Wrong. Max needs some help!
I decided that I need to leave the park and keep walking…\nIt is still midday, so I have plenty of time.\nBut I am getting so hungry… And lonely.\nAlso, I heard a story about dog catchers so I have to be careful.\nAcross the road I see Molly. Molly is very beautiful cat which used to come to our house for some milk. She doesn’t have home but she says she doesn’t need it at all.\nI need to decide: to go to [[speak|Speak]] to Molly or [[go|Go on my own]]. \n
Wrong. Joining dogs Max would never find a new home.
Help Max to find his new home
Wrong: Moly doesn’t have home. And Max needs proper place to stay and live his life...
Oh no. It is wrong. Max could never do it: he is Max’s friend and he’s sad!
Yes, sure. Max would end up in dog care centre!
Hello, my name is Max. I am 4 years old dog and since yesterday I don’t have home anymore…\nPeople who I used to live with are very angry on me. They used to shout on me all the time: ‘Max, don’t eat here!’, ‘Max, go away’, ‘MAX!!!’\nI couldn’t do it anymore. I realised that it is time for me to go.\nI left a house. On the way to the park I saw three dogs sleeping by recycling point. \nWhat shall I do? Shall I [[join|Join]] homeless dogs or [[carry on|Carry On]] and discover the city?\n
I run to Peter. When he sees me he looks so happy! He is smiling and hugging me! He is so happy! He tells that everyone is so sad since I left: I smile.\n\nLife is actually beautiful: I only need to follow some rules and people won’t shout on me.\nI am happy. I have my home!\n\n
Untitled Story
Molly runs so quickly! I cannot see her anymore! Oh no!\nAnd then I hear her voice from somewhere: I look around, but there’s nothing.\nThen I see her green eyes in the dark: she is hiding behind big boxes. I join her.\nMolly says that this building is Italian Pizzeria so sometimes they give to her bacon or other tasty stuff.\nWe wait one hour and suddenly back doors open. One tall Italian chef throws some bacon to us. We eat: it is so delicious!\nWhat do we do next?\nMolly wants to sleep, she asks me to [[go with her|Go with her]].\nBut I am not sleepy at all. I want to find a cosy place for me to live. I need to [[explore more|Explore more]]… \n
I was walking and looking around. \nEveryone seemed to be so happy: children playing, people smiling and talking, couples are eating ice cream… \n\nI was sad: nobody wanted me in this world. \nSuddenly I saw my friend Rick. He lives in my neighborhood and he knows my owners. \nAh, how much I would love to [[go|Go]] to Rick and tell what happened…\nBut maybe I should [[run away|Run Away]]?
Wrong. Rick would take Max back home and everyone would hate Max even more!
Marija Sakalauskaite
Molly was right, it is getting late.\nBut I cannot give up: I need to carry on!\nI walk around the city, I see all those happy people… \nI sit down on the grass in the park and I see someone very familiar.\nSomeone, who I know since I born and someone who I really miss…\nIt is my owner! Peter! He looks very upset! And I have always been very supportive and close to him. I need to [[speak to him|Speak to him]] \nBut if I go, he will shout on me. He might even beat me.\nShall I [[run|Run]] and pretend that I haven’t seen him?\n
I explain to Molly everything. \n\nShe tells that she saw already some posters in the town saying that they are looking for me.\nMolly takes me to one place where we can get free bacon! Yummy…\n\nOn our way we see some people. Molly tells me they are dog catchers! I am panicking. I don’t know what to do!\nMolly starts running very quick! Shall I [[follow|Follow]] her? Shall I [[stay|Stay]]? I am so nervous!