Jack had to pick up the items from the drop to keep in the village. No one must know what the contents are, lest the enemy discover them. \n\n[[Next|Jack Fell Down (1)]]
As she shouted in Russian, Jack sneakily went into the hidden passage of the well that opened up into a spot behind the well. Not a moment to spare. \n\nAs he came out, he saw her looking into the well. \n\n[[Next|And Jill Came Tumbling After (1)]]
When Jack reached the bottom, he felt a sharp pain in his leg. "Jill, Help me!" he cried up to her. \n\n"If only someone could."\n\n[[Next|And Jill Came Tumbling After (2)]]
Jill brought a potion to his lips, and Jack was back on his feet. Seeing that his earlier attempt had failed, Jack crushed the crown stone he'd bought earlier. This action increased his physical power. \n\n[[Next|And Jill Came Tumbling After (3)]]
With a quick hold he knocked her out and tied her up. Yet another agent captured. \n\nAs he opened up the drop box, his cheerfulness turned to light annoyance at his orders to dispatch the enemy spy. \n\n"Thanks for the warning."\n\n[[Back|Start]]\n\n
She smiled at him and gestured at him to follow her. The two of them were tasked to go to the well and fetch some water. \n\n[[Next|Jack Fell Down (2)]]
In front of the well was a large demonoid type monster guarding the precious spring. \n\nJack's first attempt an attack left him knocked to the ground by the demon's mighty swings. \n\n[[Next|And Broke His Crown (3)]]
She tossed the covered bucket down to Jack. When Jack opened it, the hungry rats inside crawled over him and began to devour him. \n\nAs the screams from the bottom slowly faded into the distanced, Jill walked with a smile on her face. The demon of the well had claimed another victim. \n\n[[Back|Start]]
The two of them walked to the well. As Jack peered over the well to grab the rope, Jill walked up next to him with a large smile. Jack's blush vanished as he fell straight into the well.\n\n[[Next|And Broke His Crown (2)]]
Choose your story type:\n\n\n[[Espionage|Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill (1)]]\n\n[[Thriller|Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill (2)]]\n\n[[Fantasy|Jack and Jill Went Up The Hill (3)]]
Jack and Jill walked up the hill to the well. \n\n\n[[Next |To Fetch a Pail of Water (1)]]
As the two of them reached the top, Jack pretended to trip and fell into the well. \n\n\n[[Next|And Broke His Crown (1)]]
Jack and Jill Genretype
Jack and Jill went up the hill.\n\nThe road ahead is filled with monsters so it will be dangerous trip.\n\n[[Next|To Fetch A Pail of Water (3)]]
Dhruv Karunakaran\n
The two of them have set out to find a spring of magical water to bring back and sell to the mercantile guild.\n\nThis quest of their's ideally will take around a couple of hours.\n\n[[Next|Jack Fell Down (3)]]
Jack slowly watched her with curiosity as the two of them head up the hill. She'd just come to the village recently, but was already a part of the clan. \n\n[[Next|To Fetch a Pail of Water (2)]]
The two of them charged again at the beast, this time with Jill and her heavy shield at the front. In not time the beast was slain.\n\nJack hence learned to let the stronger, defensive partner attack first. \n\nAnd so this quest was a success on two fronts, both in wealth and experience.\n\n[[Back|Start]]\n\n