This is kind of a Note to Self: your voice is horrible. Sorry. Continue.\n\n"Found the message, huh? Funny of you to ask. Leon is the poor bastard who was\nin debt to the wrong people and you were the one who kidnapped his family.\nLeon is the one that had his life destroyed by you. Tell me, how could you rape\nthe baby's mother while he watched? Is it better? It is the cruelty that excite you?\nYou are the monster here. The one who should die."\n\nWow. I'd love being right. You really were a psychopath! Don't worry I am psycho\nmyself. A psychologist! Ha ha. Well how does it feel knowing you were a monster\nall your life? How can you live after what you've done? I guess you know where\nto point that revolver now. Oh the cold metal against your chin skin. Isn't it\npurifying? Now finish it. Do it already.
Ah a strong approach. Show him that you're not fooling around. Show him that\nyou will squeeze the answers out of him with your bare hands if needed. Show no\nmercy. Perhaps he might be afraid enough to tell you what you should already\nknow. Just be wise and try to keep the torture psychological because I don't think\nhe can take much more to his body.\n\n"Ha ha ha. Look at me! Do you think you can harass me? Do you think I have\nsomething to lose right now! If you truly lost your mind, then you're lucky. You\ndon't want to know who you are and what you've been doing."\n\nYeah. Definately it didn't work. Maybe you really shoudn't know who you are.\nPerhaps you were a psychopath! A psycho that was cured by amnesia! Alternative\nmedicine, rejoice. Now I'm thinking, there is a great chance that he is going to lie\nto you. Oh probabilities. You never know what is coming on next!\n\n[[ Search him for clues|Agressive Search]]\n\n[[Shoot him.|Phone Ending]]\n\n[[Let him live and walk away.|Crosshair Ending]]
Natural isn't it? You were truly familiar to that revolver, you must have done this a\nlot in the past. Think positive, he's not screaming for mercy at least. Just point the\ngun, pull the trigger and paint the trashcan red. BAM. What a delightful sound! It's\nlike hearing a baby cry for the first time! You know, there are only two ways of\nfeeling life running in your veins and that is by giving life and taking it away.\n"Ring, ring, ring. You have a new message." Oh I bet you forgot there was a phone\nin your pocket. Check that message. Maybe it's life calling you for another ride!\nAh, a picture. A dramatic one, really. I'm not much of a photo critic but I know my\nway around this kind of art and this one is really touching. The light that comes\nfrom behind the camera. The grim ambient that looks like a horror movie set. I\nwould have gone for a less red approach, because it really blurs the girl and the\nbaby lying on the ground in the middle of the picture. I guess you don't recgonize\nthem, right? Only if this were a game, you could just click Restart.
You really did give him the gun?! Have you checked the facts? Look at this, you\nwere obviously killing each other! Maybe you truly are a fool. The dead guy\ndoesn't seem so dead right now and the gun barrel does shine when you look at it.\nWhat a piece of weaponry aimed at your face.\n\n"Goodbye Leon."
Alright, I see you are trying to set things right. Trying to calm down and\nunderstand the situation, and let's face it, it is not an easy situation. I really can't\nimagine a good situation involving two guys, one of them seriously wounded and\nthe other with amnesia and holding a gun. I didn't want to be on your shoes now,\nand even less on that guy shoes. But togheter maybe you'll find reason to this\ntragedy.\n\n"Phew. So you truly don't remember nothing? Nothing at all? No names, no faces,\nno flashbacks? That must be hard. An empty man and a dead man. Listen, you\nworked as my bodyguard. Your name is Adam Miller. I don't know what led you to\nthis but you tried to kill me in my apartment and in the middle of the fight we\nboth fell down here. Now please, give a dead man his last wish. Let me put out\nmy misery. I won't make it and I just can't suffer more. Give me your gun and let\nme finish what you started."\n\nMany revelations. That's cool. You have a name, you had a job, you tried to kill\nyour boss. But still there are some importants loose ends. And talking about\nending, this guy wants to do it earlier by himself. You know the deal by now, I shut\nup and you choose.\n\n[[Shoot him.|Knife Ending]] \n\n[[Give him the gun.|Fooled Ending]]
Oh how wonderful life is! Except for that poor bastard right in front of you, lying\nnear a trashcan in this god forgotten dark alley. And except for you too, but\nyou're the one with the revolver, getting up on your feet, and I'm absolutely\npositive that you are healthier than him. Your problem is that you don't know\nnothing. That aching blood stain on your head may have something to do with it,\nbut still you are asking yourself "What happened?". You don't know it yet but the\nfirst clue will start screaming in pain very loudly.[[Right now|Scream]]\n
You want to do it yourself. Take away his pain by yourself, it feels good doesn't it?\nYou feel like a merciful angel, generously helping this poor soul find his way.\nLetting him suicide would be cruel. Gun to the forehead and down he goes. Clean\nas a whistle. You did a great job. And you know who also did a great job? That long\nknife that just went through your back. What a knife! A clean cut and two clean\nkills. A good night for murder indeed.
Merciful aren't you? You had a life on your hand and you just put it back where\nyou found it. I'm pretty sure it wasn't so beated up when you found it some time\nago, but since you don't remember how you got there in the first place, I'm not\ngoing to bother you with repressed memories. You must be tired of all this, and\nnow you just want to go back home to your family. But wait a minute, you don't\nremember if you have a family or a home. And now you think that you can't just\nleave that stranger dying in the trash. You don't even know who he is, right?! Oh\nonly if someone could solve all your problems at once. Well, I bet you didn't\nknow this was exactly what was going to happen. All your problems looked so\nsmall in the sniper's crosshair, but he wasn't sure yet. He had explicit orders from\nguys that you just don't disobey and only one shot must be heard that night. Since\nit wasn't your shot, he had the clearance to finish the job. The bullet went straight\nthrough your neck and hitted a nasty cockroach near the trash. Always a silver\nlining, right? Only if this were a game, you could just click Restart.
You clearly are desperate. Can you just hear your own voice? It barely came out!\nHave you been smoking something? I just don't know how the nearly dead guy\nheard you. Anyway, it doesn't look he lost his memory and he propably think you\nare crazy but if you want to go on with this, I am not the one to stop you.\n"Who I am? What do you mean who I am? Are you fucking with me, man? Wanna\nmock me before I die!? You're sick man. Stop this bullshit and finish it already!"\nJust like I said. Maybe you should try a different approach, and I recommend doing\nit now. Bleeding like that he is not going to be able to answer for long. Of course,\nthe choice is yours. You can always rely on that revolver or walk away.\n\n[[ Threat him to talk what he knows|Threat]]\n\n[[Friendly talk to him and see if he can help you|Friendly]]\n\n[[Shoot him.|Phone Ending]]\n\n[[Walk away|Crosshair Ending]]
Angelo Guidugli
Precaution measures. I'm starting to like the way you think, checking if he's armed\nor if you can find something useful. Search his jacket, his jeans, his pockets. No\nsurprises, only a wallet and a phone. At least you can find his name on some of his\ndocuments...if he had one. What kind of person carries a100.000 dollars paycheck\nand no ID? Check his phone, maybe you will have more luck. Ugh what a crappy\nphone. Some missed calls but since there are no contacts, it's all a bunch of\nnumbers. Try the messages.\n\n"Leon, consider this as your last warning. You pay me or they die. I'm going to\nyour apartment. Be alone."\n\nNow this is good. News from yesterday but still, this guy Leon is in trouble. I\nwonder who he is. But I'm not here to interfere. Do your choices by yourself.\n\n[[Ask who is Leon.|Suicide Ending]]\n\n[[Shoot him.|Phone Ending]]\n
"AHHHHH! Damn it, if you gon' do it, DO IT ALREADY!". Exactly as I told you,\nhe truly is an exception of life's wonders. Only if you knew who he is. Anyway, this\nis your problem now. And your choice. Do it already.\n\n[[Ask him who he is.|Questions]]\n\n[[Shoot him.|Phone Ending]]\n\n[[Let him live and walk away.|Crosshair Ending]]