it's tired, it says.\n\nlay me down, and let time's grasp strip the [[flesh]] from my bones.
my body is in revolt, yet i look in the mirror and all i see is [[me]].
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strips of it, pale and etched with millions of tiny lines.\n\nall draped over me like [[rags]].\n\n\n\n
i brush my teeth, and the molars come loose in [[blood]].
i am [[rotting]]
i put on my shoes, and my toes crack and fall into [[dust]].
i breathe, and my lungs flap and [[wheeze]].
there are holes in my bones, bored deep into my femurs, my hips, my ribs, my skull. they think because they're small that i don't know they're there.\n\nbut i [[do]].
i want to lie down. i want to do what it says.\n\nbut i am a coward, and i can not.