That was a bad decision. You see an enemy Bloodseeker rushing toward your position. \n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>\n"Oh crap" you realize. "I am not the only person on our team lower than 50% health"\nYou check his movement speed \n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>.\n\nDo you use [[Frostbite|frost]]<html><IMG SRC=""></html> or [[Crystal Nova|nova]]<html><IMG SRC=""></html>?
Your hold was the best decision however this Bloodseeker is very keen on diving you. He is determined to get this kill\n<html><a href="">The Movement speed!!!!!</a></html>\nYou die eventually...
Your slow only temporarly stops the Bloodseeker. He is still raging after you and eventually you die at the hands of the 6.79 Bloodseeker\n<html><IMG SRC=""></html>
You are just a lone Crystal Maiden sitting on bottom lane trying to get desperate farm so you can buy Wards to shut up your teammates' cries of "We Need Wards" "We Need Wards" "We Need Wards". Your health drops below 50%, you don't think much about it. \n<html><IMG SRC=""></html> \n\nDo you drink your healing salve <html><IMG SRC=""></html> [[yes|yes]] or [[no|no]]?
Bloodseeker 6.79
Dylan Boekenoogen
"Better to be safe than sorry" you think. \nYour health slowly goes back to full. \nYou finally buy wards<html><IMG SRC=""></html> to shut your teammates up. They of course are unthankfull for your contribution to the game. \nYou continue the game... safe... and sound...\n<html><a href="">Radiant Victory!!!!</a></html>