We soon see the sunlight creeping more into the room and we reluctantly crawl out of bed and back into our skin. With our flesh back on we are exhausted, we lie back down in bed, naked and holding each other, I look into your eyes and remember what those empty sockets look like under those shades of green and gray. I smile at you and you laugh and I revel in the sounds you make. \n\nWe fall asleep in each other's arms, content with ourselves and what lies under our flesh.\n\n[img[http://i44.tinypic.com/2ziaq88.jpg]]
The pale light acts almost like an x-ray; I can see the outlines of your bones through your flesh.\n\n The thought of you lying bare before me excites me, I crave being able to [[touch|Look3]] you.
We walk through the empty streets; the twilight of the day is slowly approaching. The light ethereally brushes the pavement and the skin on your cheeks. The caress of the morning light and the lingering embrace of two bottles of wine leave your cheeks flushed pink. \n\nWe walk hand in hand down the street, stumbling back to your studio apartment in the west end of the city. I fumble with your hand as we walk, pressing my fingers tips into the knuckles of your fingers, I gently caress your fingers and feel the edges of your [[bones.|Street]]\n\n\n
Our hands begin exploring a foreign yet familiar landscape. Our hands slow and our eyes lock, my reflection self wraps our arms around us and squeezes tight, our bodies merge and dissolve into one another.\n\n There is a bright blinding light and then only darkness. I sleep deeply, taking pleasure in the darkness and the nothingness of myself.\n\n[img[http://i41.tinypic.com/14j6fee.jpg]]
I revel in the feeling of our bodies close together in the twilight of my waking moments. You laugh and shift your body closer to me, fawning over my sleepy demeanor and mumbled speech. \n\n Your hands move from caressing my face, moving down my body feeling their way across my chest and down my stomach to grip at my [[hips|Stirring]].\n\n My hands find their way down to your own and clumsily clasp them in their grip. I bring out hands up to my face and kiss your [[fingertips|Words]].
You lie down in bed not saying a word and proceed to get under the covers. I do the same with my back to you, listening to the sound of you breathing and the gaping silence that grows between us. After what feels like an hour I finally fall asleep, you still awake turn to look at me as you notice the [[deepening|Alone]] in my breathing.
Your naked skeleton stands before me and I gaze lovingly into the empty holes that are your eyes sockets. You move your now fleshless hands across your bones, enjoying the feeling of the freedom from your skin. Your bones are stark white in the moonlight and you have never looked more [[beautiful|Look7]].
You notice me longingly staring at you when you begin to playfully jab at my soft flesh with your finger bones. You stop and cup my face slightly, tilting your head in admiration.\n\nYou lay me down on the bed and bite hard into my stomach opening up the flesh. You begin slowly peeling back my skin from my pelvis, teasing me with how slowly and deliberately you remove the flesh. I can feel the bones of your fingers under my skin and the ache in my bones only grows more [[urgent|Look8]].
I spin you around; your back to me I kiss my way down your spinal column, supplanting one final deep kiss on your tailbone and stand back up. I move my hands from your hips up to your chest, caressing your chest and tracing my fingers along you collar bones I bring my hands to the middle of your chest and feel the hardness of your sternum under my fingertips. The feeling of your breastplate under my fingers makes my bones ache and I press my fingers deep into your chest. My fingers work their way through the flesh and the meat of your chest until I feel the rough feeling of your sternum. I frantically begin pulling the flesh apart at the seam I created in your chest, wanting so desperately to see your bones and to feel them next to [[mine|Look5]]. \n
I pull the flesh open wide across your chest, a long tear growing from your chest to your throat and down to your pelvis. Slowly pulling the flesh at your throat apart, I begin working your skin off your shoulders and down your arms and torso. I playfully [[nip|Teeth]] at your shoulder blades as I am sliding the flesh off of you, you moan and hiss at the feeling of my teeth on your bones, bruising your marrow. Working your skin down your body I help you as you step out of your legs and pull your finger bones from out of your fingers. Your body bare for nothing but your skeleton I move up to your face and peel the flesh from your jaw and up around your skull, pulling your hair to get the last of your flesh [[off|Look6]]. \n
I roll on top of you, kissing the small part of your jaw line that connects to your skull. I pull your shirt over your head, my fingers brushing against your ribs and shoulder blades, bringing goose bumps to your flesh. I slowly creep down you; planting my feet on the floor I grab hold of the waistband of your jeans and swiftly pull them down your legs, the denim leaving a slight rash on your thighs. I stand up, your jeans falling through my fingers onto the [[floor|Look3]].\n
Looking down at you as the light from the sunrise creeps in through your windows and shines down on your body splayed out on the bed. I look and see the lines of your ribcage poking through your flesh and I trace my eyes down your body to where the nubs of your hip bones reach up to [[greet me|Hollows]]. My hands move down to meet them grabbing tight to your hips and revelling in the way the contours of your pelvis feel colliding with the bones in my fingers, you sigh at my touch.\n\nRoughly grabbing your hips I pull you up so you are standing in front of me, you kiss my collarbone as you begin to take off my shirt and unzip my pants, with some slight assistance they fall to the ground. I pull our naked bodies close, our hands running over each other's flesh, fingertips franticly finding all the divots and soft spots in between [[bones|Look4]].
I am tired and words are tumbling from my mouth without sense, rhyme or reason. I struggle as my conscious fades, I make out the words:\n\n[[Please, I just want to be close to you|Hold]]\n[[Not now, I am so tired|NotTonight]]
I think about the dull sharpness of your fingertips and the way they trail down my spine in the darkness of your apartment. My cheeks start flushing with blood and soon match the wine-kissed shade of pink on your cheeks at the thought of you close next to me. My cheeks get even redder when I realize that you have noticed the colour change in my flesh. I smile sheepishly, embarrassed about my own excitement.\n\n You look into my eyes and you match my smile with a cheeky grin, squeezing my hand tight as we continue walking back to your [[apartment|Nothing]].
I smile at the lilts in your voice and your flustered embarrassment at the stumbling and slurring of your words, content in the foreign sounds that you are making. I listen contently to you until we reach your front door when you fall silent. I begin making the sounds of a half-hearted protest as I should begin finding my way home.\n\n You look back to me with a smile and your eyes are found with that familiar playful pleading look. You grab my hand and pull me in. I follow you into your apartment, and shut the door [[behind|Bedroom]] us.
I press you close to me and enjoy the feeling of your body next to mine, revelling in the satisfaction of being close to you.\n\n I fall asleep, contently dreaming of you next to me, telling me stories of your day.\n\n[img[http://i44.tinypic.com/2zxsaon.jpg]]
You work the flesh from my chest and peel it off around me until my torso is free. Pull of the sleeves of flesh off my arms as you slowly work the flesh down my legs and off of my feet. You come back up to face me and your fingers work their way into my mouth pulling it into a wide grin that splits my cheeks, you pull off the flesh off of my face and gently peel it back around the back of my head and off of my skull. \n\nOur skin lies in hollow husks on the floor next to our clothing as you and your bones writhe on top of me on the bed.\n\nMy hands [[reach|Collision]] up to [[you.|Insert]]
My hands move up into your ribcage to tickle your spine. I move my fingers in and out through your vertebrae and your bones shake at the feeling of me fingering your spinal cord. You brush the side of your skull against mine and press your bones closer to mine. I trace along the insides of your ribcage, my hands deep within the hollow of you. I move my hands up to caress the underside of your [[shoulder blades|Insert2]].
I open my eyes and turn my head sideways to look at you; I see you lying next to me matching my gaze, smiling at me, I smile back. I reach out to trace the bridge of your nose and you take my hand, bringing it to your mouth you lightly drag your teeth against the pad of my thumb. Letting my thumb and fingers come to rest on your chin you smile at me, a coy grin showing the slightest amount of [[teeth|Look2]].\n\n
You move your fingers down my spine and begin tracing them into the pits and crevices of my pelvis, circling your fingers through the holes in my solid bone; I press my pelvis closer to you, wanting to feel your hands deeper inside me. \n\nWith our other hands we are gently running out finger bones up and down one another's spinal columns, the clicking of the rapid movement of our fingers on the vertebrae fill the air. I pull back to look into the deep void of your [[eye sockets.|Bones]]
"Not tonight," I manage to stammer out, "In the morning, please, can we then..." \n\n You laugh at me and curl yourself around me, nodding in agreement. I press myself close into you, falling asleep and anticipating the morning to come.\n\n[img[http://i43.tinypic.com/213pt7a.jpg]]
I move my hands down to your throat and enclose my fingers around the vertebrae extending up from your shoulders. I slowly apply more pressure, letting you feel my bones crushing into [[yours|Neck]].
The feeling of my teeth scraping your bones is exhilarating. Of being so close to your bare bones, such intimate contact. I can barely contain [[myself|Look5]].
You let out an exasperated sigh and you begin to pull off the skin from your hands. Your finger bones free of flesh you admire their pallid tone. You begin tracing your bones down your body, slowing to draw circles around your nipples and to trace out the hollows of your hips. You hands converge in the center of your pelvis and you begin working your bones into your flesh, folding back the ridges of skin and moving deeper past the muscle and sinew, your bones soaking with blood and [[visceral drippings|Probe]].
At the water's edge of dream I see a reflection of myself. I move closer to examine my reflection, reaching out to touch the face of my reflection and it reaches for me too.\n\n It pulls my face towards it's and kisses me full on the mouth. I am perplexed by the feeling of my own lips on mine but have little time to think as it pulls me close, our identical bodies pressed tightly against one [[another|Reflection]].
The feeling of you grabbing at my hips stirs me from sleep and stirs my desire. I feel a sense of wanting overcome me.\n\n[[Groggily...|Look]]
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Your fingers probe deeper until bone meets bone, you begin caressing the divots and hollows of your pelvis, you hold back all noise save for the sounds of your hands moving deeper inside you, you quickly probe out the divots and holes of your pelvis that you know best to bring you to the edge. You circle yourself and push yourself deeper, your hands moving faster until you lose yourself in the sheer nothingness of bliss, you let out a sigh of relief and roll over.\n\nToo tired to put the skin back on your hands you fall asleep, staining the bed sheets with blood and the evidence of your solitary bliss. You sleep restlessly, your bones aching only a little less tonight.\n\n[img[http://i39.tinypic.com/14v30gj.jpg]]
Running my fingers onto your spine I follow it all the way down to your pelvis, I begin tracing out the hollows of your midpoint and circling its holes. You lean in closer to me and grab hold of my pelvis. I cradle your skull in my hands and bring it next to mine as I continue to trace the contours of your pelvis with my finger bones, occasionally stopping to explore the holes and divots within. \n\nYou run your hands all over my bones, frantically grabbing at me as I caress you. We move closer together as our ribs begin to [[entangle.|Bones]]
My hands move up into your ribcage to tickle your spine. I move my fingers in and out through your vertebrae and your bones shake at the feeling of me fingering your spinal cord. Your shaking body entraps my finger in your spine and my distal phalanx is trapped in between your vertebrae and breaks off. It falls out and rattles through your rib cage before falling onto the bed.\n\nI give a half hearted shrug as you lower your head and look away from me. I take your face in my hand and turn it back to me and run the bones of my fingers along your mandible. I run my fingers up and around your skull and [[down|Throat]] onto your [[spine.|Back]]
Your bones feel small and frail under my touch and your hands begin to tremble, I resign my [[exploration|Hands]] and resign to limply holding your hands. You look at me a smile and under the pale morning light your cheekbones cut hard against your flesh, I smile back, admiring the lines of your face. We walk languidly down the quiet city streets, the pressing morning no threat to us. You talk to me about the happenings of your week and of your friends and in my hazy stupor I take in [[nothing.|Nothing]] \n\n
My eyes closed, darkness fills my visual field. I listen to nothing but the sound of your breathing and find my consciousness slip away from me. You begin playfully nipping at my jaw line, I shift slightly in my sleep, dream has begun to take me and I feel the beckoning of a lover's embrace pulling tightly on my [[subconscious|Dream]]. \n\n I stir for a moment, fleeting consciousness grips me and I stumble at words for you, mumbling out dream nonsense I pull you close to me, your [[body|Body]] close next to mine.\n\n
You move suddenly and my hand clasps tighter, I dislocate one of the vertebrae in your neck, you back away from me as you frantically correct the dislocated vertebrae. You sit on the bed pulling your knees up to your breastplate; you sit there for a moment before shaking your head and then moving towards your pile of flesh on the floor. You pull on your face and mouth out the words, "Put your skin back on". You begin pulling your skin back onto your bones, slowly as your bones begin creaking. In my shame I hastily pull my skin back and sit down on the bed with my [[back to you|Shame]].
Following you up the stairs to your apartment I grip your hips, holding on to you as we ascend. At the top of the stairs we pause, turning around you grab my hands from your hips and begin playfully pulling me to your bed. On the way to your bed you trip over clothing left on the floor and emit a sound that sounds much like a giggle. \n\n Falling back onto your bed I collapse on top of you, feeling your hips jutting into my stomach I roll off and lie down on my back next to you. I close my eyes and lie silently on your bed. You emit a small sigh and shift your body.\n\n[[Open my eyes.|Look]]\n[[Eyes closed, listen to the sound of your breathing.|Sleep]]
We move as close as we possibly can. Our ribs match up perfect and move into one another. We graze our pelvises together as our hands entwined lose all meaning and become a tangle of phalanxes. Our legs rubbing up against each other, our toes caressing the crevices in between our tibias and fibulas, our femurs jutting and scraping against each other. \n\nI rub my skull against yours, only pulling back to stare into your eyes sockets and in that moment I lose myself. I am a perfect being of spiralling nothingness as I writhe against you, I feel the quickening of your movements match mine and we move in beautiful tandem of bones, the sounds of us clashing fill the room and a fine dust begins falling from the points where we are connected. As quickly as it started it is now over and I am left with a sense of overwhelming satisfaction, I relax my bones and begin untangling my hands and legs from yours and your body loosens too. We lay close, our hands in each other's chests, silently and still for what seems like an [[eternity.|End]]