Rocky has made up his mind.\n\n"//I'll// die if I go down there. It's you or me. I choose me! I choose to keep on living!"\n\n[["Don't make me fight you on this, Rocky."|Do you really need each other?]]
<<set $rockyfrustration = 0>>\nThe rocket is named Rocky.\n\nUgh.\n\n[["Rocky, can we leave now? Please?"|Rocky is being a dick]]
You head to the storage compartment.\n\nWhere the tools are kept.\n\nWhere you'll get what you need to control the rocket manually.\n\nRocky can use the station intercom, apparently. "What are you doing? You're not planning to force me, are you?"\n\n[["Rocky, I don't want to die."|Can you really do it yourself?]]
You're aboard Cassandra III, an orbital observation platform. Water supplies will run out in four hours. It's long past time to leave for Earth.\n\n[[Head to the docking port|At the Docking Port]]
"You don't the the first thing about piloting!" Rocky sounds scared.\n\n"Or orbital mechanics! Or reentry procedures! Or anything!" If sentient rocket ships could breath heavily and sweat, he'd be doing it now. As it was, he could only talk in a terrified, shaky voice.
I'm Stuck with Cassandra Forever
Echo Nolan
"NO."\n\n[img[pout.jpg]]\n\nTake a deep breath. Not much time left. You need him to get out of here.\n\n[["But Rocky..."|Rocky is being a dick]]\n\n<<set $rockyfrustration = $rockyfrustration + 1>>
<<if $rockyfrustration lte 2>>\n"I'M STAYING. EARTH SUCKS. I HATE MY PARENTS."\n\n[["Open the door. Now."|Still being a dick]]\n\n[["Haven't we been over this? I'll die if you don't take me back."|The engineers didn't plan for this]]\n\n<<else>>\n"THAT'S IT! YOU HAVE PUSHED ME TOO FAR."\n\n"WE'RE GOING UP NOW!"\n<<endif>>