Tough break. \n\nThe family that you abandoned awhile back gave your identity to the feds. \n\nYou've been arrested. \n\nGame.
Cold world. Real cold world. \n\nYou lose.
You lose control of the vehicle and flip several times in a nearby field. \n\nI hope that family of geese was all worth it. \n\nYou lose.
But their your grandmother's cats. She loves her cats more than she loves you. So she chooses sides and arms herself with a butcher's [[knife.]]
You're lounging around in your grandmother's old den the summer after undergraduate graduation. You're surrounded by cats, a pleathora of old pictures, and dusty, antique furniture from the '70s. \n\nThe cats begin to turn on [[you...]]
Everything is gold as of now. You have the finances and opportunity to skip time via a flight to Seattle. You're in the game. \n\nYou pull up at the airport to see a gang of men dressed in navy uniforms who are surrounded by blue and red lights. \n\nYou guessed it; the cops. \n\nThis can't slow you down. Not now. "I've came too far" you think to yourself. \n\n[[Enter the airport.]]
You spy, with your little eye, something gold, and outlined in black leather. \n\nYou see a police badge.\n\nGame.
You steal the oldsmobile sitting outside your grandparents' house and notice a gaggle of geese walking across the intersection you're approaching. \n\nThere's also law enforcement hi-tailing it straight towards you from the rear. They know what you have just done. You \n\n[[Keep your vehicle motionless to avoid hitting the geese.]]\n[[Swerve around the geese.]]\n[[Accelerate through the gaggle of geese.]] \n\n\n\n\n
You dodge every type of security possible: clearance, the cops of course, even the courtesy bag checkers. \n\nThere's a young family between you and the train, and there's now bullets flying everywhere. \n\nThere's an infant in her mother's arms. The bullets are getting closer. \n\n[[Get on the train, fuck the family.]] \n\n[[Get the family out of harm's way.]]
You quickly rush into a gas station to fuel up. \n\nThe cops bumrush the place. \n\n[[I'll go hide in the bathroom.]]\n\n[[Give up. This is enough.]]
You continue riding with the family into town. \n\nYou see blue lights approaching the gas station on the corner.\n\nThey (police) spot you. \n\nHe (the driver/father) arrests you.\n\n"Where's your badge?"\n\nHe pulls it out of the baby's diaper bag. \n\nGame.\n
But where is there?\n\n[[Mexico]]\n\n[[Seattle]]
Having responsibilites contains more consequences than one would ever think of. This is one of them. \n\nYou're arrested for murder as well as grand theft auto meanwhile, PETA's getting in that ass. \n\nGame.
Why would a janitor board an airplane with his/her work attire still on? \n\nYou're easily spotted and reprimanded. \n\nGame.
You're met at the airport by several cops. \n\nThis is a stand still. \n\nGame.
The train station is unusually quiet today. Hardly any passengers or people in general around the station. \n\n"No security check points" you think to yourself. \n\nHowever, there's trouble ahead in the form of blue lights.\n\nThere's a train [[pulling away]] at the last minute.
Walking on foot may have not been the brightest idea, but you sure are a tough kid. However, getting a different car would be more ideal. \n\nWhat do you know? You see a family of 5 outside of a blue van changing a flat tire. \n\n[[Do you help?]]\n\nI'm on a mission.\n\n
Civilian Mind, Criminal Action
You accelerate through the country roads leading to the larger town. You spot more cops approaching the rear of the vehicle. Damn this oldsmobile!!\n\n[[You continue the chase.]] \n\n[[You're a law abiding citizen]]
You turn your windshield wipers on to remove the feathers and blood away from your vision. \n\nThe cop is thrown off for a bit, but not for long. \n\n[[Ditch the car.]] \n\n[[Fuck that, it's a full tank in here.]] \n\n
The number of cop cars begin to multiply as you reach the edge of the next town. What's your plan now? \n\n[[Airport]]\n\n[[Train Station]]\n\n[[Gas station]]
You introduce yourself to the family, and begin to help them in their time of chaos. The cops are still chasing you, but are unaware of your whereabouts. \n\nYou notice 2 young children and an infant present. You wouldn't dare try any funny stuff while they were here. They need their parents. \n\nThat's all they need right? [[Not even the car?]] Better yours than theirs. \n\n[[No way, I can't take this car.]]
Your pride gets the best of you, and 5 minutes later you're found dead on the ground. \n\nThe family that you took the car from is also found beside you. The father was a cop. He knew the whole time. \n\nGame.
The bribe sure got you through to coach, but if the police find you, you'll rack up another charge. \n\n"The train has a 30 minute delay because of repair," the conductor announces. \n\nFuck.\n\nThe cops find you, and arrest you. \n\nGame.
"Nice suit" you think to yourself. \n\nEverything fits perfectly...including your current assets. The money you gained from the family was perfect for your next move. \n\nYou're sitting on the plane. Safe. Seattle bound.
The cops arrest you for the murder of your own grandmother, and PETA is getting in that ass, as well.\n\nYou lose.
You're racing in the car with the radio on full blast with the cops still unaware of your whereabouts. You have to get out of here, but this car won't do for much longer. \n\nYou search every bag to grab credit cards, money, etc. You're skipping town, but how?\n\n[[Plane ----> Seattle]]\n\n[[Train ----> Mexico]]\n\nFuck it, I'm riding in this until I get [[there.]]\n\n
The entrance of the airport is crowded with taxis, pedestrians, hotel shuttles, etc. \n\nThere's [[no need]] for a disguise.\n\n[[Or is there?]]
Buying this tickey ensures your safety from the feds by getting you on the fastest, most reliable train out of here. \n\nThe conductor just announced a 30 minute delay, but states the opportunity to board a connecting ride instead. \n\nYou've escaped....for now.
You see your grandfather's double barrel shotgun, 12 guage. \n\nYour grandmother and the cats are itching closer but there is literally no where to run. You're cornered! \n\n[[Be killed by grandma and her cats.]]\n\n[[Defend yourself.]]
The conductor asks for your ticket as you approach the train. \n\nYou have no ticket. \n\n[[Buy one?]]\n\n[[Give the conductor $300 so he can shutup.]]
You've driven through the night and escaped the cops. \n\nEverything is over including the life you used to know. Even your name is different. \n\nGame.
You threaten the family with a bomb that's "attached" to your body - good acting skills. \n\nThe man exclaims that he's a police officer, and that he will find you. \n\n"Get in line" you explain. [[You take off.]]
The family gives you a ride in the car to the next town. Something is strange. Something funny looking is poking out of the infant's diaper bag. It keeps distracting you. \n\n[[Let's find out what's in Jr's bag.]] \n\n[[None of my business.]] \n
You give yourself up to the cops. \n\nJust before he arrests you, you have the opportunity to get away and get shot all at the same time. \n\n[[Do you stay?]]\n\n[[No, I won't.]]
There lies grandma. Sweet as can be. Not to mention the masses of dead cats everywhere. The place is a mess. \n\n[[Leave.]]
Steven K. Gantt
You see a janitor in his/her [[uniform]].\n\nYou see a businessman/woman with a [[suit]].
There's cops in Seattle too dude.\n\nGame.
The infant was killed by a stray bullet, while her parents suffered major internal organ damage....\n\nYet you're on the train. Happy now?\n
You shut off all of the lights in the bathroom. It's quiet in it's interior but on the outside, they're out there. \n\nYou should've thought about this before you came in. No windows, or anything. \n\nGame.
You suffer mutiple gun shot wounds as you are bracing the family out of harm's way. You save 3 lives instead of trying to save your own...\n\n"No good deed goes unpunished."
Every thing is looking up as of now. You have the finances and the wheels to easily escape this terrible situation. \n\nThe train station is up ahead, but there is trouble waiting in the form of men dressed in navy uniforms armed with guns. \n\nYou guessed it; the cops!\n\nHowever, this won't stop you. You've came this far not to go down fighting. \n\n[[Enter the train station.]]\n\n