<<if $grabbed_lockpick eq "yes">>\nYou pull out your phone and decide for some reason that watching a video of Fallout 3 lockpicking will help you. \nWhy? No one will ever know... But somehow you manage to pick the lock. Voila! \n\nYour dad walks by as if nothing happened. Could he be a... nahhhh. No way.\n\n[[You Made it Out! Play again?|Start]]\n\n<<else>>\nDrat! still locked, maybe there's something [[<<in another area|Hallway]]\n<<endif>>
You tear out drawer after drawer of your bedside table, hoping to find something.\n\n"What is that? Your sister asks."\n\nA glimmer of hope perhaps...?\n\n[img[http://2.bp.blogspot.com/_Vs1uvLo8-5w/S6Avnrh5KvI/AAAAAAAABBY/JSVZT06J1ow/s1600/paper.jpg]]\n\nYES! It's a paper clip. You're saved!\n<<set $grabbed_lockpick = "yes">>\n[[Grab Lockpick and get to the door|Open Door]]
You plunder through item after item in your closet, eventually revealing the wrapping paper used as a "Santa Gift" for your sister.\n\n"What is that?" Your sister asks.\n\nYour sister bolts out of your room, down the stairs, and bashes the door open, crying to her mom and dad telling them Santa isn't real. \n\n...Do you feel like a good sibling now?\n\n[[Restart Game|Start]]
Panicked, you wonder if you can break the door down. \nBut maybe you can just try to open the door. \nYou know what? There might be something under the pool table.\nThere's no way it can be that simple though, clearly the house is haunted. There's no other explanation! \nMaybe you need to find some sort of lockpick.\nWhat will you do???\n<<choice "Break Door Down" "Break down the door">>\n<<choice "Open Door" "Try to open the door">>\n<<choice "Search Room" "See if there's something useful in your room">>\n<<choice "Look Under Pool Table" "Check if there's something under the pool table">>
<<if $visited eq "yes">>\nYou must really like this cat. There's still no of lockpick over here...\n\n[[Back to Hallway|Hallway]]\n\n<<else if $visited eq "no">>\nHoping you'll get it the first time, you look under the table, only to find your obese cat laying flat on her back. Certainly not in this room.\n\nMaybe there's [[something in your room|Search Room]]. Hell, maybe you can even [[bust the door open with your Herculian strength|Break Door Down]]. Might be easier to just [[return to the hallway|Hallway]] and ponder what to do next.\n<<set $visited="yes">>\n\n<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $grabbed_lockpick = "no">>\n<<set $visited = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\n\nYou and your sister are playing video games up in the attic. \nAll of a sudden, a faint creak is heard as the attic door shuts closed. You [[go to the hallway|Hallway]] to ponder a way to survive this treachourous place.
Escape Aid
Dillon Eversman
CRASH! The door is taken off its hinges as you and your sister are set free from deathly grasp of your haunted attic. \n\nYour mother screams at the top of her voice "WHAT IN THE HELL DID YOU DO???"\n\nGood job, now you can't buy that PS Vita you wanted and your mother cursed in front of your 6 year old sister. Merry Christmas!\n\n[[Restart Game|Start]]
You frantically run to your room with your sister. Conveniently, your room is up there in the attic. \n\nYour parents always liked your sister a little more... \n\n"Maybe there's a [[hairpin in my closet|Closet]]. \nThen again, I'm a guy and don't use hairpins, but maybe my sister left [[on the bedside table when she used my laptop|Bedside Table]]." \n\n[[<<Back to hallway|Hallway]]