copyright violations-\n\nIntellectual property is the property of the creator (Butakov,2014).\n\nWhen a sudent uses the work of another, as their own, they are stealing his/her intellectual property(Butakov,2014).\n\nTo detect this crime teachers can use a plagiarism detection services (PDS)(Butakov,2014). \n\nPDS check students work and compare that work with possible sources on the Internet (Butakov,2014).\n\n\n[[What can teachers do?|What can we do?]]\n\n\n\n\nButakov S, Dyagilev V, Tskhay A. Protecting Students' Intellectual Property in the Web Plagiarism Detection Process. International Review Of Research In Open And Distance Learning [serial online]. December 1, 2012;13(5):1-19. Available from: ERIC, Ipswich, MA. Accessed May 3, 2014.\n\n\n
Kara Kellycheek
What step would a teacher need to take if they discovered a student was using the work of another?
Intellectual property