Restart Story

This has been a scenario by Robert Hayworth.\n\nMy contact information is\n\nMy resume includes:\n\nCreating game design pitches and documents for various game projects.\n\nWork on developing a cartoon series for television, which includes writing pilots, designing the world, creating characters, and refining to the point of bleeding.\n\nWork on creating Comic Books, Short Stories, Television Shows, Films, Games, and Novels.\n\nI have a passion for the industry, and have the hustle needed to keep up in an ever evolving industry.\n\nMy favorite games are Vampire the Masquerade: Bloodlines, Chrono Trigger, and the Donkey Kong Country series.\n\n
You are on an airplane and the wings just blew apart.\n\nNo one seems to notice it, but the plane is descending at an increasing rate of speed. The clouds rise above the window, and you can see for miles over the horizon.\n\nWhat do you do?\n\n* <<choice "Nothing.">>\n* <<choice "Say a prayer.">>\n* <<choice "Put on Oxygen.">>\n* <<choice "Turn to the person beside you and point it out.">>\n
The door swings open, then falls back on it's hinge. A fireball rises into the sky in front of you, though you cannot feel it's heat. The crackle of fire, and of various mechanical explosions, echo off each other all around you, leaving your ears ringing. Then, after that, nothing.\n\n* <<choice "Climb out of the restroom.">>\n* <<choice "Stay where you are.">>
The man only turns his head in a swift jerk, looking at you with two blue eyes. He sighs.\n\n“Don't you think I know that? What do you think I'm doing, sitting here enjoying myself? I knew we were going to fall the moment I stepped on this plane. In fact, I signed up for this. So why don't you just relax. There's nothing to worry about. The end is nigh.”\n\n<<display 'Ticking Clock'>>
You stay in the restroom, right where you are. Through the open door, you can see the smoke of the wreck ascend to the heavens, a reminder that you have been given a second chance. Do not waste it, do not regret what you could have done, and take each day and do something in a way they couldn't.\n\nMoments later, you hear the sounds of oncoming sirens. What a story to tell.\n\n* <<choice "The End.">>
The man looks at you, only turning his head slightly, staring at you with large blue eyes. \n\n“I did in the first few weeks. I thought it was crazy, signing up to die like this. But I figured it would be easier than my wife finding me, brains splattered against the wall, or being found bloated in my garage with the exhaust going. This just seemed more sensible, more kind somehow. I would like to imagine you knew the same, so why freak out? Embrace it. The end is nigh.”\n\n<<display 'Ticking Clock'>>
The man slowly turns his head and stares at you with large blue eyes. Like a doll's.\n\n“They said we shouldn't tell anyone because it might make us regret, but you seem like a kind enough person. My name is Harold. I'm forty-three, and in my years I accomplished nothing. I married the first woman who took me out on a date, we didn't have any kids, and I was fired from my job as a produce manager at a grocery store. A produce manager, for god sakes. So I decide that enough is enough and join this flight to hell. It seemed more sensible than any of the other methods I thought of. I figure you know the same. You shouldn't be stressing out. The end is nigh.”\n\n<<display 'Ticking Clock'>>
You pull the lever above you, dropping the Oxygen. You fumble trying to get it on, if only you had actually listened to the flight attendant. You push the button to administer Oxygen, and you are hit with a blast of clarity. You not only realize you are falling and will inevitably die, but you understand there is no going back from this.\n\nNothing can save you, no one will remember you, you will become the story before the celebrity news, one of the two hundred and four, and people will stop and say what a shame it was that you lived and died, and they thank their god they won't go like that. But you won't even get the satisfaction from seeing you'll be proven right, because all too soon you'll be dead.\n\n<<display 'Ticking Clock'>>
As you begin to pick out different bushes and plant life from how close the ground is coming, the people around you begin to sing. Each person, their eyes looking to the ceiling as they create the lull of the hymn.\n\n“Oh God on high, my soul is yours to take,\nPlease don't judge any of my mistakes,\nIn honest heart I give to you,\nMy soul, my heart, and my living days.”\n\nHot fire and metal explode all around you, and everything just stops.\n\n* <<choice "The End.">>\n\n
The Plane.\nBy Robert Hayworth.\n\nFor All Genders.\n\n<<choice "Begin">>
You turn to the man beside you, a portly fellow you decided not to acknowledge when he collapsed next to you to take up two seats. You open your mouth to speak.\n\n* <<choice "We're falling and we're going to die.">>\n* <<choice "Why aren't you freaking out like me?">>\n* <<choice "What is your name?">>
The ground gets closer and the plane begins to spin. Everyone remains silent and still.\n\nWhat do you do?\n\n* <<choice "Get up and go to the restroom.">>\n* <<choice "Stay in your seat and accept your fate.">>
You grab hold of the sides of the door, which is incredibly hot though it doesn't burn your hands. The shift in weight causes the restroom to tilt forward, then fall onto the ground on it's door side. Despite the crash, it's easy to get out.\n\nStanding, you see that you are the lone survivor of the crash, and that the silent few are now charred remains. Looking to the sky as the funeral pyre ascends to the heavens, you have been given a second chance. Don't waste it, don't regret, and take each day as they couldn't.\n\nYou then hear the sounds of oncoming sirens. What a story to tell.\n\n* <<choice "The End.">>
You close your eyes and scream “PRAYER, PRAYER,” over and over again in your mind. The scream of falling rattles the windows, the wings leave smoke trails that leave a horrifying path. Closing your eyes again, you cannot feel the warmth of any god, just white-flashes of terror.\n\n<<display 'Ticking Clock'>>
The player decides that nothing would be the best option. It is silent as the plane continues to fall, the wings leaving smoking trails that ascend into the sky. No one even notices as they stare at their phones, try to sleep, or read their books.\n\n<<display 'Ticking Clock'>>
The player gets up and moves beside the large man, and begins to make their way towards the bathroom at the end of the plane, grabbing seat by seat to keep themselves standing. The door is jammed, and it takes a bit to get it open. Once inside, the player is forced onto the toliet.\n\nWhile sitting on the toilet, though the player can feel the plane going around and around, it doesn't actually look like it. From outside the door, and a little muffled, the sound of singing can be heard.\n\n“Oh God on high, my soul is yours to take,\nPlease don't judge any of my mistakes,\nIn honest heart I give to you,\nMy soul, my heart, and my living days.”\n\nFollowed by an explosion.\n\n* <<choice "Silence.">>