Restart Story

The pizza arrives and a close inspection of the pizza reveals none of the furry little critters.\n\nI tentative bite confirms the inspection.\n\nYum!\n\nI settle on the couch with my pizza and wine as the credits start for my 1000th watching of Star Wars...\n\nA good night in!
I take the pasta out of the fridge and scoop the sticky goop into a bowl.\n\nWhen the microwave beeps that the pasta is ready, I look closely at the red bubbling mass in the bowl.\n\nI could [[eat it]], but then again... maybe I should just have the [[pizza]]...
by Fi McQueen
When my vegetarian pizza arrives, I settle down on the couch with a nice glass of wine and watch Iron Man 3.\n\nGreat night in!
oh boy...\n\nI should have had the pizza!
It's that time of day again... [[What will I have for dinner?]]
I look in the fridge and I see some [[leftover pasta]] that I've been eating for three days. Maybe I'll have a [[pizza]]?
Having ordered the pizza, I settle down on the couch with a glass of wine.\n\nShit! Did I tell them ask for [[no anchovies]] or [[not]]?!!
Fuck!\n\nAs I take the pizza from the delivery guy I can already smell the anchovies.\n\nWhy isn't the default order to have no anchovies!\n\nI closely inspect the pizza and pull of as many of the critters as I can find.\n\nSettling down on the couch with my pizza, I know that it's just a matter of time before I encounter one of the little fuckers.\n\nOh well, can't have it all I suppose!
The eternal question...
I close the fridge, deciding to deal with the dead pasta another day.\n\nSliding the pizza menu from under the over-committed fridge magnet, I turn to my favourite pizzas: [[capricossa]] or [[vegetarian]]?