\n\nThere are two people in this cottage room. One of them is blue skinned and yellow bearded with a long victorian coat. The other is eerily pale in a white dress speckled with paint and blood. The two are pointing a gun at each other. You're not quite sure what to do as the two have stopped talking. You hold a dime in your hand. \n\nYou could decide to [[Intercede between them]].\n\nOr you could explore [[the room to the side |Side Room]].\n\n<<if $have_gun eq 1>>\n\nNow that you have the gun you could make a choice.\n\n<<choice "Shoot the woman">>\n<<choice "Shoot the man">>\n\nYou notice though that there is no escape from the room yet. \n<<endif>>\n\n\n\n
The side room is almost empty apart from a gun resting on a table before you. Two portraits hang above the table. One of them features a white notebook with paint oozing out of it into the frame. The other features a blue clock with yellow markings. For some reason the clock paint is still wet, though the rest of the painting has started to flake off. \n\n<<choice "You take the gun" >> \n\nAfter pondering the paintings you [[return back to the other room. |The Room]]
The man shudders with the bullet impact and wiggles from side to side until he falls over. The woman takes him and lifts him on the plinth. From her hands paint oozes until the markings on his face and skin color are a conflagaration of color. The rest of his coat and suit soak up the remaining paint until completely soggy. Red blood begins to inch its way down the side of the plinth. The woman's smile as she turn holds you in place.\n\n"Tis a pity that he will never be creative again."
You pick up the cold revolver in your hands. \n\n<<set $have_gun = 1 >>\n\nBack to the [[side room|Side Room]].
A furtive look at the woman and her response is all you need. Your hand carries the sound of thunder as two shots echo from two guns. With that, the man is dead. \n\nYou and her walk back into the chapel as colors begin to spew and ooze into the pews and beyond, restaining the multicolored windows that once beckoned the uninitiated. \n\nPerhaps the unbridled creativity has proven to surpass time itself.
You force a glance at both of them and withdraw your guns. For some reason, they permit you to leave.\n\nAs you walk through the doors two shots ring as the two balcony doors close behind you. You walk outside the Church just in time for the section of the cliff it rested upon crumbles into the gorge below. All that remains now is the barren land you stand on and the gorge beyond that. Even the traces of the church are gone, flooded in the river below. \n\nPerhaps some peace and quiet will emerge at the expense of humanity.
The woman doesn't crumble as the sound echoes through the room but just falls flat on her back. The man lifts her onto the plinth in the side room and motions with his hands towards her. Faster than you can process, the woman crumbles till her skeleton is left, then crumbles till all that remains is the pale dress. He turns to you with a large grin on his face. \n\n"EVENTUALLY EVERYONE RUNS OUT OF TIME."
<<set $have_gun = 0>>\n\nYou walk into a cottage with a single room. As you enter, the doors slam shut behind you. you cannot leave now. \n\nYou [[survey the room|The Room]]\n\n
As you step forward, they turn their smiles to you. Perhaps that worked.\n\nThis thought is bled dry by the two knives that are now embedded in your side. \n\n"If you can't express yourself then how can you be creative?" chirps the woman. \n\n"If you can't make a decision even with a dime , then you obviously will run out of time!" bellows the man. \n\nYou bleed to death on the floor with utter confusion being your last thoughts.
A Confusing Showdown
Dhruv Karunakaran
A furtive look at the man and his response is all you need. Your hand carries the sound of thunder as two shots echo from two guns. With that, the woman is dead. \n\nHe walks ahead of you of course. Leaning his hands against the balcony, he grins as the very stone before him crack, as the wood that seated people crumbles into dust, and as the front of the church collapses upon itself. \n\nDespite the ever pervading madness that is humanity, even all things must end.