"Honey, let's hurry up. I don't want to keep Macy waiting." Kendra said.\n\n\n"Don't worry, I just gotta find my damn watch." Keegan rushed around the house to look for his watch. His watch meant alot to him, it was given to him by his father before he passed.\n\n\nKeegan ran up the stairs and sighed with relief as he found his father's watch lying on the dresser. As he put it on, he noticed something peculiar. \n\n\nKendra had left her jewelry box open. \n\n\nThe box was beautiful, the outside of it was made from a velvet-like material. \n\n\nKeegan had never bothered to snoop through Kendra's stuff, but something caught his attention.\n\n\nIt was a diamond, glimmering in the light of the room.\n\n\nKeegan picked up the jewelry and noticed the expensive cut of the diamond. \n\n\nKeegan was holding a wedding ring. \n\n\nKeegan put it back in the box and shut it as if he had never seen anything.\n\n\nThings started to run through his mind, he was confused. Why had Kendra never told him that she was previously married?\n\n\nHe certainly thought he was the first. He would confront Kendra and get to the bottom of it, he thought. But without further thought, he fixed his tie and rushed out the door with Kendra.\n\n\nThe happy couple returned to the house later that evening.\n\n\n"See, I told you you'd like Frank. He's a good man, he's always been so nice and outgoing." Kendra smiled.\n\n\n"Haha, you're right. He's quite the jokester." Keegan replied.\nKeegan took off Kendra's jacket and kissed her on her neck. \n\n\nHe felt her soft thighs and ran his fingers up them and underneath her dress. \n\n\nThe two passionately started kissing and Keegan lifted her into his arms and carried onto the living room couch.\n\n\nKeegan took off Kendra's panties and pulled them off. \n\n\nThey continued to kiss, as Kendra unbuckled Keegan's dress pants. \n\n\nKeegan began to penetrate and thrust.\n\n\nKendra moaned in pleasure. Everything was perfect, the light was dim and romance was in the air.\n\n\nKeegan then saw a figure out of the right side of his eye.\n\n\nThey looked over to see Nicholas staring at them.\n\n\nThey stopped moving and stared back.\n\n\n"Son, I thought you were at Arthur's place?" Keegan asked, shocked.\n\n\n"I thought you had a bedroom, Dad?" Nicholas replied frustrated.\n\n\nBoth Kendra and Keegan paused. This had never happened before. Nicholas had never walked in on them. They weren't sure what to do.\n\n\n"We were just kissing..." Kendra lied.\n\n\n"Bullshit, I'm not fucking dumb. This is why I hate you. You're not my mom!" Nicholas yelled angrily and ran up the stairs.\n\n\nSilence accompanied the room, it sat down right next to Kendra and Keegan. It filled their lungs.\n\n\nThe next couple nights were awkward. Nicholas would eat his meals and head to his room quickly. He made no eye contact and when he did talk, his responses were short.\n\n\nKendra and Keegan sat down in their room, the house was quiet. You could hear the crickets chirp in the night.\nKendra read a book to herself while Keegan lay staring at the ceiling.\n\n\n"Is everything alright?" Kendra asked. Keegan smiled and grabbed her hand. He held it tight and replied.\n\n\n"Everything is just fine." He lied.\n\n\nThe next morning blew in and Kendra worked on her website.\n\n\nShe wanted it to be successful, just like her book.\n\n\nShe wanted luxury.\n\n\nEventually get a new house. \n\n\nShe had the nice car, the wonderful family. But the house that she once loved, seemed so empty.\n\n\nShe needed something better. \n\n\nSomething with life to it.\n\n\nKendra hadn't had this type of alone time in awhile. \n\n\nShe had quit smoking when she met Keegan, but now she felt stressed. \n\n\nShe just wanted Nicholas to like her, relate to her or at least be kind in some way. If he didn't like her, why would Keegan want to stay with her? \n\n\nShe didn't want to lose him. \n\n\nNot another man. \n\n\nNot again.\n\n\nKeegan worked for the local newspaper and was gone for work.\n\n\nKendra took advantage of this.\n\n\nKendra opened a drawer in her desk that contained a pack of smokes. She pulled it out and lit one up. \n\n\nThe nicotine rushed through her body and she had released her unforgettable craving. \n\n\nIt felt good.\n\n\nThis temptation was bliss.\n\n\nIt was then interrupted by a knock on the door. \n\n\nKNOCK! KNOCK!\n\nShe quickly threw the cigarrette out the window and fanned the smoke away with her arms. She threw the carton into the drawer and kicked it shut.\n\nKNOCK!\n\nKNOCK!\n\nKNOCK!\n\n\nKendra rushed down the stairs and almost tripped, the knocks were loud.\n\n\n"I'm coming!! Hold on!!" She yelled. \n\n\nShe got to the door and opened it. \n\n\nNobody was there.\n\n\nKendra looked to the left and right.\n\n\nA kid rode by on his bicycle and waved.\n\n\n"Hi, Mrs. Walters!" He said. Kendra paused in confusion.\n\n\n"Timmy, did you knock on my door!?" Kendra asked.\n\n\n"No. I didn't Mrs. Walters! Have a good day!" \n\n\nKendra looked on the ground to find a box wrapped and taped.\n\n\nKendra picked it up and walked inside. \n\n\nThere was no note on the box, no return address. \n\n\nNothing.\n\n\nKendra got scissors and cut open the box. \n\n\nShe slowly opened the box and was shocked when she saw what was inside.\n\n\nLaying in the box in front of her was a rusty knife.\n\n\nA familiar knife...\n\n\nA kitchen knife.\n[[Pranks|Pranks]]
I woke up that day with my nerves pumping and my heart pounding out of my chest. \n\n\nI had spent all night and into the morning making the house squeeky clean. No forensic investigator was going to find the evidence to lock me up. \n\nI buried the knife, and hid away the shovel, locked the shed and all the guilt inside it.\n\n\nI called the police that afternoon, I told them that my dearest husband Steven, had never came home by the morning. \n\nI reported him missing. \n\n\nI told them that he had abused me and left with some tramp that night. I explained that he had called around midnight terrified and said someone was following him. \n\n\nThey believed me. But they also suggested that there was a possibility that a crazed serial killer got to him.\n\n\nThe Executioner.\n\n\nA man who was on the loose, killing innocent women and sometimes men. \n\n\nHe tortured them slowly and then killed them in bizarre ways. Only, something didn't add up. The Executioner always left the bodies. \n\n\nSuddenly, I was being taken in to be questioned.\n\n\nI started to lose it, I screwed up. My story didn't make sense to myself. I had bruised myself to make it look like him. I had lied right to the Police's face. Was I screwed? I was for sure going to prison. \n\n\nI arrived at the police station late that afternoon.\n\n\nThe sun was starting to go down, the air was brisk and it smelled of old coffee and donuts. Cliche, I know. \n\n\nThey took me to a room, it was one of those interrogation rooms. I knew there was people on the other side of the wall, watching my every move, my facial expressions, etc.\n\n\nIf I was going to pull off a homicide, I had to think like a victim. Act like a victim, be a victim.\n\n\nI stared at the wall. They had a guard standing by the door in case I did something stupid.\n[[Begin the questioning|Begin the questioning]]
Thank you for reading the first episode of Names & The Forbidden. I hope that you like it and are ready for more craziness with the Walters family. \n\nIf you support this, feel free to give me some positive feedback and reasonable negative feedback. \n\nThis is Episode 1 out of 10, so be sure to stick around to the end to find out what happens and what I have planned. \n\nOnce again, thank you for taking the time to read this, I will have more episodes and more stories for you guys to enjoy. \n\nSincerely, \nHippiemoe.
Put my arm out and with one quick movement, I stabbed him in the back of his neck.\n\n\nThe blood poured out of his mouth.\n\n\nHis eyes opened up as if he was surprised. He was going to die.\n\n\nHe took my life away so I took his.\n\n\nThis wasn't as hard as I thought it would be. Surprisingly, it came naturally. Was something wrong with me? Of course, but did I have any remorse? Of course not.\n\n\nAs I pulled out the kitchen knife from his gaping wound, his body fell lifeless to the ground in front of me.\nI did it. I stuck up for myself.\n\n\nThe blonde bitch began to scream, I knew she would. So I climbed onto the bed, and as she tried to escape I sliced her Achilles tendon. She screamed in agony. \n\n\nI let my anger out, maybe overreacted...\n\n\nI stabbed her in the back 20 times.\n\n\nThe knife went in, then rose out. Then back in. Every time it penetrated into her skin, blood spattered my face. This was my art, and I would be covered in it. For the rest of my life.\n\n\nHours passed and I scrubbed every particle in that room. I cried more, but only because of the good memories I had stored.\n\n\nI remembered being happy. It was the same way I imagined my mother had felt when my father walked out on her.\nBut yet, there was a sense of peace. I felt relieved.\n\n\nWhen things seem to good to be true, they probably are. His charming personality should've been a give away. Who knew how long he was sleeping around with her. Maybe, it wasn't just her. It could've been anyone really. \n\n\nThe mail woman, the grocery clerk, his secretary.\n\n\nAny of them were likely, I was just too blind to see it.\nThat's what romance does to you. Takes you tightly and holds you in a bind, but instead of feeling pain, you feel comfort. Then something happens and you stop focusing on comfort and realize the pain, pulsing and squeezing your veins dry.\n\n\nThe smell was wretched as I pulled their bodies to the backyard. I would have to do more scrubbing, this would be an all-nighter type thing. \n\n\nI managed to break the lock on our shed and found a shovel.\nI got the hose out and turned on the water. I sprayed down my spot to make the dirt less hard, it would make this task much smoother.\n\n\nThen I began to dig without hesitation, I had many hours ahead of me and I wanted it to take as little time as possible. I dug and dug until my hands and arms were sore. My back ached and my neck sprained from looking down too long.\nEventually, I dug a hole big enough. It seemed just right, my little Goldilocks spot. \n\n\nI rolled them into their graves where they would rot together.\nI looked at their bodies as they lie limp, blue-ish white in color. Dead. Just dead. Their wounds would be infested with maggots and worms soon. I started to fill the hole. \n\n\nThis secret would be buried forever.\n[[The Next Morning|The Next Morning]]
Names. What do they mean? \n\n\nA name is something people use to identify you. It's something that's special. But is it really? \nNowadays, most names have been overused and sadly, yours could have been taken. Your parents spent so much time and effort, thought they were clever, but in fact, you're not so unique. \n\n\nSo why does any of that matter? It doesn't. \n\n\nNames are just another thing to add to your list stored in your brain. Something that can haunt you, or something that can bring joy to your life. My name once had meaning. Meaning to someone else in fact.\n\n\nI was 18 years old and had no care in the world. I was bright. My eyes shined, my dress was fixed and my hair blew amongst the wind on a nice summer day. I was married. A new wed, had the future in my sights.\n\n\nMy husband was a peoples man, a real family man. He was always there to pick me up when I was down. He had a smooth white complexion and he was tall, had broad shoulders and quite the dazzling smile. We were in love. At least I had thought.\n\n\nHe told me to grab some things from the store that night. We needed things for our dinner he said. So as always, I was chipper and rushed down to the nearest market and picked up the right ingredients. I bought new kitchen knives, milk, spices and delicious chicken breast. The night would satisfy all.\n\n\nI finally returned.\n\n\nI pulled into the driveway, finished my last cigarette and approached my wonderful home. I opened the door to my home, and found his work drawers laying at the start of the stairs. Interested and had many irrelevant thoughts in my head. I crept up the stairs in search of my dearest husband. All the lights in the house were off. Suddenly, I tripped.\n\n\nAs I looked down, there was a woman's shoe. A high heel. It was ruby red and it was DEFINITELY not my size.\n\n\nI then reached the door to our room, it was quiet or so it seemed. I finally pulled myself together, nervous as to what I would find.\n\n\nI grabbed the door handle and...\n[[Open the door|Open the door]]
A man in a white collared shirt walked into the room. \n\n\nHe was a younger man, had a slicked haircut, five o'clock shadow, and walked with pride.\n\n\nHe sat down in front of me with a folder. \n\n\n"Hello Mrs. Pacston, I'm Detective Foyer. I'll be asking you some questions regarding the disappearance of your husband Steven Pacston. If you have any questions before we start, please feel free to ask. You aren't under arrest until we prove anything. So don't be nervous, if you have nothing to hide."\n\n\nI looked at him with a smile. I began to feel comfortable, I stopped thinking about what I done and started thinking about my future. Today, I would be in control of my fate.\n\n\n"I have no questions, please begin detective."\n\n\n"Alright. Well you told the police that your husband had beaten or abused you last night. What caused the incident?"\n\n\nI felt the bruise under my eye. But didn't hesitate.\n\n\n"Steven has always had anger issues. Sometimes he could control them and sometimes...well, you see my face. Last night he came home with another woman, she was blonde and very pretty. She waited outside and we never made eye contact. Not sure if she knew I existed. I asked him if she was a co-worker and if she was just a friend of his. He chuckled and replied that I shouldn't worry. But when I asked him to meet her, he became defensive. Said that I was not to worry and that I'd meet her someday. He was acting strange."\n\n\n"So at that point you decided he was having an affair?"\n\n\n"You could say that. Any married woman would at least question it, detective."\n\n\n"Continue."\n\n\n"Anyways, he became very angry when I started to accuse him of sleeping around. He started pushing me and he then punched me in the eye. As I sat there crying, he walked away with his blonde lover."\n\n\n"So he didn't take the car?"\n\n\n"That's besides the point detective...but, no he walked into town a lot. He said he enjoyed it more than being lazy and driving there. We don't live too far from town."\n\n\nI started to fake my tears.\n\n\n"I'm so sorry, Mrs. Pacston. Excuse my manners, I am deeply sorry about your affliction. But thank you for still answering my question. So you also said that he called you later around midnight. Where from?"\n\n\n"No idea, either from the bar or her house. He rarely called."\n\n\n"The police have brought up the idea that the Executioner could be involved. Although, he always leaves his victims."\n\n\n"I never have been involved in the news or politics detective. I had never heard of the Executioner. From what I have heard, he sounds terrible and disgusting. I am have no idea or no evidence that it was him and neither do you. I just know that my husband is missing and I have no time to mourn because all of a sudden I am a suspect in my own case."\n\n\n"We understand, we just want to make sure that this is as easy as possible on you Mrs. Pacston. That's all the questioning we have for you today. You're free to go."\n\n\nAt the moment more relief came over me. I wasn't sure if it had worked but I prayed that it'd come through.\n[[New beginnings|New beginnings]]
Names & The Forbidden\nEPISODE 1:\n"An Intro To Something Wonderful"
In the following weeks, I underwent many more interrogations. \n\nInterviews from townsfolk and was put under a lot of pressure. With no rulings, and no evidence of the blood on my hands. I walked away as a free woman. A new woman.\n\n \nThe police eventually determined that the Executioner had to be at fault and that it was a new form of murder that the killer was experimenting with. \n\n\nKidnappings. \n\n\nI think it was just a way for the police to draw more publicity to themselves, as well as people to get nosy in my life.\n\n\nIt was easier for them to blame the disappearance as an Executioner case than to actually search for true evidence.\n\n\nI would then go on to write a book about the trauma that I endured after my husband's killing and interviewed experiences from other victims of the Executioner.\n\n\nIt was a very well-thought out piece of "fiction." It drew in more publicity and much more money to my name. \n\n\nI became the victim that I wanted to be. The victim that the media wanted me to be. Some people thought I was a hero for speaking out about my experience. Even though everything was a lie. \n\n\nThe lying was terrible. But all that good publicity and all that money earned, put me back into college. \n\n\nI took classes to create an online business and while I was there I met a handsome man named, Keegan Walters. \n\n\nKeegan was something new, someone different.\n\n\nIn ways he resembled Steven, but the good parts of Steven. He had dark brown hair like mine, had an amazing smile and was tall. He was gentle, caring and showed affection to me that was unmatched.\n\n\nKeegan asked me out one day. He asked me to go to a brand new restaurant that had opened the previous day.\nI was overwhelmed, I had enjoyed his company in my class. I had admired his friendship. But the way he asked seemed different. It was special.\n\n\nThat night we went out, he was a true gentleman. We talked and laughed, he bought us a bottle of wine. We shared personal experiences, memories and told tales of our soul.\n\n \nKeegan told me of his son, Nicholas.\n\n\nHe was fifteen years old and his mother had tragically died in a car accident when he was younger.\n\n\nHis story touched me and I couldn't help feel like I needed to nurture him back to health.\n\n\nWas I falling for this man? \n\n\nWhat if I let my guard down and he was just another Steven?\nWith that in mind, I lead him on for several months to see who and what he was like.\n\n\nWeeks turned into months and months turned into two years.\n\n\nEventually, Keegan asked me to marry him and I trusted him with all my heart and like any trusting woman, I said yes.\n\n\nNicholas and Keegan moved in after we had gotten married.\n\n\nNicholas didn't take to me so well. He didn't seem to enjoy my company, but I understood. I was not his mom. Nor would I ever be. But I wanted to treat him like I was.\n\n\nWe remained in my household, a place that held so many haunting memories of Steven. But I was now given the chance to start over. I was going to take that chance.\n\n\nMore months passed and Nicholas still didn't like my presence.\nBut Keegan and I developed a strong bond. We were happy and Nicholas didn't try to bring it down. He was seventeen and he was smart enough to know that things weren't going to change.\n\n\nThings were running smoothly.\n\n\nHere's to a new beginning.\n[[Starting To See|Starting To See]]\n
I dropped the groceries in my hand.\n\n\nThe milk spilt all over the brand new carpet.\nIt soaked in and stained my shoes. \n\n\nThere another woman, blonde, and supple was on top of him.\nMoaning, grinding, and filling MY husband with pleasure.\nHe looked over at me, I'm not sure that he realized that it was me and finally, pushed her off.\n\n\nAs the whore fell over, she complained and called him an asshole.\nMy mind started racing and in that moment my whole world fell apart. The room started spinning and everything slowed down, almost to give me a better glimpse of the scene.\n\n\nHe rushed towards me.\n\n\n"I can explain honey. I...I.."\n\n\nHe tried his hardest to convince me, but I just shrugged everything off. I wasn't sure how to take any of it. I ran to the bathroom with the bags. Then, like life unpaused. Everything hit me all at once. \n\n\nI married this man, I loved this man, gave him everything. I gave him my virginity. I gave him unconditional attention and love. He was my life. But now, he had taken that life from me. I wanted his children, to start a family, but that just couldn't happen.\n\n\nIf he was going to take that from me, I had to take something from him. \n\n\nAfter awhile, I came out of the bathroom. My eyes burned and my throat was full of mucus from swallowing all the snot. I was a disgusting mess. I felt like a piece of trash at his disposal.\n\n\nThey sat there both in shock and stared at me, like I was a freak. Just waiting for me to say something. Reassure them that I was okay. But I wasn't okay. I wasn't going to be married to some man who didn't give me things in return.\n\n\nHe moved towards me and pulled me in for a hug. The woman continued to sit on our bed, naked and in silence. She watched.\n\n\nI didn't put my arms back around him. I wasn't happy, nor forgiving. I wanted nothing to do with him. I wasn't going to give him the satisfaction of seeing me return his hug.\n\n\nInstead, I...\n[[Put your arms out|Put your arms out]]
Kendra started to freak out and ran out the backyard to see if the hole had been dug up.\n\n\nTo her surprise the hole was untouched, no sign of discovery. \n\n\nKendra ran in and hid the knife in the darkest spot of the closet, underneath a stack of photo albums. \n\n\nKendra wasn't going to let anyone find out her secret.\n\n\nShe cleaned up the rest of the house and then continued her work on her website.\n\n\nTime passed and soon Nicholas came home from school.\n\n\nKendra rushed down the stairs and found him.\n\n\n"So, did you do anything interesting today?" Kendra nervously asked.\n\n\n"No." Nicholas shrugged off her question and tried to pass her.\n\n\nKendra grabbed onto his shoulder.\n\n\n"Are you sure? Nothing before you left for school today?"\n\n \n"No! Get your fucking whore hands off me! I don't know what you want to hear? But I'm not interested."\n\n\nKendra watched as Nicholas ran up the stairs and slammed his bedroom door.\n\n\nShe was confused, a little angry. \n\n\nSomeone was playing tricks with her mind or maybe she was becoming delusional?\n\n\nThat couldn't be it. She held the handle in her hand.\n\n\nShe can remember that the blood was stained into the blade. \n\n\nRusted.\n\n\nSomeone out there knew. \n\n\nSomeone knew her deepest darkest secret.\n\n\nBut who?\n\n\nLater that night.\n\n\nKeegan walked into the room with his toothbrush, and stared at Kendra and continued to brush.\n\n\nKendra eventually noticed.\n\n\n"Is there something you want to talk about?"\n\n\n"Um, why do you ask?" He replied as he spit out the paste into the sink.\n\n\n"I can just tell from your body language. You know you can talk to me about anything."\n\n\n"No, I'm good." He insisted. \n\n\nHe looked into the mirror and could see Kendra's reflection in it. "Actually, there is something..."\n\n\nKendra's heart began to pump wildly. \n\n\nDid Keegan know? \n\n\nIf so, she wasn't very good at hiding it. \n\n\nShe slipped up. \n\n\nMaybe it was the night she had gotten so drunk she blacked out. \n\n\nNo. \n\n\nHe would've acted up or left her by now.\n\n \n"Okay, what's on your mind?"\n\n\n"Um, Nicholas talked to me today and said you kept asking him weird questions. He also said you put your hand on him?"\n\n\nKendra felt some weight lift off her chest.\n\n\n"I was just asking him about his morning and school day. That's all. I didn't hurt him, I just rested my hand on his shoulder. He overreacted."\n\n\n"Hm. Well he seemed upset."\n\n\n"The damn kid is always upset. He doesn't like me."\n\n\n"It's not your fault, he just misses his mother. I don't think he's going to ever move on from her death."\n\n\nKendra couldn't relate to Nicholas. Every word she said, every move she made, Nicholas wanted nothing to do with her.\n\n\nKendra was beginning to take it to the heart.\n\n\n"There's also another thing, It's probably nothing...but I'd like to know the truth." Keegan mentioned.\n\n\nKendra's worries and guilt came rushing back instantly.\n\n\nIt was like a monster was trapped inside and was pushing to be let back out. It was digging through her chest cavity, just waiting for the right moment.\n\n\n"I was getting ready the other night for our dinner with Macy and Frank and I found something."\n\n\nKendra stared at the closet where the knife rested in secrecy.\n\n\nFinally her throat loosened up.\n\n\n"What did you find?"\n\n\n"I know I'm probably thinking too much into it but, I found a wedding ring in your jewelry box." He continued.\n\n\nKendra hadn't expected that to come up. She never thought Keegan would look in her jewelry box. He had no business in there anyways.\n\n\n"A wedding ring?" She smiled.\n\n\n"Yeah, with a pretty expensive diamond on it," He smirked, and stared into Kendra's eyes. "Kendra if you were married before me, why didn't you tell me? That should've been you know, one of the first things." \n\n\n"Keegan, that's my grandmother's wedding ring. She died from cancer a few years ago. My mother said she wanted me to have it. It was a very personal gift. A memento of my grandmother and grandfather's marriage." She said convincingly with great woe.\n\n\n"Oh, I'm sorry. I didn't know. I didn't mean to jump to false accusations."\n\n\n"It's fine, but what were you doing in my jewelry box snooping around? That's a huge invasion of privacy!"\n\n\n"Kendra, I was looking for my watch and you left it open. It was the first thing I saw. It intrigued me. I'm sorry for being curious. I'd like to know that my wife wasn't secretly married previously." Keegan said angrily.\n\n\n"Don't get mad at me, I'm the one who is mad. I'd tell you if I was married asshole. Now you can't trust me? You and your son are getting on my nerves."\n\n\n"My son!? He is supposed to be yours now too! Whatever, I don't need this shit. I'll be downstairs on the couch."\n\n\n"Fine!" Kendra yelled.\n\n\nKeegan got out of bed and walked downstairs. \n\n\nHe put on his jacket and headed outside. \n\n\nHe got into the car and pulled away. \n\n\nSomeone near by watched him outside their window.\n\n\nKeegan drove to the nearest liquor store and bought a bottle of Jack. \n\n\nKeegan sat on the couch of his quiet home. The television on mute. \n\n\nKeegan hadn't drank since he was twenty-three.\n\n\nHe had gotten in a fight with his father last time he drank.\n\n\nHis anger had gotten out of control. \n\n\nHe was in his late thirties now. He thought he was happy.\n\n\nThings weren't going as he had imagined. \n\n\nHe opened the bottle to smell the power of the alcohol. \n\n\nIt burned his nostrils. \n\n\nThen he took a big swig.\n\n\nKendra laid in bed. \n\n\nShe sat there thinking of what she said to Keegan.\n\n\n'I'd tell you if I was married.'\n\n\n'I'd tell you if I was married...'\n\n\n'I'd tell you if I was...'\n\n\n\n[[The End (Click Here)|The End (Click Here)]]