You quickly run to the back and quietly open the window... \nImmediately blinded by the midday sunlight and heart in your chest, you begin sneakily walking to the backdoor giving no hint that you are even remotely in the home. \n\n"Alaska sounds like a good place to start a new life, right?" you whisper to yourself.\n\nTurning the knob feelng accomplished you begin to walk out but at that same instint you're knocked to the side and your sight is obscured by a black cloth.\n\nKermit's voice can be heard over you: "he's around back here, boys. Let's take care of [[him."|The Deal]]\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>
Underground Football Fight Club
You reel back from his gut-wrenching blow and throw your arm all the way back preparing a quick and vicious hit to knock his lights out.\n\nTyler sees it coming too late and doesn't have enough time to prepare a block.\n\nYour fully reeled back fist meets his face with deadly accuracy and completely throws his body to his side.\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\nHe lands on his stomach with a loud thud that signals the [[end.|FIN]]
Norton strikes you first but you block his incoming swing with your arm and can counter with either an efficient [[jab|Jab]] or a damaging combo [[hook and jab.|Feeling It]]
You meet with Kermit, just like last time. Except, this time you have a suitcase with $500,000 in it. \n\nThe meeting is swift and successul with both of you being very happy. You hand Kermit his $400,000 and he lets you go with the $100,000 you have left over. \n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\nUpon arriving to your home, thinking it's all over, a text message comes into your phone from an unknown number.\n\n"You have been challenged to a fight for everything. Do you accept?"
It's been five months since you were removed from the NFL for an extremely vicious and violent hit you delivered onto an opponent.\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\nThe money you had is beginning to go thin and the zeros on your bank account diminishing due to your growing addiction to gambling.\n\nYou've come to the point where you're borrowing money from a high roller and powerful man named Kermit. Without surprise, you've lost most of that money. \n\nYou bet the last of his money on a college football game between UF and FSU expecting UF to win, with the knowledge that if you win you'd be able to pay Kermit back and still have [[money for yourself.|The Loss]] \n
You follow with a strong hook and a jab to his side, causing him to collapse to the ground in a heap. \n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\nLooks like you won.\n\nBut before you can react, he rises with lightning speed and delivers a a punch to your side and another to your gut that shakes you altogether while knocking your air out.\n\nYou drop to your knees but the adrenaline coarsing through your veins quickly drowns out the pain. You can end it now, he won't be expecting such a hit.\n\nYou figure you have two options: a vicious [[sucker punch,|A Finale]] or a punishing [[uppercut.|Sky High]]
You rush Norton with full force and swing with all your strength connecting your fist to the left side of his face and knocking him aside.\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\n"Yes!" you cheer but as soon as you finish you regret it as he returns the favor with a jab to your gut completely knocking the air out of you and throwing you to your side. \n\nYou decide enough is enough and now get ready to deliver a [[sucker punch|A Finale]] to end the fight or throw a strong [[uppercut|Sky High]] to give him wings.
You approach Tyler's weak and bruised body. \nKneeling down, he looks up at you...\n\n"I'm not do-do-done.." He struggles to say between bits of blood dropping from his mouth\n\nYou smile and simply reply, "you're done", and place your hand on his forehead, shoving him again. \n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\nThis time, no contest, no sign of retaliation. Tyler lies there, defeated. \n\nYou've [[won.|FIN Part Two]]\n
Click [[here|The Beginning]] to start.
As you're getting yourself together from the last attack, you begin to prepare an uppercut, concealing it with an appearance of pain worthy of an Oscar. \n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\nAs Tyler looms over you like a vulture you reassure him you're not done by quickly rising up. \n\nHe's shocked by your resilience as you shove him away and throw him off balance. Your left arm, which has been down this entire, time begins to rise up in an uppercut form. \n\nYou gain speed which further intensifies your attack. What seems like hours turns back into seconds as your left arm meets Tyler's lower chin, sending him flying into the air. He lands on his stomach with a loud bang. \n\nYou motion toward [[him.|FIN]]
Hands shaking and a million thoughts with no good outcome racing through your head, you open the door...\n\nA large, husky man rushes you but you side step him and he crashes into the wall, knocked out. You turn around and are immediately overwhelmed by two other equally large built men. \n\nPinned to the ground and helpless, Kermit asks: "are you ready to talk like civilized men?"\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\nRegrettably, "[[yes."|The Deal]]
You arrive at a skyscraper office with a beautiful view of downtown Chicago. For a second you actually forget Kermit is sitting in front you, eyeballing you with his beady black eyes and his huge palms crossed in front of him.\n\n"I'll make this quick and simple. You lost all my money between your gambling and betting. You're short $400,000 with your life on the line. Do you have any idea how to get that back?"\n\nYou stare at him, absorbing every one of his dark, ominously voiced words with feelings of pain and anger rising through.\n\n"No, I haven't the slightest idea."\n\n"You're going to join a fight club and take on its champion: Tyler Norton. He's the champion of the club with twenty-four straight wins. Whoever beats him takes home $500,000. I'm feeling generous so I'll let you keep the extra hundred grand."\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\n"Hope you're [[ready."|Norton]]
You slept through the game confidently with UF in the lead by 21.\nUpon waking up and checking the score you notice that FSU came back and won the game 54-21...\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html> \n\nYou're alarmed by heavy banging on the door and seeing through the window you see it's Kermit with two bodyguards.\nYou look around and come to two conclusions: escape through the [[window|The Window]] or [[open the door|The Door]]
Kevin Mancheno
Keeping a safe and conserved mentality you return his initial blow with a simple but painful jab to the cheek that you know was going to leave a mark. He spits out blood as he brings himself around to face you and his face contorts with anger. \n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\nNorton faces you and aims for your ribs. You have too little time to prepare and he makes a direct hit. You yell in pain as a burning sensation runs through your ribs and it feels like hot knives are poking at you all at once.\n\nYou glance at Tyler and notice his defenses are down and he has a cocky grin on his face.\n\nNow's your chance, you prepare a strong [[sucker punch.|A Finale]]
Entering the warehouse you see a crowd of people have formed a circle making a sort of fighting ring almost as if they were expecting you.\n\nIn it you see Tyler Norton. He's a medium sized man with a decent build. He has cuts and bruises that tell a vicious story. He looks at you with a cold stern look that sends a chill down your spine.\n\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n\nYou enter the makeshift ring knowing that there's no turning back. It's either fight or flight. Win, take the money and your life, or lose and probably die in the process. \n\nThe referee whistles the start of the fight. \n\nWill you [[play it safe|Playing It Safe]] or go on [[the offensive?|The Offensive]]