<<silently>>\n<<set $weapon = "love">>\n<<endsilently>>The greatest power of all, duh. Not to mention it's open to any number of interpretations, which covers your ass. Perfect!\n\n - [[yes, that's the one|prophecyend]]\n - [[no, wait|backtrack2]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $hero = "gold">>\n<<endsilently>>Oh man you cannot even begin to remember that dude's name but holy hell was he hot. Golden eyes, hair the color of strong beer, muscles like... all muscley and stuff... yeah, that's hero material, right?\n\nYou do vaguely remember him being kind of an asshole, though. Eh, at least you won't feel so bad if he doesn't come back.\n\n - [[yes, that's the one|prophecy2]]\n - [[no, wait|backtrack1]]
Your name is REX HIGHTOWER and you totally always knew you were A-1 hero material. For gods' sake, //look// at you.\n\nWould've been nice to get a little more notice on this gig, though.\n\n<<if $weapon eq "sword">>This a pretty cool sword, but it's a touch gaudy for your tastes. Still, though, chicks dig guys with swords.<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "song">>The Oracle said it would be "the power of song" that would save the land, and as the crowd hoisted you out of the temple, they pressed your familiar lute into your hands.\n\nMan, you probably should've learned to play it.\n\nOh you can pose with it just fine and fake your way through a couple of chords, but that's usually all it takes before the panties start a-droppin', y'know?\n\nOh well, if that's what destiny demands, you'll just have to fake it and hope for the best.<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "love">>You've always been a lover not a fighter, so it was no surprise when the Oracle declared you'd win the day with "the power of love". Sure, you're not //entirely// certain how it'll play out, but it'll probably involve some maiden under a spell or something. Maidens are a tad high-maintenance for you, but hey, it's for the good of the kingdom.<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "strength">><<endif>>\n\n[[Continue|golddragon]]
[[You are totally fucking hosed|welp]].
<<if $hero eq "red">>//Alesse, the baker's eldest, has perished.//<<endif>><<if $hero eq "blue">>//Mara, the fisherman's daughter, has perished.//<<endif>><<if $hero eq "gold">>//Rex Hightower, the handsome hero, has perished.//<<endif>>\n\n//The Chosen One has failed us.\n\nThe Oracle has failed us.//\n\nSmoke rises over the horizon, but before the flames can even reach these woods, death has come to the Oracle and their attendants.\n\nThe Kingdom falls soon after.\n\n[[try again?|Start]]\n\n[[About|about]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $hero = "none">>\n<<endsilently>>\n"Wait... no... that wasn't it. My apologies. It's getting clearer now."\n\nYou breathe in and start again.\n\n"A brave youth... stout of heart..."\n\n - [[with hair blazing red|red]]\n - [[with hair as blue as the sea|blue]]\n - [[with eyes the color of gold|gold]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $weapon = "null">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nWait wait wait that's totally asinine, it'll never work.\n\n"The hero will triumph..."\n\n - [[with a legendary sword|sword]]\n - [[with the power of song|song]]\n - [[with the power of love|love]]
This is no time to panic! You're the legenday hero, the chosen one, and now it's time to fulfill your destiny.\n\nBravely, you pull the lute from over your shoulder and start strumming as hard as you can. A couple of strings break. Your resolve, however, does not.\n\nLord Helladire's glowing eyes narrow in confusion. He moves forward, his smoky breath stinging your eyes as he brings his nose right up to yours.\n\nAfter a moment, his jaws open.\n\n[[And then snap shut again.|dead]]
Man it took like a whole week to get here. Three days your ass. Is this even the right place? You were expecting Lord Holiday or whatever to live in like a sweet castle or something, but this is... a cave.\n\nAt least you think it's a cave? It's kinda hard to see with all that smo--HOLY SHIT FUCK THAT'S A DRAGON\n\nFUCKING\n\nDRAGON HOLY SHIT\n\nFUCK\n\n<<if $weapon eq "sword">>[[SHIT|goldsword1]]<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "song">>[[SHIT|goldsong1]]<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "love">>[[SHIT|goldlove1]]<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $hero = "blue">>\n<<endsilently>>Oh yeah, that slim little thing with the long blue hair... Maureen? Marla? Eh, close enough. There was something about her... something in her eyes...\n\n - [[yes, that's the one|prophecy2]]\n - [[no, wait|backtrack1]]
It's ten minutes after you first cracked your eyes open and the room is a frantic flurry of activity, people grabbing for errant articles of clothing and doing their best to make themselves and their surroundings presentable before hightailing it out of there.\n\nIn the midst of it, as the handmaid to your right shouts orders and does her best to direct the chaos, you sit with your head in your hands. You've managed to regain a grasp of the [[situation you're in|Backstory]].
Within an instant you're hiding behind a big rock, breath heaving, praying that FUCKING GIANT LIZARD THAT BREATHES FIRE didn't spot you. You've gotta get out of here.\n\nAs your pulse slows, though, your thoughts turn away from escape. You're not gonna go out like this. You're Rex Fucking Hightower. You're the legenday hero, for gods' sake, and you were put here for a reason. Your entire life has led up to this moment. There's only one thing you can do, and that's what you do best.\n\nYou stand tall and step out from behind the rock, staring the mighty beast squarely in the eye.\n\nYou're Rex Hightower.\n\n[[And you're gonna fuck that dragon.|goldwins]]
The stone floor is littered with empty casks, bedding, dirty plates, and the reluctantly-stirring bodies of half the young adults in town. As you try to sit up you find you have to extricate yourself from a tangle of limbs. In the stinging haze of your skull, a few things start coming together.\n\nFor three days and three nights, under the guise of ceremony, this great marble temple in the forest has played host to one hell of a party. The booze flowed freely - too freely, perhaps, if the pounding behind your eyeballs is any indication - and everything is a colorful blur.\n\nIt's not like you're too concerned with the past, anyhow. Your business is the future. You are the Oracle, and you have a very important job to do.\n\nAt least, you get the sneaking impression you did. There's something just outside the reach of your addled memory that feels like it's really urgent. What *was* it?\n\n[[Shit.|Temple2]]
FOR LO, the Kingdom of Whaterre has been beset by a demon most foul, Lord Helladire. With fire and fury has he terrorized our fair land, and... something something... anyway, long story short, shit's pretty bad right now.\n\nOnly the CHOSEN ONE can bring an end to Lord Helladire's reign of terror. A CHOSEN ONE decided by a GREAT PROPHECY, a VISION from our esteemed ORACLE.\n\n(Just so we're clear: that's you.)\n\nThe Oracle comes by this vision through a ceremony lasting three days and three nights, where they sit in solitude and - having drank of the sacred potion - enter a deep meditative state.\n\nThe third night having come to its end, a representative from the kingdom is on his way to the temple to hear [[what you have learned|fuck]].
Your name is ALESSE and you are the eldest child of the town baker. Up until now you've never really bothered with things like roles or labels, but this "chosen one" business can't really be ignored.\n\n<<if $weapon eq "sword">>You shift the heavy sword to your left hand for a bit. Even in the dappled light of the woods, the blade gleams. This thing is covered in gold ornamentation - ivy on the hilt, a lion's head on the pommel. It makes for a very impressive weapon, to be sure, but it doesn't much help with the weight. What are you even supposed to do with this thing? \n<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "song">>Slung over your shoulder is the weapon of choice - a lute. "The power of song," the prophecy said, and while you're not the greatest in the land by a long shot, you're still pretty handy with a tune. This should make for an interesting fight!\n<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "love">>But what the heck were you supposed to do with "the power of love"? It's so vague, and... hokey. \n\nLove of family? There was nothing really extraordinary in your case. \n\nRomantic love? You laughed. Not a lot of prospects there, and you doubt that anything would bloom so strongly in the three-day journey to the demon's lair. \n\nLove of self? There's a journey already taken, a fight already won. You suppose it may pay off here, though you're not sure how.\n<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "strength">> <<endif>>\n[[Continue|reddragon]]
You leap into action, trying your best to swing this monstrosity of a sword. For being a hulking winged lizard, Lord Helladire is surprisingly quick!\n\nYou manage a few decent hits - sheer luck, more than anything - but you start to wear out. Soon you get sloppy, and Helladire takes the opportunity to unleash a fiery blast from his jaws.\n\n[[Everything goes black.|dead]]
You swing the lute from your shoulder and get your fingers in position. If this is what you were born to do, well, so be it!\n\nThe song you draw from your heart on that day is beyond description - for the rest of the days you will never be able to truly recreate it, only sing of it in tribute.\n\nLord Helladire is stunned. The very mountains move to swallow him back into the steaming depths of the earth, and all he can do is stand there and let it happen.\n\nOn this day, you have unleashed the true power of rock.\n\n[[Epilogue|redwins]]
Oh my god that will get you killed SO fast. Decapitation might do wonders for this headache but it's a short-term solution at best.\n\nNot to mention the rest of your guests would end up screwed. (Uh. Again.)\n\nNo, you're going to have to have faith in your abilities and [[hope your intuition can save the day|time2bullshit]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $weapon = "sword">>\n<<endsilently>>Legendary sword! It's a classic! How can you go wrong with a sword? Yeah, it's gotta be a sword.\n\n - [[yes, that's the one|prophecyend]]\n - [[no, wait|backtrack2]]
The Bender of Destiny
How are you supposed to appeal to this creature with the power of love?! Can it even understand you? Are dragons even capable of love?\n\nYou're caught completely off guard. Lord Helladire - who, it should be noted, is equipped with the capacity to love, but simply elects not to do so - stomps you flat.\n\n[[So much for that.|dead]]
Right as you finish that thought, a gust of wind roars through the chamber, slamming the door shut behind the attendant and ripping one of the curtains from the windows. It lands on one of the braziers and immediately catches fire. There's a bit of commotion as people rush to put it out and restore order to the room.\n\n[[Maybe this won't be as easy as you thought|itbegins]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $hero = "red">>\n<<endsilently>>Ah yes, you recall the quick wit and warm smile of the redheaded child of the baker. Surely they're clever enough to overcome this threat, right? What was their name... Allen, Alice... Alex? Something like that.\n\n - [[yes, that's the one|prophecy2]]\n - [[no, wait|backtrack1]]
//The great hero ALESSE has slain the demon Lord Helladire and returned peace to the Kingdom of Whaterre.\n\nAll has gone according to the plan of the wise Oracle.//\n\nSlumped in your temple, you heave a sigh of relief as the cheers echo through the woods. This Oracle thing can be pretty stressful business! Still, Alesse has returned to town today, and you think this might call for a celebration...\n\n//The End//\n\n[[play again?|Start]]\n\n[[About|about]]
You cannot falter! Your heart must shine with the power of love! This is your destiny!\n\nYou clasp your hands over your chest and close your eyes, finding your center, trying your best to radiate warmth and purity. When your eyes open again they are sparkling, wet with tears.\n\nLord Helladire's eyes meet yours. You smile. The dragon smiles back.\n\n[[My, that's a lot of teeth.|dead]]
<<silently>>\n<<set $weapon = "song">>\n<<endsilently>>Eh, sure, whatever. That was the first thing to pop into your head so it's gotta mean something, right?\n\n - [[yes, that's the one|prophecyend]]\n - [[no, wait|backtrack2]]
Your name is MARA and you are on a mission of great importance. You knew in your heart that you were destined for something great, even being born into something as lowly as a fisherman's family. All your life has led up to this very moment. You are going to //save the world//.\n\n<<if $weapon eq "sword">>Of course, every legendary hero needs their legendary weapon! Other people would dismiss this as being too heavy for a girl of your stature, but you've trained with heavier (in secret, of course).<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "song">>You... never really gave much thought to //song// as a particularly powerful thing. But destiny calls, and if this is how you're fated to triumph, then... you suppose you'll figure it out!<<endif>>\n<<if $weapon eq "love">>Love is an amazing power indeed, though you've always been more of the independent sort... destiny works in mysterious ways, though, and you're certain by the end of your journey, the meaning will be made clear.<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "strength">> <<endif>>\n\n[[Continue|bluedragon]]
"...and how, great Oracle, shall Lord Helladire be defeated?" The envoy looks a little wary of the choice of hero.\n\n"I was *getting* to that." Your brows furrow in annoyance and ow ow ow your head ow\n\nYou shake it off. You've got this on lockdown. One more proclamation and mister fussyface over there will be out of your hair and you can get in a good nap before all this plays out.\n\nNow then, where were we?\n\n"The hero will triumph..."\n\n - [[with a legendary sword|sword]]\n - [[with the power of song|song]]\n - [[with the power of love|love]]
Breathing steadily, you draw upon everything you've learned. Your body remains in perfect balance with the weight of the blade, your steps are precise, your senses alert. \n\nThe dragon's head weaves around you, spewing flame, but you drive it back with every strike until you get a clean shot at his neck.\n\n[[In one swift motion, the battle ends.|bluewins]]
Wait. That's it. Of course!\n\nDoes it matter so much who the gods have ordained? Does it matter so much who you happen to choose? Each and every one of them - each and every one of US - contains the potential to be a hero. All they need is a chance! Clearly no matter what happens or who steps up to the plate, [[things will be okay|nope]].
Two hours past daybreak. The sunlight is muted through the curtains that now adorn the windows (instead of the floor). You sit in your regalia, your face a perfect mask of calm.\n\nOne of your attendants ushers in the royal representative. As the door opens, you catch a glimpse of those assembled outside the chamber, and the crowd is peppered with vaguely familiar faces. Some have also mastered the stoic look of indifferent innocence, others glance around with pained looks or nervous blushes. But a certain pressure hangs in the air outside - the knowledge that [[any one of them|waitasec]] could be the chosen one.
"Long have I journeyed," you start, "in a plane beyond our own."\n\nSo far, so good.\n\n"Many paths I have walked, and many things I have seen."\n\nDamn, this is sounding great.\n\n"On my travels the winds whispered to me of victory and ruin. Prosperity and death. I have felt the weight of destiny in my hands, and know how the scales must balance."\n\nLook at this dude, he is just eating this shit UP. You let a small smile through which reads as totally cryptic (but really you're just amazed at what you were able to pull out of your ass in the heat of the moment).\n\n"As the flames rise, in our hour of need, so too shall rise the one to deliver us from peril. A brave youth... stout of heart..."\n\nuh..\n\nshit\n\n - [[with hair blazing red|red]]\n - [[with hair as blue as the sea|blue]]\n - [[with eyes the color of gold|gold]]
...but is this the right way to go? A doubt weighs in the back of your mind. Something feels off about this.\n\nYou have a choice, here. You can continue with the path the prophecy has laid before you, or you can exercise free will and go with your gut.\n\nWhat will you do?\n\n<<if $weapon eq "sword">>\n- [[stick with the prophecy|redsword1]]\n- [[trust the song in your heart|redsong1]]\n- [[put your faith in the power of love!|redlove1]]\n- [[rely on your strength|redstrength1]]\n<<endif>>\n<<if $weapon eq "song">>\n- [[stick with the prophecy|redsong1]]\n- [[choose the sword|redsword1]]\n- [[put your faith in the power of love!|redlove1]]\n- [[rely on your strength|redstrength1]]\n<<endif>>\n<<if $weapon eq "love">>\n- [[stick with the prophecy|redlove1]]\n- [[choose the sword|redsword1]]\n- [[trust the song in your heart|redsong1]]\n- [[rely on your strength|redstrength1]]\n<<endif>>\n<<if $weapon eq "strength">>\n- [[stick with the prophecy|redstrength1]]\n- [[choose the sword|redsword1]]\n- [[trust the song in your heart|redsong1]]\n- [[put your faith in the power of love!|redlove1]]\n<<endif>>
OKAY. Okay. You sit up and take a deep breath. This isn't the end of the world. You're from a long, proud line of Oracles. It's in your blood, it's woven into the very fiber of your being. You were put on this earth for a purpose. You've got this.\n\n- [[You just have to be honest with them!|hahayeahright]]\n- [[You just have to go with your gut and hope for the best!|time2bullshit]]
The Bender of Destiny was written by <a href="http://twitter.com/ktjayne">KT Jayne</a> for the <a href="http://pathofnowandforever.tumblr.com/post/72468667237/naked-twine-jam-lets-make-games-together">Naked Twine Jam</a> on Saurday, January 11th, 2014. It was completed in roughly eight hours (on a sick day, no less) and is KT's first time coding with Twine.\n\n[[back to the beginning|Start]]
//The great hero REX HIGHTOWER has... er... ''conquered'' the demon Lord Helladire and brought peace to the Kingdom of Whaterre.\n\nAll has gone according to the plan of the wise Oracle.//\n\nYou are the Oracle and you have not stopped laughing for two days straight.\n\nNot even //you// could've seen that coming.\n\n//The End//\n\n[[?|goldepilogue]]\n\n[[play again?|Start]]\n\n[[About|about]]
Dawn is breaking. The red light of the waking sun slowly pours in through the temple windows, as though the world is on fire.\n\n...much like the inside of your head. You wince as you open one eye to [[survey the damage|Temple1]]. \n\n[[(wait, I'm getting a sense of deja vu... can we skip to the good part?)|itbegins]]\n\n[[About|about]]
//The great hero MARA has slain the demon Lord Helladire and returned peace to the Kingdom of Whaterre.\n\nAll has gone according to the plan of the wise Oracle.//\n\nStanding in the streets of town, no one notices you among the hustle and bustle of paradegoers. You rarely leave the comfort of your temple in the woods, but you and your attendants have come out in disguise for this special occasion.\n\nYou smile as Mara rides by, beaming, on the back of a white horse. You couldn't have picked a nicer kid for the job. She fills the hero role really well. Looks like everything turned out okay after all!\n\n//The End//\n\n[[play again?|Start]]\n\n[[About|about]]
"And that... is all that can be said." This headache is killer. You really need to sit back down. Hopefully you've given them enough to work with...\n\nBefore you know it you're practically collapsing back into your seat, and the world feels a little hazy.\n\n"The Oracle has spoken!" You can see the handmaid issue her stern command and move to usher everyone out of the chamber just before the room goes black.\n\nEverything is in fate's hands, now.\n\n<<if $hero eq "red">> [[Continue|redstart]] <<endif>><<if $hero eq "blue">> [[Continue|bluestart]] <<endif>><<if $hero eq "gold">> [[Continue|goldstart]] <<endif>>
It's been three long days on the road, but here you stand, at the entrance of a foreboding cave. The home of the demon, Lord Helladire.\n\nYou hear a mighty roar. Helladire is not just a demon... he's a DRAGON!\n\nYour arms shake, but your heart sings. This is exactly what you were dreaming of. It's just like in the stories!\n\nThis dragon may breathe fire, but he cannot match your burning spirit!\n\n<<if $weapon eq "sword">>[[Here we go!|bluesword1]]<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "song">>[[Here we go!|bluesong1]]<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "love">>[[Here we go!|bluelove1]]<<endif>>
Your name is REX HIGHTOWER, and you will never have to pay for a drink again.\n\n[[play again|Start]]\n\n[[About|about]]
oh gods oh shit what the hell are you supposed to do THAT'S A REAL LIFE DRAGON\n\nyou throw the lute at it and it makes a 'twang' noise as it splinters against the dragon's hide that you would usually find kinda funny if your life weren't in very real danger and oh fuck oh hell\n\nyou run and you trip and then you're thudding end over end down the cliffside [[and|dead]]
One hour past daybreak. The temple has cleared out, save for you and your attendants. Your guests are deeper in the woods, washing up in the stream, and will be returning soon as if this were the first time they've been there. Hopefully no one will be the wiser.\n\nYou've managed to find some bruised fruit and one of the maids has been bringing you lots of water. Your head still hurts like hell but your stomach has quieted and you figure you're as close to functional as you're going to get today.\n\nWhen you try to dig down and remember the vision you were supposed to have, you're only greeted with hazy flashes of debauchery. You fight a smile, because while those were really good times, it's not helping you one bit now. The royal envoy is practically on your doorstep and you don't know the first thing about how the kingdom will be saved.\n\n[[You're going to have to figure something out, and fast.|whattodo]]
"...are they asleep?" You can hear the man's eyebrow raise before your bleary eyes, opening with a start, can focus enough to see it.\n\n"Seeking these visions takes a great toll on the Oracle." Your handmaid - the one who directed the cleanup effort before - places a hand on your shoulder. You always did like her. "You should show more respect."\n\n"My apologies."\n\nSlowly, unsteadily, you rise to your feet.\n\n[[It's now or never.|prophecy]]
After three days' journeying, you find yourself standing before the lair of Lord Helladire.\n\nYou know, as much as he's spoken of, everyone apparently glossed over the fact that he's a HUGE DRAGON!\n\nSmoke billows from the entrance of the cave. Heavy footfalls draw ever closer. You don't have long before you're face to face.\n\nNow or never!\n\n<<if $weapon eq "sword">>[[Here we go!|redsword1]]<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "song">>[[Here we go!|redsong1]]<<endif>><<if $weapon eq "love">>[[Here we go!|redlove1]]<<endif>>
Wait you can't go out like this, you've gotta get it together and fight. You pull the sword from its sheath and swing wildly.\n\nIt flies from your grasp, and lands in the dragon's eye. Nailed it!\n\nLord Helladire screams, and flames pour from his maw.\n\n[[You don't have time to move.|dead]]
KT Jayne
The royal envoy bows before you. As he rises, he gets straight to the point.\n\n"Esteemed Oracle, our kingdom is in great danger. We look to you for guidance. Tell us, what have you seen? Who shall save us all?"\n\nYou place your fingers to your temples and close your eyes, trying to pull together *something* that sounds legit.\n\n...\n\n...\n\n[[...|uh]]
If this Oracle business is in your blood at all, surely you can rely on your subconscious to help you pull the right answer out of thin air. You've just gotta, like... feel it out, you know?\n\n[[What could possibly go wrong?|herewego]]