You open to the closet to find what would appear to be a universal container before you. The kind of container perfectly suited to holding pocket universes. It is shaped like a frog. \n\n[img[]]\n\nDo you take the universal container?\n<<choice "Take the frog">>\n<<choice "This is stupid">>\n\n
The frog stares at you blankly at your refusal to take it. \n\nCroak.\n\nThe closet is empty apart from the frog by the way. You should probably [[take it|Take the frog]].
<<set $have_frog = 0>>\nYou wake up in a test chamber - a room that is designed for the explicit testing of things such various scientific devices and storytelling mechanics. \n\nWhat will you do?\n\n[[Ponder Test Chamber]]
Your vigorous pondering fills the room with curiosity. \n\nDespite the authors deepest insistences, the above phrase sounds less than innocuous and innocent. \n\nYou examine the blank and white room before you. Vaguely resembling an asylum room but without padding. Just blank and empty. \n\n\nYou see a closet near the window. \n\n<<if $have_frog eq 0>>\n[[ You choose to inspect the closet|Closet]]\n<<else>>\nBut you have already taken the frog! The closet is now of course empty. You [[ponder deeply into the frog.|Universe Unfufilled]]\n<<endif>>\n
You peer into the frog when you suddenly realize that you've accomplished all the objectives you need to do in this assignment.\n\nYou will never understand what the author's fascination with universe following frogs is. Oh well. \n\n\nGAME OVER
Dhruv Karunakaran
Your take the frog. The frog croaks mysteriously, indicating you have the Genesis frog, container of another universe.\n\n<<if visited("This is stupid")>> The frog croaks again murmuring that it was displeased at your initial rejection and that you should follow the story better. <<endif>>\n\n[[You're being needlessly dramatic|Ponder Test Chamber]]\n\n<<set $have_frog = 1>>