You're ready to just leave with your keychain, but you recognize this girl from somewhere. And unless you ask her something now, you'll keep thinking about it all day.\n\nScrew it. Looking down at your watch you see that you're late for class anyway, what's the point of trying to hurry now.\n\nTime to [[confront|Confront]]
It doesn't take much to catch up, but when you do the look on her face makes you want to turn right back.\n\n"What?" You try to sound as sincere as possible.\n\nInching away from you, try glare intisifies. "This better not be you trying to steal my umbrella, because let me tell you: that will not turn out well."\n\n"Come on, you should know me better than that."\n\nThat gets her to stop and stare.\n\n"Man, we just met like, five minutes ago. What the hell are you talking about?"\n\nShit. She's right.\n\n[[What are you talking about?|Talkingabout]]
"What's with the hair?" You throw the keychain into your bag at an attempt to stay casual.\n\n"What do you mean?"\n\n"It's blue."\n\n"Yes. It is." Her response is short, and immediately you feel the urge to throw your hands up in surrender. Which is coincedentally what you end up doing.\n\n"Whoa, there. Just trying to make conversation."\n\nReadjusting the strap on her own bag, the blue-haired girl shrugs you off. "Well, dogtags-"\n\nShe keeps calling you dogtags, and while it's alright for a stranger, you feel the need to tell her your actual name.\n\nAfterall, [[you're being friendly, right?|Tell her name]]
Stopping, you turn back and bend over to find... a pair of black boots instead of your keychain.\n\n"Looking for this?" A smug voice literally speaks down to you.\n\nSlowly straightening to your full height, you're met with a girl who seems to be your own age. The first thing you notice, though, is her blue hair.\n\nConflicted, you aren't sure if you should [[confront her about it|Confront]] or simply [[take the keychain and go|Take the keychain]]
The very first day and you're running late. A mist hits against your jacket, but it's lighter than the rain that had poured this morning. Zipping up your bag while running down the street, your dogtag keychain falls out of your pocket.\n\nShit, you're already late. Do you [[stop to pick it up|Stop]], or [[continue on?|Continue]]
You decide to screw it and carry on. You're running behind as it is anyway.\n\nThat is, until a voice yells out to you from behind. \n\n"Hey, Dogtags."\n\nStopping at a halt, you spin around and march up to her. Dammit dammit dammit. You're definitely going to be late now. Approaching the girl in the plaid shirt and black umbrella, she lets your keychain dangle from her index finger. It reminds you of someone holding a cat toy in front of their pet. Grabbing the keychain from her, you give the girl your thanks.\n\nBut by this point you've gotten a better look at her - noticing the bright blue hair with auburn roots that's been pulled into a high ponytail. Conflicted, you aren't sure if you should [[confront her about her strange choice of hair colour|Confront]] or simply [[turn around and leave|Take the keychain]]
"-Faolan." You interrupt her.\n\n"What?"\n\n"I'm Faolan." Sticking your hand out for a shake, she raises her eyebrows before obliging.\n\n"Bridget."\n\nShe lets go of your hand and begins to stride past you. Luckily enough, you think to turn on your heel to walk with her.\n\nHowever, your sneaker squeaks against the wet concrete during your sharp turn. You can almost see yourself [[falling flat on your face|Fall]], and make an attempt to [[gain balance|Gain balance]].
An Open Passage.
Try as you might, lady luck isn't with you today. Your ankle twists, and the next thing you know your facing concrete instead of a relatively pretty girl.\n\nStanding up and shaking yourself off, you see that Bridget stopped at the commotion. She doesn't bother to hide her laughter, bruising your ego more than your already bruised knee.\n\n"Yeah, yeah. Let's laugh at the poor guy in the rain." Throwing your bag over your shoulder, you do your best to [[catch up to her|Catch up]].
At the last minute you're able to regain your balance, and you give yourself a pat on the back.\n\nBridget, however, doesn't seem as amused. After seeing that you are indeed fine, she turns around and begins walking again.\n\nQuickly readjusting your bag, you try to [[catch up.|Catch up]]
Trying to play it off, you simply shrug.\n\nBut still, there's something off. Almost like you recognize her. Maybe you've walked passed her on the street before?\n\nWhatever. Trying to forget about the feeling, you begin to walk in step.\n\nBridget looks over at you, raising an eyebrow.\n\n"Aren't you running late?"\n\nShit. Well, you are late. But at this point you're half-convinced to just forget about it.\n\n"Hello?" She uses her free hand to wave at you. "What are you going to start stalking me now or something?"\n\nAre you?\n\n[[Could it be possible at this is the moment when you will decide to forget about that stupid meeting and keep walking?|Keepwalking]]\n\nor\n\n[[Will you tell her yes, you are late. You really should get going anyway|BadEnd1]]