I started shedding tears thinking he was dangerous but he told not to be scared. For someone I have never met I listened to him I stopped and stared into his emerald eyes. It got me hypnotized. He suddenly started running the other direction to the local playground. I asked " What the hell are we doing here? I want to go home! I will call the cops!" He shrugged and ran on top of the slide and yelled at the top of his lungs "Go ahead beautiful." I was confused he seemed so free and happy. He gestured to me to come up, so I did the view was great so I yelled out all my fustrations and troubles. "I hate you mom! I want to be free! I need more [[hope!|Hope!]]
It was a couple of months since I heard the news,"James Edwards found hung in an alley way." I don't understand why he did it he seemed perfectly fine. I loved him so much.\n\nI was at the park a place once full of happiness, now it's a place where those happy memories peirced my heart. I no longer know what to do. It feels like I have been broken in [[half.|Half.]]
Mom doesn’t know my plan about moving to New York. I’m going to let my grandmother take of Bae she told to stay there until I’m 18 so I can’t help my mom as much as possible hopefully she gets better soon so I won’t have to run away from her.\n\n[[go back|Page 3]]
He looked at me with furious eyes took me by my shoulders and said "Don't ever tell one about that understand? You saw nothing and don't ever go near that car." I was still curious "Why are you doing this are in danger? Can I help you in any way possible please?" he suddenly dropped to knees started sobbing, crying, I have never seen him this way before "I wish you could something. I have been a mess for a long I don't know what to do." I suddenly dropped to my knees and held him I wanted to cry to but I couldn't let him see me cry. "Your my miracle. I love you so much." he said. But I just sat there quietly without any response and just let him cry, and cry to release all the pain he had [[inside.|Inside.]]
A story by awesome me.\n\n[[Start the Story|Page 1]]
I climbed onto the crate put the rope around my neck, but out of nowhere I heard police sirens, so I took the rope but a cop came and arrested me for interferring in a police case. As the handcuffs were put on my wrist I realized my life was over at that moment.
It was two weeks, and I decided to take Bae outside for some fresh air. I took her to the local park hoping James was there hoping he would be there but I know he wasn't I was just giving myself false hope. While going to the park I thinking about James, and why was I thinking about him he was a weird punk anyways. \n \nHey there beautiful I turned around and it was James. "Were you thinking about me?" There it was that feeling my hearting jumping my mind going crazy. My palms sweating. I just stood there with a stupid smile on my face. So Bae came up to up me us "Who is he? Is he your boyfriend?" James with a smile kneeled down "No unfornetly she's not I wish she was do you see how pretty your sister is?" "Yea I have the prettiest sister in the whole wide world." She said with a thumbs up." So shall we build a snowman he suggested. Bae with a smile on her face started running around looking for snow to [[roll.|Roll.]]
As I was reading the letter I started crying I started to feel loved in my life, and my heart which was once half was whole again. But there was something in the envelope it was the acorn we used as a nose for our snowman, the sudden moment I fell for James. At the moment I realized that he was my miracle. I stayed the park reading his final words over and over again until my eyes were in [[pain.|Pain.]]
The snowman was pretty good I guess. "Hey we are missing a nose!" "Okay everyone lets look for an acorn for the nose." said James. So Bae started running around looking for an acorn.\nI was so cold and started holding my cheeks for warmth. But suddenly James grabbed my waist and pulled me close. "Hey what are you doing? Get off me you creep!" I screamed. "You just have a little something..." we were so close to each I thought we had already kissed but instead his hands were on my cheeks. "I can't stand to see you red from the cold, I can only see you cheeks red when I make you blush with embarrassment. So stand still and let me make you warm again." So we just stood there in silence it felt like winter was passing by in [[seconds.|Seconds.]]
I climbed onto the crate put the rope around my neck and kick the crate aside. As it was my final breaths my only thoughts was leaving the Bae behind, but I had to be with him even if it meant life or [[death.|Death.]]
So I was walking around not to mention that is was 12:32am I shouldn’t have stayed out there really creepy. But that’s the moment was the first time I saw the miracle. He came up to me with his cute crooked smile. I naturally smiled back never refuse the attention of a cute guy. He seemed like was eighteen but oh well. So I turned my back and walked home with my clear [[mind|Mind]].
So I was running away from all that bulls*** mom has put me through. I should hate her, and I should run away but I can’t I’m only staying for Bae. But when I hit 18 Bae and I are off two New York to [[NYU|NYU]]. \n\n[[go to|Page 4]]
It was the May 23rd 2013 I was only 16, and coming home after most horrible fight with my mother. She hasn’t been going to her group meeting you know the meeting for people who can’t stop drinking or getting high, for their own children’s sake. It seems like she doesn’t want my advice when I am the one cooking, cleaning, getting the best possible marks in school, and taking care of [[Bae|Bae]]. \n\n\n[[go to|Page 3]]\n
It is year January 1st 2035 I am remembering the moments with my [[miracle.|Miracle.]] I'm at the park with my acorn and letter.\n\n[[go to|Page 2]]
I climbed onto the crate put the rope around my neck, but out of nowhere heard a voice saying don't do it. As I heard it my heart ached and I remembered what was in the letter. So I quickly took the rope of my neck and got down, and hysteraclly started crying and as I walked away I decided to put the past behind me and look towards my new [[future.|Future.]]
The miracle is happy, beautiful the reason why I smiled again.\n[[go back|Page 1]]
It was around 8:30 and as soon as I had dinner I ran down to the park. There he was on top of our slide. I try to scare him by climbing up the stairs but all he said was "Hey there beautiful." turned around with a smile on his face. We went down the slide together then he hugged me as soon as we got down "I'm so sorry I havent been myself. Don't worry it's all going to end soon." I pulled away from the hug "But why were you so shaky, nervous, and yell at me for no reason. I even saw you go into a black car the other [[day.|Day.]]
As I walked home I was really tired. I didn't really know what do now. I walked to the alley where he hung himself went over the police tape I couldn't believe the he used was still there.\nSo I took a crate and climbed on it was so do or die at this [[moment.|Moment]]
It was the next day I was sitting in the kitchen table having breakfreast so I turned on the T.V to the 8 o'clock news and read the headlines that when I dropped my bowl of cereal and heard a crack but I think that was my [[heart.|Heart.]]
Our meeting spot where we would talk about anything with any judgement about anyone. We would even leave letter and little items so only the other person would understand.\n\n[[go back|Seconds.]]
My half-sister she is 8 years old. She was from one of my mom’s affairs. I will never tell her who her father is, she is my sister from both sides and I love her to death. \n [[go back|Page 2]]
Hey Beautiful,\nI know you must be very confusing for you, and I'm so sorry I hurt you. I couldn't handle my life anymore it just caused more pain, and aggression. You must have so many question but don't bother looking for an answer your mind is to wonderful for this. I keep remembering how we first met you and your loud voice thinkking I was a stalker. Hope I can keep that as a memory even after I'm dead. I love you so much, you are my one and only soulmate. Please take care of yourself I will only be at peace if you are happy with your life. You are my miracle the only reason why I smiled again was because of you, and I than for that.\n\n Sincerly,\n [[James Edwards.|James Edwards.]]
He looked at me and gently touched my cheeks and said "You will find it sooner or later just wait." He went down the slide and waved goodbye. I waved goodbye. On my way home I kept thinking about him James. My heart thumped faster, and faster, and I couldn't stopped blushing could this be love? Love yeah right it wasn't like I was going to see him again, and I am not going to write him 365 letter just like in "The Notebook". I'm just going to leave James as a happy [[memory.|Memory]]
It is March and the snow is slowly started to melt. I was at the top of the [[slide|Slide]] waiting for James. I was just thinking him and how he has changed the last couple of weeks he would get angry, anxious, and shaky. Everytime I would ask him if he was alright he would get mads at me, or avoid the question.\n\nThere he was at the corner of the street walking I called out his name "James, James." But no response. He just stood there he was just standing there, so a black car pulled up it looked weird James entered the car I could it was bad by the look of his eyes.\nTonight I must find what is [[happening.|Happening.]]
I walked home taking my time. But I had a really bad feeling about something. So I tried walking faster but kept hearing footsteps behind me. So I ran faster, faster thinking I will be safe. But someone reached my hand while I was running. So I turned and fell on the soft ground covered in the snow. Not to mention he was on top of me. With his cute smile he said " I'm James, and you are?" I pushed him off with anger trying to runaway but he kept grabbing onto [[me.|Me.]] \n
I climbed up the slide a place where James and I fell in love. Thinking of what I could've done wrong to make him do this.\nBut while I was thinking I spotted a peice of paper undererneath the slushy snow. I went down and grabbed the letter I couldn't believe my eyes it was addressed to [[Beautiful.|Beautiful.]]