Children's story
Is there light!\nLight is the wave. \nObserve the [[photon|Photon]].
Now is light the particle! No longer wave! Silly light!\n\nHere is the robot overlord.\nObserve the [[robot|Robot]]...
Robot is kill all the human.\n\nThe end.
Zombie is eat of the brains! Of the ill manners this one is!\nBleh! Run away!\n\nWhat else to [[observe|Light]]...\n
All of small people will listen now of the story to children.\nStory is [[begin|Chicken]].
Chicken is fancy! Dance all over the place!\n\nNow is there [[zombie|Zombie]].\nObserve of the zombie.\n
Mark Gobbin
There is chicken!\n[[Observe the chicken|Chicken dance]].\n