Dad is bowling strikes and is on his way to perfect game. \n\nMalcolm bowls a strike and impresses Beth. \n\nReese throws a ball at Malcolm but hits someone else, who chases after Reese. \n\nMalcolm loves bowling. \n\n[[Meanwhile at home |Dewey and Dad]]\n\n[[More lanes with dad p2]]
Malcolm and Beth hit it off. \n\nReese still hides from the large man he threw a ball at. \n\nMalcolm and Beth head to behind the pit area to make out. \n\nMalcolm's jacket gets caught in the pin slot machine and ruins Dad's perfect score. \n\nReese gets caught hiding by the large man. \n\nThey return home. \n\n[[Ending]]
Dewey cries but mom is not fooled by act. \n\nMom comes to inspect Dewey. Mom let's Dewey watch tv but only watches but makes him watch CSPAN. \n\nMom wonders who won that power struggle. \n\nAs the boys come home mom puts a sleeping Dewey back to sleep. \n\n[[Ending]]
Mom puts Dewey to bed.\n\nMom striclty enforces Dewey's bedtime.\n\nShe gets a call from son at military college about getting a car but she says she can't afford it. Son angrily hangs up. \n\n[[Back to boys|At the lanes with dad]]
Their dad drives them, applauding them and giving them tips to score points with the other girls at the date. \n\nHe gets lost and winds up getting there a bit later. \n\nHe pays for two pairs of shoes since he stole money from mom's wallet.\n\n\n[[Meanwhile at home|At home with mom]]\n[[At the lanes with dad]]
Their mom drives them to the bowling alley, properly chastising them and ordering them to keep good behavior. \n\nShe arrives promptly at the bowling alley with the two boys. \n\nShe arrives and finds some of her money missing. Buys 1 pair of shoes for both the boys. Chaper\n\n\n\n\n\n[[Meanwhile at home|At home with dad]]\n[[At the lanes with mom]]
Dad puts Dewey to bed with an addendum of why the parents are being strict with Dewey.\n\nDad gets a phone from son about money for car. Refuses more aggressively. \n\n[[To the Boys and mom|At the lanes with mom]]
Malcolm and Reese are going bowling. They have the option of being driven by their dad or their mom. \n\nAre they [[driven to bowling by their mom?|Driving with mom]]\n\nOr [[driven to bowling by their dad?|Driving with dad]]
Dad hears Dewey crying and agrees to read him a story. \n\nDad promptly falls asleep while reading. \n\nDewey orders a pizza while his dad is asleep. \n\nDewey puts his dad back into place while he sneaks off to bed after pizza. \n\n[[Ending]]
Mom is furious that there is no adults and chaperones. \n\nShe enforces no swear rule.\n\nMalcolm throws gutterballs. Embarassed by mom's cheering. \n\nReese get's joke interrupted. \n\n[[More lanes with mom p1]]
Malocolm is given a ball with Connie and fumbles it immensely. \n\nMalcolm still keeps bowling gutter balls with the Connie ball. \n\nReese keeps getting joke interrupted. \n\nMalcolm hates Bowling. \n\n[[Meanwhile at home|Dewey and Mom]]\n\n[[More lanes with mom p2]]
Malcolm in the Middle
Dhruv Karunakaran
"Next time you take them"
Reese decides against telling joke. \n\nMalcolm unsuccesfully stands up to mom. Goes on to the lane and completely misses a strike.\n\nBeth rejects Reese. \n\nBeth and Malcolm make out before mom splits them apart. \n\n[[Ending]]\n\n
Dad leaves them with their friends and bowls in a separate alley. \n\nReese takes the initiative by elbowing Malcolm in the stomach and talks to Beth.\n\nReese spits his drink out at Beth in a weird joke. Beth is furious.\n\n[[More lanes with dad p1]]\n\t\n\n