I thank him and make my way to the underground. Seems like the Liverpool Street station also acts as a national rail station. Have I been here before? If i have, i can't remember.\n\nI find the underground and [[get on|7]]
!!Time is...18:50\n\nGot picked up from the station. A Rare occurance for me to be in london.\n\nWas asked to arrive to a person's house for some food and stuff. I accepted, even though i don't know the area i'm going to.\n\nStill, my social life being what it is, it seems like a [[nice thing to do|2]]
This is an autobiographical twine.\n\nIt is about being afraid walking on the Liverpool Street area of London, at around 7PM.\n\nThis is how i [[remember it|1]]
!!time is... 19:30\n\nPlaying zenbo. Interesting game. Hidden rules and intensions.\n\nStarting to relax, kinda. Surrounded by like, 2 people i vagely know and a dude that i talked to about hackspaces. SEems like a nice enough dude, at least.\n\nIt's slowly getting [[darker...|4]]
Walking from the Liverpool STreet it looks like a lot of people have gotten off work. There's so many people compared to Finland.\n\nBars around me. People spilling out to the streets. Drinks in hand. Sitting on the street curb.\n\nThey seem [[well dressed at least|3]]
Walking towards the station i see even more people in business and party attire. I get the feeling that people have been drinking, but they don't seem as rowdy as they could be.\n\nI don't feel afraid, per se, but i feel really uncomfortable. Might be a bit of fear mixed in as well.\n\nI feel bad for asking this person to help me walk to the station. I hope he doesn't miss out on anything.\n\nOne thing i do notice is that the route to the station seems to be shorter than the route we took to the host's flat.\n\nBut why?\n\nHe points towards the distance and i can see where he points towards to. He says [["that's the station|6]]
!!time is 21:00\n\nIt's getting darker and my head feels like it's 23:00.\n\nIn finland, it is.\n\nI'm getting tired. And it's starting to get darker. If i wait longer i might not have a person help me get back to the hotel.\n\nI feel guilty doing this, but it has to be done.\n\n[["Hey, could you walk me to the station?"|5]]
!!time is.. 21:30\n\nI feel tired. but still aware.\n\nI hope that the trip doesn't take that long.\n\nKeeping my eye on the stop map. Soon i'll be at King's Cross. Get off there, walk back to the hotel.\n\nCould get off at euston square but...\n\n[[that station is strange to me|8]]
Fear And the Unknown on Liverpool Street
Leo Loikkanen
Walk back from king's cross.\n\nThe hotel's there, at the distance.\n\nStill feel some amount of guilt, an amount of relief.\n\nFall onto bed.\n\nFall asleep.