\n\nyou boldly walk to your left, you open a door \nand you find yourself back at the \n[[start|choice]] \n\n
\n\nit's ok\nyou see a small beam of light emitting from your right-hand side\nyou walk towards it and you round the corner\nthe light gets dimmer\n\nthere is another fork in the hallway\ndo you walk \n[[left|choice24]]\nor do you walk \n[[right|choice23]]\n\n
\n\nafter passing by the other two hallways,\nyou peer into the last one\nits dark\nyou slowly walk towards it hoping to find a door\nyou're suddenly taken by a gust of wind and transported through the hallways and back to the [[start|choice]]\n
\n\nyou scan the brightly lit corridor for any clues\nany directions\nthere are none\nyou keep walking for hours until you see three openings spaced exactly 3 metres apart\nyou choose to go towards the\n[[hallway closest to you|choice10]]\nor the\n[[hallway in the middle of the two|choice11]]\nor do you choose the\n[[hallway furthest away from you|choice21]]\n
\n\nyou walk to your right\nyou open a door\nand a well-dressed man greets you and hands you an envelope\nit says,\n\n"END.".
\n\n[[open the door|choice]]
\n\nyou start running down the hallway and it turns sharply to the right\nyou hit the wall really hard\nsorry\nyou get taken back the the \n[[start|choice]] \n
\n\nas you choose the hallway to the left\nyou get a good feeling and you start running\nas you run, the corridor turns to the right sharply and you almost run into the wall\nanyways\nyou turn right and then you run around a corner\nthere's a light shining around another corner\nyou run towards it\nthere's a piece of paper\nyou move closer towards it\nit says, \n"this corridor is under construction, please return back to the [[start|choice]]\n
\n\nas you turn in the doorway \nyou hear a strange vibrating sound as if there is construction happening\nyou turn to your left (following the vibration)\nyou turn to your right\nyou round a bend\nand you turn to the left again\nyou round another bend thinking the end must be near,\nyou turn to the right following the hallway and at the end of the corridor\n[[you turn the corner|choice19]]\n\n
\n\nyou immediately run down the corridor\nskid along the floor and turn the corner\nyou keep running\nand you turn another corner\nthinking you've been through enough\nand the end must be somewhere near\nyou turn the final corner\nand there is a bottomless pit\nyou throw your watch in to see if there's a bottom\nyou don't hear it land\nyou're taken back to the \n[[start|choice]]\n
\n\nyou walk along the short corridor and follow the light around the corner\nit's a very angular, but winding path\nyou round yet another corner\nand you walk down a really long hallway\nas you keep walking you hear construction happening\nyou can see the end of the really long corridor and an opening to its left hand side\nyou keep walking\nhalf an hour later\nyou finally reach the end of the hallway and you turn [[left|choice20]] \n
\n\nas you turn into the corridor, \nyou have a sudden horrible feeling;\nyou turn the corner\nand your instincts are right\nthere's a dragon guarding that corridor\nas it breathes fire\nyou \n[[faint|choice]]\n
\n\nas you're walking straight, \nyou turn a corner and\nyou're presented with two choices\nyou can \n[[walk down the right hallway|choice17]]\nor\nyou can\n[[walk down the left hallway|choice5]] \n
\n\nyou walk along the white corridor\nand you see in the distance three opens door one behind another\nspaced three metres apart\nyou choose to walk through\n[[the first door closest to you|choice3]]\n[[the second door|choice4]]\n[[the third door, farthest away from you|choice18]]
\n\nyou walk through the door closest to you, \nyou follow the corridor and it immediately takes you to a right\nand then a left\nyou come to a wider opening and \nthere are two large white corridors you can choose from\nyou choose to continue through the:\n[[the hallway to the right|choice8]]\nor\n[[the hallway to the left|choice9]]\n
\n\nyou walk forward furtively\nexpecting something horrible to happen\nthe corridor gets darker until you bang into a [[wall|choice22]]
\n\nyou turn into the corridor closest to you\nand you around a corner\nyou walk along the brightly lit hallway for what seems like forever\nand you finally turn around another corner\nyou are presented with two more hallways,\ndo you\n[[choose the one closest to you|choice6]]\nor do you\n[[choose the one farther away from you|choice7]]\n
\n\nas your eyes adjust to the darkness \nyou turn the corner\nand you take small steps\nyou can just barely make out a small opening in the wall\ndo you \n[[move towards the small opening|choice15]]\nor do you\n[[decide to stick with the original path and continue forward|choice16]]\n
\n\nas you inch your entire body into the small opening\nyou hear several loud voices\nyou're pushed to the ground\nsomeone shoves a bag over your head\nand you're dragged back to the [[start|choice]] \n\nSorry
\n\nas you turn into this short hallway\nthe door to the hallway you didn't know existed, slams shut\nyou continue forward in the darkness\nthere is a small hole in the wall and you move towards it\nas you put your eye to it\nyou see people sitting around laughing and joking and celebrating\nas you open your mouth to speak up\nsomething heavy falls on your head\nand you [[lose consciousness|choice]]\n\n
\n\nyou turn into the corridor\nyou turn the corner\nand another one\nand the corridor gets darker\nyou feel your way around for the wall\nand you [[continue|choice14]] your way tentatively\n
\n\nyou walk through the last door\nand you look for a way out\nbut there is none\nyou get taken back to the beginning where you \n[[started|choice]]\n
\n\nand another corner\nyou walk around the bend\nand around another corner \nand you come to a screeching halt\nthe corridor has collapsed and you can not continue\nyou are taken back to the [[beginning|choice]] \n\n
\n\nYou\n[[keep walking|choice1]]\nor\n[[turn left|choice2]] \n
body { color: black; background-color: white; }\n