"Blue is correct!" the small in a blue dress shirt that wears glasses with huge frames says. The man with the face of a lion chuckles.\n\nAn elderly lady wearing a hot dog costume smiles. "Do you remember what the man with the face of a lion smelled?" she asks.\n\n[[Fried food and beer|smell]]\n<<replace "Orchids and fishs">>Wrong.<<endreplace>>\n<<replace "Beer and fried food">>Wrong.<<endreplace>>
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"It is quite simple if you break down the problem to its core elements," the small man in a blue dress shirt that wears glasses with huge frames continues. "For example, what color is the projector missing?"\n\n<<replace "Red">>Wrong.<<endreplace>>\n<<replace "Green">>Wrong.<<endreplace>>\n[[Blue|blue]]
"I did smell that!" the man with the face of a lion says. A teeth-baring smile creeps along his face of a lion.\n\nAn overweight man in a black t-shirt and jeans scoffs. "You congratulate yourself at seeing the problems! I am not impressed. There is no solution offered, we have not advanced in any way!" he says.\n\n<<replace "You agree with him.">>You do not.<<endreplace>>\n<<replace "You disagree with him.">>You do not.<<endreplace>>\n[[You remain silent.|silence]]
End of Episode 2.
It is recommended you play the Wayward episodes in sequential order. You can <html><a href="http://philome.la/jvdgoot/wayward-1-the-island-interview">play Episode 1 here</a></html>\n\n[[I know|presentation]]
You remain silent. You are paralyzed by fear.\n\n[[The End|theend]]
Wayward 2: "The Presentation"
Jeffry van der Goot
The projector is failing sending red and green but not blue on the screen behind you. The clicker in your hand does not advance the slides. The man with the face of a lion turns to look at you. He gestures towards his seven colleagues. Your colleagues.\n\n"Do they not smell of fried food and beer?" the man with the face of a lion growls.\n\n<<continue "You do not answer.">>\n\nThe seven humans and the man with the face of a lion stare at you.\n\nA small man in a blue dress shirt that wears glasses with huge frames clears his throat. "Perhaps we should analyze the problem?" he offers.\n\n[[Analyze the problem|problemanalysis]]
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