!!4 swords 2 guns!\n\nYou shoot monsters.\n\nYou shoot them straight in their monster faces. No one will miss them. they're merely a mechanic to make it harder for you to get those sweet sweet crates filled with weaponry and imaginary internet bragging points.\n\nWell done you.\n\nWhat's next, hotshot?\n\n[[jump to the upper platform|upper_platform]]\n\n[[dash to the next crate, shooting wildly|next_crate]]\n\n[[contemplate your greatness|greatness]]
It is said that ego and hubris are the things that lead to people's downfall.\n\nthat and letting go of the controller when the boss is morphing into his final form (Game Center CX Fans know what i'm talking about here.)\n\nSame thing happens to you\n\n<p style="color:purple">Game over </p>
Shooting wildly around you, you're able to hit a few of those <p style="color:green">green monsters</p> and clear your way to the next crate that already looms in front of you.\n\nMaking sure your hit boxes connect, you collect the box, making the score counter up by 1.\n\nYour score is now 2.\n\nWell done you.\n\n[[We're just gonna skip ahead a few crates...|skipping_ahead]]
!!i wonder why...he's the greatest dancer\n\nEven thought the sprite sheets don't really have added dancing animations, you still mange to improvise a little jig to the rhythm of the really cool sounding background music. YOu're having so much fun that you don't see a <p style="color:green">small, fast green little skull monster</p> hit you on the butt, causing you to die and the GAMAY OVERA text appear onscreen.\n\nThe Game is over.\n\nAs is the way of our people.
!!<p style="color:red">Construction Yard</p>\n\nExcrement is going down! ya see some green skull...things going around like cat with chili squirted on it's backside! STUFF BE CRAY, YO!\n\nThere's a Crate to the left of you, monsters to the right. You're stuck in the middle near the <p style="color:orange">Fire pit!</p>\n\n[[grab the crate!|grab_crate]]\n\n[[shoot some monsters!|shoot_monsters]]\n\n[[do a lil' jig!|lil_jig]]
This twine is a satirical clone of the <a href="http://www.vlambeer.com">Vlambeer game</a> Super Crate Box (Available on multiple platforms near you!)\n\nI asked @tha_rami on twitter if it was ok to do. Well, i proclaimed that "i should do a twine clone of Super Crate Box. For giggles", and @tha_rami faovourited that tweet so i'm taking it as an ok to go ahead with this.\n\nIf, however, Vlambeer and Devolver Digital resent this Twine being a THING that EXISTS, i'll happily take it down, as long as the email telling me to do so is polite in tone. If not i'll grab 4 swords, 2 guns and challenge Fork Parker in a deathmatch.\n\nthat said: ON WITH [[DA SHOW|1]]
But then your finger slips, and you manage to miss a crucial jump, and we mean super crucial.\n\nYou hit a monster, and sadly you're dead.\n\nThe game congratulates you on making such a high score, then spends 30 minutes listing out all the cool things you unlocked.\n\nYou go!\n\nYou take a moment to reflect at this achievement. Then you look at the clock and realise that you're going to miss Vlambeer speaking at (INSERT_RELATIVELY_UNKNOWING_GAMING_FEST_IN_EUROPE_HERE) about how to make games, be cool and supportive of others whilst getting paid, suckaaaa (the actual title of the talk).\n\nYou leave your hotel room, running to the Generic Convention Center, hoping to catch the speech before it ends.\n\nAnd with this, our game is over.\n\n[[credits]]
As you jmp on the upper platform, you get hit by a <p style="color:green">monster</p> that happens to be spawning at the same time you reach the area that has the next crate.\n\nThis is a rookie mistake, and you react by calling the game worse things than other people call other people's mom's on Xbox Live\n\n<p style="color:purple">Game Over</p>
Super Twine Box. A Horrible clone/demake of Super Crate Box
!!...So you tried to grab the box.\n\nSadly there are still a fair amount of monsters near by. green ones, pink ones and some red ones as well.\n\nAs you make an attempt to grab the box, your hitbox reaches that of a monster, which causes your on-screen avatar to die and the following words appear on screen:\n\n!Game Over\n\nCursing at the **sheer brilliance** at this game, you throw the controller away in disgust, swearing NEVER to play this game again!
Leo loikkanen
BASED ON: Super Crate Box by <a href="http://www.vlambeer.com">Vlambeer</a>\n\nWritten by: Leo Loikkanen\n\nLicensed By: American conglamorate of companies giving out Licenses INC.\n\nWritten with the permission from Rami Ismail.\n\nSpecial thanks to:\n\nAlcohol\nComic books\nfriendly indies\nmy mum\ncocaine\nshort attention spans\ntechnology that created wikis\nthe dude that wrote twine\ncookies\nmonkeys\ncute puppies\npodcasts\nfriends\nbeautiful artwork on the internets\nFork Parker\nTacos\nDevolver Digital\nThe other Dude That Isn't Rami But Is Part Of Vlambeer.
Your score is now 40 crates. You've unlocked many weapons as well as new stages and even the cryptically ETLA'd SFMT mode. (not even the developers(?) know what that means!) Hooray! YOu're better than the average player!\n\nBut oh no, the monsters are spawning still, and crates need to be collected! The cycle of building the score ever higher and higher doesn't seem to be ending! What is the purpose of this mystery? Will we meet god at 1000 crates collected!?\n\nWe may never solve the mystery\n\n[[BUT THEN YOUR FINGER SLIPS!|finger_Slip]]