You leap out of the window and fall to your death. What did you think would happen?
You reach the castle where two guards put you in shackles. A trial is quickly arranged, with the Queen as the judge. She has changed out of her disguise into a much more royal outfit.\n"You are accused of<<if $wanted_for_crimes eq "yes">> treason and attempted assassination of me, Her Royal Highness of the Kingdom of the Forest,<<else>>stealing from Erik the Sorcerer<<endif>>" she says, "How do you plead?"\n\n[[Guilty.|Death by Guillotine]]\n[[Not guilty.|Death by Starvation]]
You walk until you reach a rock wall and the entrance to a cave. It's too dark to see far inside.\n\n[[Enter the cave.|The Cave Entrance]]\n[[Turn around.|The Fork]]
The cave really is quite dark. This probably isn't a good idea. Just as you're about to leave, a small glowing Fairy flies up to you.\n"Hello!" it says, "Would you like to go deeper into the cave? I can guide you! I know the way!"\n\n[[I should probably just turn around.|Left Path]]\n[[No thanks. I think I can manage on my own.|In The Dark]]\n[[Sure!|Follow the Fairy]]
<<set $obtained_magic_weapon = "yes">>\nThe wizard takes your ruby and your <<$weapon>>. He mutters a phrase in a language you don't recognize and fuses the ruby to the hilt of the <<$weapon>>. Hooray! You now have a magic weapon!\n[[Thank Erik the wizard and leave the tower.|Leave Tower]]
You run down the stairs as fast as you can. Just as you reach the landing, the door slams shut in your face.\n\n"You are truly an inexperienced thief to steal from a wizard!" says the man, "I shall have you tried for stealing!"\n\nShackles appear around your wrists and ankles.<<if $wanted_for_crimes eq "no">> I shall have you tried for stealing!<<endif>>\n\n[[Follow the wizard to your trial.|The Trial]]
You go home and sit in front of your computer. That was a pretty short adventure, huh? At least you didn't get hurt.
Just as your put your hands on the item, you hear the man's voice.\n<<if $wanted_for_crimes eq "yes">>\n"I recognize you!" he shouts. "You're on all of the wanted posters put up by the queen! I bet I can get a nice reward for your arrest.\n[[Cooperate and allow yourself to be arrested.|The Trial]]\n[[Escape down the stairs.|Failed Escape]]\n[[Escape out the window.|Death by Falling]]\n<<else>>\n"Just what do you think you're doing?" he shouts. "Unhand my things, you common thief!"\n[[Apologize nicely.|Meet the Wizard_2]]\n[[Escape down the stairs.|Failed Escape]]\n[[Escape out the window.|Death by Falling]]\n<<endif>>
<<silently>>\n<<set $obtained_ruby = "no">>\n<<set $met_the_queen = "no">>\n<<set $wanted_for_crimes = "no">>\n<<set $obtained_weapon = "no">>\n<<set $obtained_magic_weapon = "no">>\n<<set $follow_fairy = "no">>\n<<endsilently>>\nYou are on a path in the forest.\n\n[[See where it leads.|The Fork]]\n[[Turn around and go home.|Home]]
You go down the steps and exit the tower. You look around, but it doesn't seem like there are any paths besides the one you took earlier.\n[[Head back to the fork in the road.|The Fork]]
You enter the tower. There is a spiral staircase that goes up.\n\n[[Go up the stairs.|The Observatory]]\n[[You're afraid of stairs. Turn around.|Right Path]]
<<set $wanted_for_crimes = "yes">>\n"This is unacceptable!" she shouts at you.\n\n[[Apologize profusely.|The Queen's Decision]]\n[[Run back the way you came.|The Fork]]\n[[Run down the path.|Continuing on the Right Path]]
"How dare you insult me, Her Royal Highness of the Kingdom of the Forest!" she shouts, "I command you to accompany me back to my castle where you will be tried for treason and attempted assassination!"\n\n[[Follow her to the castle for your trial.|The Trial]]\n[[Run back to the fork in the road.|The Fork]]\n[[Run down the path.|Continuing on the Right Path]]
You produce the ruby and show it to the wizard.\n"Ah, yes," he says, "I have heard of this gem. It can be used to create a powerful magical weapon. Do you have a weapon in which you'd like to set this ruby?"\n<<if $obtained_weapon eq "yes">>\n[[Yes, I have my <<$weapon>>.|Create Magic Weapon]]\n[[No, I'd like to keep it the way it is.|Leave Tower]]\n<<endif>>\n[[No. I should go look for one.|Leave Tower]]
You reach the top of the tower and enter an observatory. The room has a desk, a fireplace with a cauldron in it, and a telescope by the window. There are books everywhere. An old man sits at the desk reading. He is so absorbed in whatever he's doing that he doesn't even notice your presence.\n\n[[He seems busy. Turn around.|Right Path]]\n[[Introduce yourself.|The Wizard]]\n[[Steal his stuff while he's not looking.|Thief]]
<<set $met_the_queen = "yes">>\nThe woman's hood falls to reveal her face. She is the queen of the kingdom! She is known for her quick temper. What was she doing in disguise? More importanly, why did you kick her?\n\n[[Reflect on your decision-making skills.|The Queen's Wrath]]
You reach a fork in the road. There is one path on the right and another on the left.\n\n[[Take the path on the left.|Left Path]]\n[[Take the path on the right.|Right Path]]\n[[Turn around and go home.|Home]]
Forest Kingdom
Dakota Hommes
<<set $follow_fairy = "yes">>\nThe Fairy's purple glow lights up the cave more than you expected it to. You can see clearly. As you follow the Fairy, you pass a small tunnel in the wall. You ask the fairy about it.\n"Oh no," she says gravely, "We never go down there. Just follow me."\n\n[[Keep following the Fairy.|The Beast]]\n[[This is making me nervous. I should leave.|Left Path]]\n[[Try the tunnel anyway.|The Tunnel]]
"Um, I'm sorry, but I don't possess that ability," says Erik. "Even if I did, I don't think I would bestow it upon you. Is there anything more reasonable you have in mind?"\n\n<<if $obtained_ruby eq "yes">>\n[[Ask about the ruby's magical properties.|The Wizard Examines the Ruby]]\n<<endif>>\n[[There is nothing you desire other than flame eyes. Head back in defeat.|Right Path]]
You leap up and punch the troll square in the nose, driving the bone into its brain. You successfully killed the troll.\nOf course, now you're a murderer.\nAt least you get to claim your prize. In the corner of the room is a chest that contains an axe, a sword, and a flail.\n\n[[Choose a weapon.|Choose a Weapon]]
<<set $obtained_weapon = "yes">>\nThere are three weapons before you. You can only carry one. Which would you like?\n\n[[Take the axe and leave.|Left Path][$weapon = "axe"]]\n[[Take the sword and leave.|Left Path][$weapon = "sword"]]\n[[Take the flail and leave.|Left Path][$weapon = "flail"]]
<<if $met_the_queen eq "no">>You walk along the path until you come across an old woman. She wears a hood that hides her face. She is hunched over and walking slowly. She does not seem to notice you.\n\n[[Ask her if she needs help.|The Gift]]\n[[Ignore her and keep walking.|Continuing on the Right Path]]\n[[Kick her.|The Reveal]] \n<<else>> The trees are beautiful and the sun is shining. Nothing has changed since the last time you were here.\n\n[[Go back to the fork in the road.|The Fork]]\n[[Keep following this path.|Continuing on the Right Path]]\n<<endif>>
"Liar!" shouts the Queen, "I find you guilty of said crimes. As punishment for your crimes, as well as lying to me, Her Royal Highness of the Kingdom of the Forest, I hereby sentence you to death by starvation."\nThe guards place you in a cell where you are given water, but not food. You die slowly and painfully.\nAt least you met the Queen.
You keep walking forward even though you can't see anything. You feel your way along the wall and stumble a few times.\n\n[[Keep going forward.|The Beast]]\n[[Turn around and leave the cave.|Left Path]]
You keep walking on the path until you reach a tower. It looks like there is some kind of observatory at the top. There is no one else around the tower. \n\n[[Just walk in.|Enter the Tower]]\n[[Knock on the door.|Knock on the Door]]\n[[This is scary. Turn around.|Right Path]]
"I agree. As punishment for your crimes, I hereby sentence you to death by guillotine."\nThe guards take you away where you are placed under the guillotine. The blade falls and you are decapitated.\nAt least it was a relatively painless death.
You bang on the door three times with the palm of your hand. You listen for some kind of reply, but hear nothing.\n\n[[Enter the tower.|Enter the Tower]]\n[[Nobody's home. Turn around.|Right Path]]
The troll seems unaffected. Maybe it's a girl troll. Either way, it body slams you and crushes your rib cage.\nThat's what you get for barging into someone's home like that.
<<set $obtained_ruby = "yes">>\nYou graciously take the ruby and the queen continues on her way down the path. The ruby is about the size of a pill bottle. Its color reminds you of a tree frog's eye.\n\n[[Continue on the path.|Continuing on the Right Path]]\n[[That was enough adventure. Head back to the fork in the road.|The Fork]]
You introduce yourself. The man is startled by your presence.\n"Hello there!" he says. "I'm sorry, I must have not heard you knock. What can I help you with?"\n\n<<if $obtained_ruby eq "yes">>\n[[Ask about the ruby's magical properties.|The Wizard Examines the Ruby]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Ask the man who he is.|Meet the Wizard_1]]\n[[You don't really know why you're here. Leave.|Right Path]]
The cave opens up into a large circular room. The whole room seems to glow orange. In the center of the room is an enormous iguana with a mouth that is taller than you are.\n<<if $obtained_magic_weapon eq "yes">>\nYou raise your magic <<$weapon>> and strike the iguana in the eye. It roars out in pain, but you stab it again. The blade slices through the creature's flesh as though it were air. As a final blow, you slice open its stomach. Gold and jewels stream out of its guts. Apparently this iguana has a taste for wealth. \n\nCongratulations, you are rich!\n<<else>>\n<<if $follow_fairy eq "yes">>\n"Master!" says the Fairy, "Look what I have brought for you!"\n<<else>>\nMaybe you shouldn't have wandered in here blindly.\n<<endif>>\nThe iguana reaches out it's jaw and swallows you whole. At least your death made someone else's day a little better.\n<<endif>>
There are a lot things in this room. What would you like to take?\n\n[[Take some books.|Caught Thief]]\n[[Take the cauldron|Caught Thief]]\n[[Take the telescope|Caught Thief]]
<<set $met_the_queen = "yes">>\n"I'm fine, thank you," she says. The old woman looks at you. Now that you can clearly see her face, you recognize that she is the queen of the entire kingdom. Her power is mighty and so is her temper. \n"But as a reward for your kindness, I will offer you a gift," she says. "I have with me a rare ruby that possess magical qualities."\n\n[[Accept the gift.|The Ruby]]\n[[Refuse the gift.|The Queen's Wrath]]
You crawl through the smaller tunnel. Eventually, it opens up into a small room. The room is lit by torches. In the center of the room is a tall troll. It yells and rushes at you.\n\n[[Kick it in the groin.|Groin Kick]]\n[[Punch it in the face.|Face Punch]]\n[[Scurry into the tunnel and out of the cave.|Left Path]]
"I am Erik the Sorcerer," he says, "I have been studying various magics since before you were even an idea. Is there anything I can help you with? I'm always eager to assist those in need."\n\n<<if $obtained_ruby eq "yes">>\n[[Ask about the ruby's magical properties.|The Wizard Examines the Ruby]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Ask for the ability to shoot flames out of your eyes.|Flame Eyes]]\n[[You don't need anything. Leave.|Right Path]]
"Well, I suppose I could forvive you," he says, "Seeing as you're such an incompetent thief. Only an idiot would try to steal from a powerful wizard like me! I am Erik the Sorcerer."\n\n<<if $obtained_ruby eq "yes">>\n[[Ask the wizard about the ruby's magical properties|The Wizard Examines the Ruby]]\n<<endif>>\n[[Leave this place before he changes his mind.|The Fork]]