you respond. you acknowledge. not with speech, touch or telepathy. you do not know how.\n\nvoices, excitement?\n\n[[express excitement.|excited]]\n[[wait.|patience]]
you wait patiently. a gentle touch. then an itch, far away. ever present if minor.\n\n[[scratch the itch.|first itch]]\n[[ignore it.|ignore itch]]
silence. void. aware. no prodding, no poking, no itching.
your tentacles spread all over, reaching the enflamed locations. with a ruthless vigor you relieve yourself of all annoyances.\n\n[[satisfaction.|apex]]
more pressure. poking. voices?\n\n[[poke back.|respond]]\n[[ignore.|failure to function]]
silence. void. [[awareness?|awareness]]
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the sensations stop. back to silence. back to void. sleep.
you reach out. with a tentacle you did not realize you had. you press the irritated spot. you scratch. it is gone for a moment until more points start to bother you.\n\n[[scratch all the itches.|relieve]]
Anthropocene’s Apex
Jeffry van der Goot
you are touched again. the itch grows in intensity. another touch. the itch begins to burn.\n\n[[scratch the itch.|first itch]]\n[[ignore it.|failure to function]]
your excitement is met with. another gentler touch. you start to feel an itch. minor, but ever present.\n\n[[scratch itch.|first itch]]\n[[ignore it.|ignore itch]]
no sight. but touch. a prod.\n\n[[prod back.|respond]]\n[[ignore.|ignore]]