You are looking into your own eyes, Orson Welles.\n\nAnd so you [[stare|Stare]].
Then BOOM.\n\nYou are looking genius in its very [[EYES|Truth_5]].
You’re staring at your mouth now.\n\nHow long have [[you|Stare_6]] been looking for?\n
A wise man, probably you, once said: ‘A perfectionist never, ever, does things with haste, even when those things are simple. If it works well the first time don’t submit to idle thought; do it again and again, even if you eventually use your first attempt.’\n\nYou certainly practice what you preach, Orson Welles, for you have been perfecting the art of drunken self-congratulation in this mirror for well over an hour.\n\nNot to mention the last few decades where you’ve done very little else. Not always in the mirror, [[of course|Stare_5]].\n
Your thoughts are broken the instant you realise you’ve been mumbling to yourself, probably since you first woke up.\nWhy, Orson Welles, do you do this to yourself? \nHow, Orson Welles, have you managed to put away a bottle of scotch since you stood up?\nWasn’t that but a few moments ago?\n\nNo, [[Orson Welles|Stare_4]], it wasn’t. \n
Unfortunately, Orson Welles, you do not choose your own destiny; it chooses you. You weren't to know that you would become the most respected figure of the twentieth century, but that matters not any longer. You, Orson Welles, create beauty and legitimacy in equal measure, for that is your gift and your curse.\n\nNow [[go|Mirror]].\n
You continue looking ever upwards, training your stare towards the stars, for that is where you truly belong. You keep looking a little bit closer at yourself.\n\n[[You are studying greatness.|Truth_4]]
The babbling has ceased for a moment.\n\n[[Clarity.|Greatness]]\n
I, Orson Welles, am the Citizen Kane of Video Games.\n\nI have been been all along, so stop looking, [[please|TheEnd_End]].
You [[are|WakeUp]] the Citizen Kane of Video Games.
[[Cultural acceptance?|Rosebud_4]]\n\nGreatness?\n\nBut what does it mean?
You realise that this whole mirror escapade has been a subconscious recreation of your [[creative greatness|Greatness_2]].
[[My|TheTruth_2.2]] crowning achievement?
Yes, [[mine|TheTruth_3]]:
If everyone in the world thought like you, Orson Welles, you’d be the most beloved healer of minds.\n\nAlas, you will have to be content at simply being the greatest filmmaker [[to have ever lived|Stare_3]]. \n
You can’t resist, can you, [[Orson Welles|Greatness_6]]?
As you continue to bask in your own brilliance your line of sight naturally begins to ascend. You also lean in slightly for a better look.\n\n[[You look good.|Truth_2.5]]
I, Orson Welles, am [[the Citizen Kane of Video Games|TheEnd_2]].
As you peer into the darkness of the beautiful yet troubled, alcoholic and fragile soul of the truest savant to have ever lived, you look even deeper, almost past the greatness reflected back at [[you|Stare_2]].
It is merely a contrivance.\n\n(It does represent all of those other things as well, but for the purpose of this argument please pretend that it doesn’t.)\n\n[[We|TheTruth_2]] call it a plot device.\n
You sidle up to the mirror and get ready to drink everything in.\n\n[[There I am. How handsome, young, talented and in no way alcohol-dependent I look this morning.|Lies]]\n\n[[There I am. How rotund, worldly, talented and undoubtedly alcohol-dependent I look this morning.|Truth]]
You settle for a second on your massive, beautiful belly.\n\nAah, that's why you're fully clothed despite having just woken up.\n\nYou are Orson Welles, you remember, and you [[drink all day|Truth_3]].
\n\n[[I’m Charles Foster Kane.|TheTruth_4]]
You are the Citizen Kane of Video Games
[[You|TheEnd]], you are neither.
I’m Orson Welles.\n\nI’m Charles Foster Kane.\n\nNo.\n\n[[I'm both.|TheTruth_7]]
I’m Orson Welles.\n\nI’m Charles Foster Kane.\n\n[[No.|TheTruth_6]]
[[I’m Orson Welles.|TheTruth_5]]\n\nI’m Charles Foster Kane.
Always [[inwards|Greatness_4]].
[[But what does it mean?|Rosebud_2]]
I, Orson Welles, am the Citizen Kane of Video Games.\n\nI have been been all along, so stop looking, please. \n\nTHE END
You gaze first at your feet.\n\nWhy are you wearing clothes, Orson Welles, I thought you'd just [[woken up|Truth_2]]?
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To your mouth, [[Orson Welles|Greatness_5]].
Unfortunately, you are not this Orson Welles.\n\nWhile that Orson Welles will go on to almost single-handedly define cinematographic technique and the very language of the motion picture for generations to come, you are not him.\n\n[[Look again.|Truth]]
You can’t help but to revel in your own unfathomable genius.\n\nCan you, [[Orson Welles|Greatness_7]]?\n
[[Rosebud|Rosebud]], you whisper gleefully.
Always [[upwards|Greatness_3]].
Because you are Orson Welles, your first instinct is to survey your unrivalled self in the mirror. 'Awesome Welles' you think, chuckling to yourself, 'my parents must have known I'd grow up to be the most celebrated figure in cinematic history.'\n\n[[And they were right.|Mirror_2]]
[[Greatness?|Rosebud_3]]\n\nBut what does it mean?\n
You are Orson Welles.\n\nYou awake from a wonderful slumber with a feeling of contentedness. You are, after all, Orson Welles.\n\nIsn't that nice?\n\n[[No, I'm not comfortable with the idea.|Destiny]]\n\n[[Yes, it certainly is.|Mirror]]
No. [[It Doesn't.|TheTruth]]\n\nArtistic legitimacy?\n\nCultural acceptance?\n\nGreatness?\n\nBut what does it mean?
[[I|TheTruth_2.1]] call it my crowning achievement.
[[Artistic legitimacy?|Rosebud_5]]\n\nCultural acceptance?\n\nGreatness?\n\nBut what does it mean?
[[No.|Rosebud_6]]\n\nArtistic legitimacy?\n\nCultural acceptance?\n\nGreatness?\n\nBut what does it mean?