Using the broken comb as a handle, the pieces of gum as glue, and one of the pencils as support and the rubber band as the band, Batman manages to rudely fashion a crossbow. \n\nHe loads up one of the pencils and fires, unfortunately the pencil doesn't go very far. One of the thugs takes a step back, slipping on the pencil, falling and accidently firing his weapon. This causes a domino effect where pretty soon all the men are firing their weapons. Batman ducks behind his little box, trying to avoid any stray bullets. \n\nHe peers out and sees that one of the men is trying to escape with a silver briefcase. He takes the easter eggs, opens them up and fills them with hot sauce. He takes a few deep breaths and runs out of his cover. \n\nNobody pays him much attention and he is able to cross the battlefield with relative ease. \n\n[[Go chase down the bad guy|poorBadguy]]
"Honey, I've made supper for you!" a woman's voices greets you as you enter your home.\n\n"Not, now mom. I have to gear up to go fight crime." Bruce says back at her. \n\n"Alright, honey. Be careful now!". Bruce just sighs. \n\n'Nothing more embarrassing than losing your job, and having to move in with your mother.' Bruce mutters to himself as he walks up to his room. He flicks the switch on his right and his room is illuminated, nothing but a bed and some newspaper clippings about various Gotham villians. Bruce begins to strap on his high school lacross pads, and some shin guards. He then grabs his old, tattered suit his mother helped him sew together from a blend of old spandex, yoga pants, and underarmor. With great effort, he finally manages to slide it over the pads. Bruce opens his closet, and starts rummaging around. He then turns around, and looks under his bed. He stretches an arm underneath it and finally pulls out a poorly thrown together utility belt. Some of the pockets don't exactly close all the way, and the others have holes in them.\n\nHowever, the transformation is now complete, Bruce has become Batman!\n\n[[Alright, time to go fight some crime!|batWindow]] \n\n
As Batman finally reaches the Docks, he finds that whole area is completely surrounded by cops. He sees Commissioner Gordon, and walks up to him. \n\n"Commissioner, whats the situation?" he asks in his gravely voice. \n\n"Son, this is no place to be playing dress up, get out of here before you get hurt." the Commissioner replies. \n\nWell it was worth a try. Batman turns around and starts walking. He turns around to make sure no one is watching and climbs the fence into the docks. \n\n[[Alright lets find this battle|poorDocks2]] \n\n
"I've got a 10-21 over at 10th and 5th Avenue, over"\n\nBatman, proceeds to kick his feet up, waiting for an actual call to come in. \n\nSuddenly, a young man's voice fills the room,"Dispatch, come in. I need back-up at the Docks, something big is going down." this is followed by the sound of gunfire. 'Roger that 4-9, I'll send addditional units your way.' \n\nBatman gets up with a smile on his face. Finally, some action. \n\n[[Quick to the Batmobile|batCorrolla]]
He opens all the pouches to find that he has a broken comb, three sticks of gun, a packet of ketchup, a bottle of hot sauce, two plastic easter eggs, three pencils and a rubber band. Not much he can do with that, but it will have to do. \n\n"After him" a voice yells. \n\nThe thugs turn the corner to find a bloody Batman, with holes all in his uniform. "We got him boss" on the thugs says. \n\nUtilizing his quick thinking, Batman used the ketchup to make it look like he'd been shot. After the thugs left, he slowly gets up and goes hide behind more boxes, where he can still see the fight, but is better hidden. \n\nBatman has to make a [[weapon|McGuiver]]\n
Batman releases the Batclaw, and flies through the air dropping down just in time to deflect the bullet fired from Maroni's gun. Shock fills Maroni's eyes, as he fires again, and again. Batman, just swats the bullets away like they were flies. He grabs Maroni by the front of his shirt, lifting him off the ground and delivers a devasting right hook that knocks him out. \n\n"Thank you Batman" Falcone says, "You've saved my life" with that Falcone swings the briefcase at Batman's head, but he expertly dodges it, and punches him in the face knocking him unconscious as well. He ties them up, picks up the briefcase and heads outside to finish this little skirmish. \n\n[[Finish dishing out Vengence|richEnd]]
Batman touches two different weapons on his belt. His nightstick and his trusty slingshot. \n\nClose range, big thugs, Batman decides to grab the nightstick. He spins it around, knowing that he is an expert with this weapon, but the thugs do have the advantage of numbers against him. \n\nThe thug in front of him swings at Batman, he dodges and counters with a hard hit to the temple from his night stick. After that all the thugs jump in on the fight. Batman throws all of his might and skill into defeating these thugs. Despite his nightstick, brass knuckles, and his martial arts, Batman still manages to take quite a few hits himself. He has a cut lip, his nose is probably broken, and it really hurts to breathe, but all the thugs that jumped him are finally unconcious. \n\nAs he looks around the warehouse, he spots a man trying to run away carrying some kind of briefcase.\n\n[[Grab your slingshot|slingShot]]
Batman proceeds to open up the window to his backyard, and pulls up a plastic lawn chair that has been spray painted black. Batman sits down, pulls out his binoculars, and looks into his neighbors window. Mr. Grayson is always watching the news at this time of night, and he always has the subtitles on. You can always rely on old Mr. Grayson to help you out. \n\nAfter about thirty minutes of useless news articles, a breaking news cast intrupts the current story on some german doctors theory on some disease. Apparently there is some kind of shootout going on down at the docks. \n\n[[Quickly to the Batmobile|batBus]]
After a while the fires have died down, and the sound of gunfire is no more. Batman easily finishes up the rest of these forces, and the cops come rushing in to clean it all up. \n\n"Thanks Batman" Commissioner Gordon says\n\nBatman just grunts, throws him the case, and hops in his Batmobile and takes off looking for another challenge and crime to help keep the streets of Gotham safe. \n\n[[End?|filler]]
Batman instantly starts thinking of a plan as he lands. His first thoughts are about whats in each compartment of his utility belt. \n\nTear gas, Rebreather, fingerprint dust, lockpicks, recording device, flashbangs. All very usefull, but not the approach he wants to take. Batman quickly calculates the number of people, and how fast he will need to react, he finally formulates a plan, and puts it into action. \n\nHe instinctively reachs around to the back of his belt and picks up a handful of favorite [[Batarangs.|batarang]]
Batman grabs his slingshot from his belt, and puts one of his signiture exploding pellets into the pouch. He pulls back with all of his might and aims it at the man currently runing away. Despite having blood dripping into his eyesight, he knows exactly where to aim, and lets fly his pellet. \n\nThe pellet soars through the air, colliding dead center on the back of the man who was running away. The is a small exposion, not deadly by any means, but does hit with the force of a bean bag round. \n\n[[Go round up the suspect|middleBadguy]]
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The World's Greatest Detective?
In the midst of the chaos, Batman manages to slip away. His first stop is to the bathroom to try and wipe off the ketchup from his costume. Then he trudges towards the bus stop. After a few minutes the bus finally comes, and Batman hops on. He pays his fare, ignores strange looks, and grabs a seat in the back. \n\nBatman knows he has done a good job, even if he will never get the recognition for it. \n\nHe wonders if Mom still has dinner ready for him, he is quite hungry.\n[[End?|filler]]
Batman pop the top of the Batmobile, and in one leap he jumps right into the cabin. He hits a button, and the engines begin to roar to life. He flips a few switches, and the flooring beneath the Batmobile begins to rise and roate.\n\n"Computer is the course set?" Batman says.\n\n"Of course Batman. As per your instructions, a course has been set to the docks"\n\n"Then lets go" he replies\n\nAs the elevator comes to a stop and the door to the underground tunnel raises up, Batman hits the pedal and the Batmobile takes off going over a hundred mph in mere seconds.\n\n[[Time to go deal out some Vengence|richDocks]]
Batman comes flying into the entrance of the docks, busting through the barricades the cops had set up. He slams the e-brake and comes to a screeching halt. Batman leaps out of the Batmobile, his cape billowing through the wind and lands gracefully in front of Commissioner Gordon. \n\n"What's the situation?" Batman states in his gruff voice.\n\n"Falcone Family, some kind of deal gone bad." Gordon responds. \n\n"Tell your men, to stay back, I've got this", he pulls out the Batclaw fires it and then flies up and towards the sound of gunfire.\n\n[[Go deal out some Justice|richDocks2]]
Batman takes off, running towads the sound of the gunfire and occasional explosion. As he arrives he sees a massive battle going on in front of a giant cargo ship. Two groups of men are shooting and trying to kill each other. \n\nHowever, in the middle of this massive fight, you managed to spot a group of men heading into a warehouse. That's slightly suspicious. \n\n[[Better follow them in|middleFight]]
Batman sprints across heading towards the warehouse. He picks a lock on one of the side doors, and quietly opens the door. Batman crouches down and start sneaking around the warehouse, looking for those suspicious looking people. \n\nBatman finally finds a large group of thugs in the center of the warehouse. However, before he has a chance to come up with a plan, someone spots him. Soon he gets surrounded by thugs, but with no where to turn to, Batman instinctively reaches for his [[belt|belt]] to grab a weapon to help with this fight.
Batman heads straight towards the door that the men went into. With great effort he manages to open the door, but it makes a loud and audible screeching noise as it opens. When he finally manages to make it in, he finds that a large group of people are staring at him. with guns drawn. There are a few people who are chuckling at Batmans choice of attire. \n\n"Hey boss, what do I do with him" a random thug says. \n\n"I don't know kill him." another voice replies.\n\nAnd with that, there is quite a bit of shooting going on. Batman quickly dives behind cover, and the door is peppered with shots. \n\nBatman reaches into his [[Futility Belt|futilityBelt]] hoping there is something there that will help.
Batman catches up to the mysterious man as he leaves the warehouse. \n\n"Freeze!" Batman yells. \n\nThe other man stops and turns around. However, when he sees that it is just Batman he begins to laugh. "You again. Oh no, I'm so scared." He raises his gun at Batman, but Batman reacts throwing his easter eggs at the man. \n\nOne of the eggs goes wide, but the other one hits him straight in the face, sending hot sauce everywhere. The mysterious man drops his gun, and starts screaming clawing at his face. Eventually Gotham police shows up drawn to the screams. \n\nA police officer approaches Commissioner Gordon with the briefcase and the suspect.\n\n"Commissioner, this here is Carmine Falcone. We found him covered in hot sauce screaming about some homeless guy throwing eggs at him. He also had this briefcase on him which has some weird robot head in it."\n\n"Well, thats not the strangest thing to happen in Gotham now is it?" Gordon replies.\n\n[[Batman|poorEnd]]
Joshua C. Lill
Batman flies down to the Docks, throwing his Batmobile into a parking spot, can't afford to get a ticket, and heads towards all the cops. He spies an old friend of his Commissioner Gordon. \n\n"Jim, what's going on here?" Bruces asks in his gravely voice. \n\n"Not again, Bruce. You can't get going out like this. People are going to think your crazy." Gordon replies. \n\n"Come on Jim, you know I'm good. I can help."\n\nGordon sighs, and regretfully lets Batman through the police blockcade. "Look, Bruce we've been friends for a long time, be careful. This is the Falcone family, they are dangerous."\n\n"Don't worry about me" \n\n[[Go investigate|middleDocks2]]
Batman grabs a handful of razor sharp Batarangs, and throws them at the men surrounding him. He then reaches in, and grabs a smoke pellet, smashing it on the ground filling the room with smoke, blinding his opponents. Batman turns on the infared vision that is built into his cowl, and easily takes care of the remaining thugs. \n\nAfter they've been taken care of, Batman looks around trying to find Falcone and Maroni. He takes out his Batclaw, and fires straight up. He flies through the air, eventually landing on the upper catwalks. From here, he can see almost the whole warehouse. \n\nBatman finally finds them, Falcone has found himself in a deadend, with Maroni pointing a gun at his chest. Falcone is still carrying that briefcase, now using it as some kind of shield. As much as he would love Falcone to die, that's not justice. He fights his Batclaw, and [[Swings into action|richBadguy]]
A retina scanner reads his iris and hums to life. \n\n'Good Evening Batman.' A woman's voice states. \n\nBatman gives a grunt. "Computer, show me the scanners"\n\n'Here is the Gotham map overlaid with police locations, as well as any of tonights reports and calls.'\n\n\nAs Batman glances over the map, he notices that there is a lot of activity going on down at the Docks. \n\n"Computer, show me all the calls relating to the docks"\n\n"Here you are Batman."\n\nBatman sees that there have been reports of strange activity and calls about men with guns being sited at the Docks. \n\nAll of a sudden a screen with a report of an explosion at the Docks pops onto screen. \n\n"Computer ready the [[Batmobile"|batMobile]]\n\n"Right away sir."
Batman ends up landing on top of shipping crate, with a great view overlooking the massive battle that is going on in front of large cargo ship. \n\nJudging from the outfits off the two fighting forces, Batman is able to deduce that the Falcone family was about to purchase some kind of weapon, when the Maroni family rudely interupted wanting the weapon for themselves without having to pay for it. \n\nJust as Batman was about to fly into the battle, he spots Carmine Falcone, head of the Falcone family fleeing into a warehouse carrying some kind of silver briefcase, with Sal Maroni, head of the Maroni family, close on his heels. \n\nBatman quickly deduces that whatever is in that briefcase has caused this fight. [[So, this seems like a good place to start|richFight]]
"Sir, I've prepared a cup of tea for you." Alfred says\n\n"Not now Alfred. I have to gear up to fight Crime" Bruce replies. \n\nBruce grabs the bust of the head of Thomas Wayne, and pulls down. Suddenly, the fireplace starts sinking into the ground and staircase is revealed. \n\n"Of course sir, I'll prepare your crime fighting smoothie" Afred says as Bruce just gives him a grunt back. \n\nHe heads down to the stairs, and the lights slowly start flickering on one at a time. Pretty soon, the massive cave is illuminated. \n\nBruce immediately takes a right and heads towards the chambers with his suit in it, and puts it on while leaving the cowl off, becoming the Dark Knight Batman. He then proceeds to go left walking right past the Batmobile, the Batjet, and the Batboat, heading towards the multimillion dollar [[Super Bat Computer|batComputer]]\n
As he exits the warehouse, he sees that the cops are finally getting a handle on the battle going on outside.\n\nBatman finds Commissioner Gordon and delivers both the briefcase and Maroni. Gordon has a look on his face that is a mixture of surprise and worry. He calls over the paramedics to look over Batman, but Batman waves them off. \n\n"Thanks Bruce. We might not of have found the case if it wasn't for you." Gordon says. \n\n"The names Batman." and with that he takes off, hops into his BatCorrolla and drives away. Ready to crawl into bed and rest his broken body.\n\n[[End?|filler]]
Bruce sluggishly walks up the stairs heading towards his apartment up on the 12th floor. He unlocks his door, and hits the switch lighting up his two bedroom apartment. He heads straight for his bedroom, and quickly undresses. He then turns into his other bedroom, which he converted into his own little Batroom. He opens the closet, revealing his costume, a spandex outfit with padding built in, a pair of combat boots, a pair of gloves with built in brass knuckles, and an actual mask. It took over a year before he could afford the costume, but it was worth it. He pulls the costume on, laces up the boots, slides on the gloves and puts on the mask. \n\nBatman takes a seat in his recliner or Batchair and turns on the [[police scanner|batRadio]]
Batman starts running, heading towards the sound of the gunfire. Five minutes pass, the sounds get louder, but Batman hasn't seen anything yet. \n\nHe glances up, and tries to jump up and grab onto the top of a shipping container. Unfortunately, they are stacked so high he doesn't even come close to the top. Batman, sighs and just keeps running. \n\nEventually, he finally comes to a clearing where he can see the fierce battle going on. There's nothing but the sounds of yelling and gunfire. He can barely hear himself think. He looks over, and spies some suspicious men running into a warehouse. \n\n[[Better go investigate|poorFight]]
This is a sample of the Batman that everyone knows and love. The rich playboy, with serious martial arts skills and a thirst for justice that can only be quenched with his fists. \n\nHowever, what if Bruce Wayne wasn't born into a rich family like the Waynes? What would happen. \n\nPlay through regular old [[Rich Bruce Wayne|Start]]\n\nWhat if he was just a [[Regular old Joe|batApartment]] \n\nOr what if [[Bruce was broke|batBasement]]
Batman quickly runs out of the room, flies down the stairs, and rushes out the front door. He runs down to the corner, and is lucky enough that the 6:15 bus is still waiting at the corner stop. He quickly gets on, ignoring the bus driver's dirty look, and pays his fare. Batman then walks all the way to the back, and takes a seat. \n\nThirty minutes later you arrive at your stop, \n\n[[Time to go catch some bad guys|poorDocks]]
Batman turns on his thermal vision and looks into the warehouse. He sees a large group of men in the middle of the warehouse. He deduces that this must be a showdown between Carmine Falcone and Sal Maroni, with both men being surrounded by their thugs. \n\nBatman reaches into his utility belt, pulling out his zipline he fires it and starts flying towards the warehouse. As he gets closer, he releases the zipline, breaks through a warehouse window, and in a dramatic fashion lands dead center in between both groups of thugs. \n\nCheck your [[utility belt|utilityBelt]] for some aide.
Batman opens up the window in the room, and walks out onto the fire escape. He flies down the twelve flights of stairs and jumps into the alleyway. He turns right, and heads towards the back of the apartment building, and turns into the parking lot. Batman pulls a set of keys out of his pocket and unlocks a black 2009 Toyota Corrolla. He jumps into the driver seat, and puts the key in the ignition. He cranks it, throws it in reverse, turns on his blinker, and starts heading towards the docks. \n\n[[It time to go bust some heads|middleDocks]]
Batman walks over to the man writhing in agony. He seems him reaching for a gun, but he kicks it away. He picks the man up, slaps a pair of handcuffs on him, and picks up the suitcase. Batman finally recognizes the man as Sal Maroni and marches him out of the warehouse. \n\n[[Deliver him to the GPD|middleEnd]]