Screw this. You're cold, you're tired and you do not want to wait around any longer. You speed up, looking back and forth as you go, and hurry down the rest of the street to your flat. As you run up the stairs to unlock the door the streetlights go off and you're left in darkness, You throw the door open and slam it shut behind you, listening for the click as it locks. You turn around, and watch as a dark character enters the pathway up to your building, stop and grins at you.
You jump out of the bed,and slam the window shut. You grab the curtains to close them too, when you see someone standing by the street light below your window, looking up, smiling. You quickly close the curtains, and move back. Your hands shake, as you carefully lift the curtain to take another look. The person is casually leaned against the lamp, he waves. You duck, your heart racing. You sneak another peek and he grins,\n\n[[Hide under the covers]]\n\n[[Call the police]]\n
You automatically pick up the pace, holding your keys tight. The footsteps move in a different pace, but you can't tell if it's faster or slower, all you know is that it's been following you for too long and it scares you. You're afraid to turn around just in case he's grinning.\n\n
You jerk awake as something crashes into your window. You sit up, too tired to see anything around you. There's a throbbing pain on the left side of your head, and you feel dizzy. The floorboards creak as you stand up, one hand on your head, the other reaching for the window ledge. You look out, and see a dark shade standing by the streetlight. A man. He smiles, he waves, he grins. You scream.\n\n[[Wake up]]
You lift your and put them against your reflections', a warmth spread up your arm and the reflection smile at you, tilts its head and stare. You start to feel uncomfortably warm, but your hands are stuck. Your reflection grins and slams its hands on the mirror, and a shock of electricity shoots through your body. \n\nYou feel yourself disappearing into the mirror. You hands sinking in, and the rest of you follow. The reflection smiles, and pull at you, you fall.
You take a deep breath, turn your head to the right and pull your hood away to take a quick peek. In the flickering lights it looks like nothing but a shadow. Dark and tall, but not really there.You frown, sure you've had the exact same thoughts before. You keep walking, slowly,\n\n[[Confront the stranger]]\n\n[[Remember]]
You jerk awake as the doors of your closet bursts open and closes with a slam. You sit up, too tired to see anything around you. There's a throbbing pain on the left side of your head, and you feel dizzy. You look towards the closet and all you can see is a dark reflection in the mirrored closet doors. It smiles, is waves, it grins. You scream.\n\n[[Wake up|Wake up 2]]
You yank your hand back, and watch in amazement as the hand in the mirror stays in the same place. Your reflection doesn't move as you take a step back, and it smiles at you. You frown. It holds both hands up against the mirror, \n\n[[Hold your hands against the mirror]] \n\n[[Back up]]
Wide eyed, you take a step back. The reflection glares at you, and slams its palms onto the mirror. It lets out a high pitched screech, and keeps hitting the mirror, as if its trying to break out. The glass cracks, the screech turning into loud screaming, \n\n[[Cover your ears]] \n\n\n\n
The howling wind pull you out of sleep. You're lying in bed, on your side, staring at the wall, watching as the light from the streetlamp below your window flickers across the wall. A gust of wind across your back startles you and you turn around. The curtains swirl up towards the ceiling and another gust of air slap you across the face,\n\n[[Close the window]]
The image of a hand reaching out, grabbing your shoulder sets you of and you run. Without looking back you sprint for your apartment building, keys in hand. As you reach your front door, you almost run into a neighbour,\n\n[[Ignore, and make a run for your apartment]]\n\n[[Tell neighbour about the stalker]]
As you're pulled back your clutched hand strikes and jabs the key into the attacker. You're afraid to open your eyes, but the silence is overwhelming. You stare into the open space, your hand midair in the empty street. You're completely alone.
You scream and curl yourself together, too afraid to open your eyes. You feel exposed, a gust of air makes you look up. The curtains dance with the wind, you sigh with relief. Look at the duvet, already decided the open window must be the explanation. You get up, close the window, pick up the duvet and go back into bed, feeling like an idiot. Holding the duvet extra tight as you turn around and face the wall.
The glass shatters, and you throw yourself to the side as glass explodes all over your room. Pain shoots through your body and you're afraid to move. You're lying face down below your bed. \n\nYou look up slowly, surprised not to see any glass around you. You turn to look at the closet, its shattered. The floor below is covered in glass. You frown. Look down at your aching hands and see streams of blood dripping down on the floor.
You duck, jump onto the bed and pull the duvet over your head. You do what your mother told you when you saw monsters, count to ten, then count to zero. Your body is shaking as you reach five, tears run down your cheeks as you're down to three, a soft knock on the glass, a pounding fist, a laugh, a yell, you count and remember the dark shade in the window,\n\n[[Back to the street]]\n\n\n
You hate walking in the dark, you never know what freaks are out there. You pick up speed, clutching the keys in your pocket so tight your knuckles go white. You flinch with each step, going faster and faster, listening as the footsteps behind you does the same, getting closer,\n\n[[Run]]\n\n[[Brace yourself]]
The wind is howling and every part of your house seems to creak. You're laid on your back, staring up at the ceiling. There's a knock on your door, you look up, a second knock, but it's not coming from the bedroom door. You look left and watch as the mirrored doors of your built in closet shake and slowly starts to creep open. \n\n[[Shut the doors]]\n\n[[Hide under the duvet]]
You jerk awake as a high-pitched scream fills the room. You try to sit up, but you're stuck, your eyelids heavy, so you can barely open your eyes. There's a throbbing pain on the left side of your head, and you feel dizzy. There's another high-pitched scream and you wince, try to cover your ears and realise your hands are tied. Another scream. The room lights up and You scream. \n\n[[Followed]] \n\n[[Reflection]] \n
You're at the door before the duvet hits floor. Terrified, you yank it open and run into the hallway. Keep going until you reach the living room, where you sit down on the couch, staring towards the hallway and your bedroom, \n\n[[Stay right where you are]]\n\n\n\n\n\n
You settle on the couch, Keeping watch for any sudden movements. You're cold and grab a blanket. You look around the room, the dark kitchen, closed bathroom door, semi dark living room. You sigh and turn your head towards the living room window. Your reflection stare back at you. Smile, wave, grin as your eyes go wide with horror and you scream.
You grab the phone on your bedside table, scramble to dial 999 while keeping your eyes on the window. He doesn't move, but he grins, and you give him a disgusted look. The phone dies, beeps three times as the call ends, and you try again. "What's your emergency?" The call is ended again, the operator's kind voice ringing in your ears, "What's your emergency?" and a man's laughter mixes in with hers and you scream.\n\n[[Back to the street]]
The vibration startles you and you yank the doors open. You flick through your clothes, expecting someone to jump at you each time you pull a hanger to the side. There's nothing there.
Your key slips out of your hand as you're pulled back and you scream. Shocked by the expected, unexpected pull. You scream out loud, pulling away from the attacker as hard as you can. You see nothing, but the flickery lights as you stumble head first onto the sidewalk.
You pull your hands out of your pockets, keys in hand, sharp end pointed up and brace yourself for what's next. The air seems filled with deafening noise as you stop, and the hand grabs your shoulder and pull you back,\n\n[[Use the key]]\n\n[[Scream]]
The street is empty and streetlights flicker in the autumn air. It's a chilly afternoon, the leaves crunch under your boots as you walk by. It's been a long day, you're tired and cold. You hear footsteps and crunching leaves behind you, \n\n[[Speed up]] \n\n[[Turn around]]
You close your eyes and haul the duvet over your head, like you did if you were scared as a child. You hear the hinges squeak softly, and you can feel someone's presence in the room, the floorboards creak, moving towards you. Suddenly your duvet is pulled away from you and tossed to the floor, \n\n[[Scream|Scream 2]]\n\n[[get out of the room]] \n\n\n
The scream deafens you, and you cover your ears as you fall to your knees in pain. The cracks spread to the edges of the mirror and the reflection smiles, lifts its hands, curls its fingers and slams it into the mirror one last time, \n\n[[Throw yourself out of the way]]
You push past your neighbour, ignoring the worried looks. You burst into your apartment, bolting the door shut, and run into your bedroom. You lean against the door, right across from the window that looks out towards the street.\n\nThe dark shade is stood by the streetlight, staring up at your window. He grins.
You jump out of the bed in an instant, run across the room and slam the doors shut. You stare at the reflection of yourself, hair tangled, your eyes tired. The mirror vibrates as you lean your hand against it, \n\n[[Pull your hand back]]\n\n[[Open the closet]]
To put your mind at ease, you just have to see who's walking behind you. You spin around, not sure if you're afraid or not, but the street is empty. You frown, look around, confused, absolutely sure you heard something. There's a racket in the alleyway close to you,\n\n[[Check it out]]\n\n[[Hurry home]]
You immediately regret your decision as you walk up to the alley. It's dark except for a faint light coming from a window a few floors up. You take a step closer, but can't see anything at all. You clear your throat, "Hello?" Silence. You shrug, feeling watched from every angle as you look up at the windows above you. You take a deep breath and step back, scream as a hand grabs your shoulder and swirl around. An old man looks at you with a concerned frown and asks if you're OK. You nod, still shook up, and take off towards your apartment.
Eva Braathen
You do a full stop,heaving for air and shaking. You stare at your neighbour, who quickly goes from confused lookingto worried. He's talking to you, "What happened? Are you ok?" You shake your head, mutter "stalker, Attack, Help" and he frowns and look around. You turn around and see nothing, no sign of anything, and you shake your head. He doesn't believe you, looks at you like you're drunk, or crazy. You push him away, run and lock yourself in your apartment.\n