\n\n[[Wait longer.]]
Lance decides to talk to his boyfriend. \n\nErik isn't online.\n\nLance's friend Vincent is online.\n\n[[Text Erik.]]\n[[Talk to Vincent.]]
<<i>Lance</i>> tries to message <<i>Vincent</i>>. \n\nHe is away at first.\n\n<<u>Sorry, I was sleeping</u>>.\n\n<<u>Haha, that's okay</u>>.\n\n<<u>So</u>>.\n\n[[Bring up a better topic.]]
<<i>Lance</i>> tells <<i>Vincent</i>> what he feels, and confessed that he thinks he loves him.\n\n<<i>Vincent</i>> says nothing about it, only that he's proud of <<i>Lance</i>> for getting it out into the open. \n\nIt takes a lot of <<b>Courage</b>>, apparently.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> doesn't feel <<b>Like He Got What He Wanted</b>>.\n\nHe feels like he did when he held similar feelings for his ex friend <<i>Jasper</i>>.\n\nWhen <<i>Jasper</i>> didn't return those feelings.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> knows that reacting the same way will cost him a lot more than just two friends.\n\nHe feels <<b>Disappointed</b>>, and <<b>Depressed</b>>.\n\n<<i>Vincent</i>> stops responding.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> feels <<b>More Depressed</b>>, and <<b>Angry At Himself</b>>.\n\n<<i>Lance</i>> decides to take a nap in hopes the sour feelings go away.\n\n<<b>B A D\nE N D I N G</b>>\n\n[[Start]]\n