The dream of one young man, right on the cusp of his making the [[Transition]]I am a [[soldier of fortune|Trouble]] in ancient China.I'm being chased through the countryside, through a forest, by soldiers of the Chinese army, the Chinese emperor's men. We're all dressed in some kind of scale armor, with bows and arrows and probably swords. I'm running through the woods, and I see a hole in the ground, the entrance of a cave, so I rush into it to hide. Once inside, I see that it is a long [[tunnel|Tunnel]].At the end of the tunnel, I see in the far distance a pale blue light streaming down from above, from what is probably an opening in the rock. As I get closer, I see that the light is falling into a chamber, an underground chamber, and that in the chamber is a very green garden. And standing in the middle of the garden is the Chinese emperor himself in his elaborate red and gold robes. [[Leave the chamber]] [[Stay]]from boyhood to manhood, illustrates this moment of the Hero's death and shows what form, eventually, his new masculine maturity might take. It shows the coming on line of the King energy - not to be fully realized for years to come. Here's the [[Dream]]I've been creating a lot of trouble, hurting a lot of people, disturbing the order of the empire for my own profit and benefit. I'm a kind of [[outlaw|Chased]], a kind of mercenary.There is nothing to do but to kneel before him, to submit to him. I feel great humility, as though a phase of my life is over. He looks down at me with a fatherly compassion. He's not angry with me at all. I feel from him that he has seen it all, that he has lived it all, all the adventures of life-poverty, wealth, women, wars, palace intrigues, betrayals and being betrayed, suffering and joy, everything in human life. It is out of this seasoned, very ancient, very experienced wisdom that he now treats me with [[compassion|Compassion]].He says very gently, "You have to die. You will be executed in three hours." [[Die]]There is nowhere for me to go. The army is closing on me from behind. I am forced into the presence of the [[emperor|Submit]] himself.There is nowhere for me to go. The army is closing on me from behind. I am forced into the presence of the [[emperor|Submit]] himself.I know that he is right. There is a [[bond|Bond]] between us.It's as though he's been in exactly my position before; he knows about these things. With a great feeling of peace, and even happiness, I submit to my [[Fate]].In this dream we see the heroic Boy Ego of the soldier of fortune finally meeting his limits, meeting his necessary fate, in the presence of the King. What happens to the boy is that he comes into right relationship with the primal [[King within]].This excerpt comes from "King, Warrior, Magician, Lover" by Moore and Gillette. This story profoundly resonated in me when I first read it, given that at the time, I just learned I was going to be a father. Yet something strong in me didn't want this transition. "No way". The babies were not planned, the mother was just a friend. I felt "pushed" and "trapped". "My life is over" was one of the first thing I said. I was completely overwhelmed. Reading this text gave me a vision and opened a tiny door that I felt was "right". It gave me strength and something to look up to. This is my future, maybe yours too. The transition is not over as I write.