That was nice. The manager apologises profusly and brings you to the front of the que. Away from that big scary snake. You relax and start thinking about what to do when you get [[Inside]]\n\nTime 10:30
Turns Out this girl only likes the jazz and only wants to talk about that.\nBORING.. You go up to the [[VIP Room]]\n
Grab Your Coat\nYou've Pulled\nCongratulations\nYou will return to this club any time
You spent the rest of the night enjoying [[Jazz Man]].\nYou don't even care about flirting with anyone.\nThe music is just too good\nAs the night ends a cute girl approaches you and tells you Jazz is her "Fav".\n\nYou invite her back for some Django Rheinhart\nShe accepts\n[[You Scored]]
"HUH?", she shouts\n\nObviously it's too loud for talking so\n\n[[Take her by the hand and lead her to your reserved table]]\n\n
You wait at the bar for what seems like forever. Finally you get your G+T's.\nBut when you turn around she is gone. Probably swept away while the bar-tenders took their sweet time serving you.\n\n[[Pass the spare G+T to nearest girl and try your luck]]\n\n[[Down both drinks and head back to watch Jazz Man]]\n\nTime 11:30
"What can I get you?" the bar tender asks.\n\n[[Guinness]]\n[[Vodka Redbull]]\n[[Jagerbombs]]\n[[Bottle of vodka for my table]]\n[[Bottle of the finest champagne for my table]]\n\n
"You like what you see", a womans voice brings you out of the trance induced by the [[Jazz Man]].\n"Sure!", you reply. "I love the Sax"\nYou turn your head and see the most beautiful girl in front of you. She is smiling and her body is in rhythm with the music.\n\n[[Offer her a drink]]\n\n[[Dance]]\n\n[[Look back at the Jazz Man]]\n\nTime Irrelevent. It's the Jazz
\nYou are waiting in line at the citys hottest new club [[The Land Before Time]]. There is a growing buzz in line as the doors have just opened and everyone has been waiting far too long for a night like this.\n<html><img src = outside.png" /></html>\n* [[Continue]]
You order a bottle of champagne on the way over. \nSeeing you arrive with the finest vintage they welcome you into their nest\n\n[[Sit with popular girls]]\n\nTime 12:00
Lots of giggling and high pitched chatter mixed with the droning house music and large amounts of alcohol starts to make you nausious.\n\nAs you stand up you feel like puking is inevitable.\n\n[[Run to the hills]]
The snake wrangler is a trained professional. You have nothing to worry about. These are your thoughts as you grasp at the giant snake strangling the last gasp of air you may possibly breathe. You were very much looking forward to a good-if not luck night. The luck underware was on. The condoms bought. The table booked. How could it all go wrong before you even enter The Land Before Time?\nWell not to worry as the snake wrangler wouldn't let your night be ruined. After all if this snake killed you the snake wrangler would lose his pet. He would probably be sad for a few days but without any more time spent thinking about death the snake is taken from your shoulders. A manager watching all this comes over to apologise and lets you skip the que and sends you straight to the [[VIP Room]].\n\nTime 10:30
Really great guitarist for a guy with two of his fingers missing.\n\nThats so hot that you know that\n\nGrab your coat because [[You Scored]]
Shades on.\nTrillby Hat.\nGolden Axe.\nSmooth. Nice. Jazz\n\n[[Stare at the jazz man and his impressive skills]]
You were right. As you burst into the mens room you are holding every piece of your stomach in. You make it just in time.\nHowever the security in the nightclub have been alerted to your situation and now they want you gone.\n\n[[Struck Out]]
Jazz girl slaps you in the face for being so rude. But hey thats Jazz for you.\n\n[[Continue talking to the girl at the bar]]
She really wants to believe you. This girl is easy but not so rewarding.\n\nIf you want you can leave with her by clicking [[You Scored]]\n\nOr else why not hit the [[VIP Room]]
Wow really? \nYou are not even in the door yet and people are laughing at you. //Good start to this night//.\nAnyhow lets just get inside and put our jacket away. Maybe people will not recognise you without your shiny new jacket\nWith plenty of people sniggering about you in the que it painfully ends as you reach the front.\n[[Inside]]\n\nTime 10:30
When you get back you see Jazz Girl is right in front of the biggest speaker.\n\n[[You ask her if she wants to go somewhere quieter]]\n\n[[Take her by the hand and lead her to your reserved table]]\n\nTime 12:00
A group of models scream JagerBombs. You get a round for all of them and they invite you to their table.\n\n[[Sit with popular girls]]
They don't immedietly shrug you off. They give a little smile realising that they have been approached by someone before those girls in the middle of the room.\n\n[[Invite them over to your table]]\n\n[[Ask them if they wanna dance?|Dance]]\n\n[[Tell them you think the girls in the middle are "Proper Posers"|Tell them that you are here now and they don't matter]]\n\n
Seeing the finest drinks are at your table the group of models you spotted when you came in approach your table.\n"Mind if we sit with you?", they ask in sync which would be scary other than the alcohol in your system.\n\n[[Sit with popular girls]]
So you gave the drink to a random girl. She for some reason accepted it and now you start to chat.\nBut as you are still introducing yourselves Jazz Girl shows up.\n"Did you get me a drink?", she asks.\n\n[[Get yourself a drink I'm busy.]]\n\n[[Tell her this girl took it and you'll get her another one.]]\n\n[[Completely ignore her and continue chatting to willing girl at the bar]]\n\nTime 11:45
She grabs your drink and throws it in your face.\nAs it just happens. She is the owners daughter and she calls over the security who quickly escort you out to the street\n[[Struck Out]]
"I think you are very much mistaken", she informs you.\nAs she leaves you realise you spent way too long trying to get with this girl and the night is over\nPretty Tough But You [[Struck Out]]
The Land Before Time
Jazz Girl is obviously surprised that you are choosing to ignore her. She obviously tries to ruin your chances with the girl at the bar.\n\n[[Tell girl at the bar that she is a jealous ex]]\n\n[[Continue to ignore her]]
The manager is at the front of the line watching all his punters as they filter in. He sees that you were a little distressed and comes over. "Everything alright here", he asks?\n\n* [[Skip to the front]]\n\n* [[Raise Hell]]\n\nTime 10:15
Wow. Is that even a thing?\n\nYou Just [[Struck Out]]
You have a laugh thinking up all the different names for slags.\nYou love to mock and you are really skilled at doing so.\nThis really impresses the girls.\nWhen one of them leaves the other jumps on you.\nThis is good. Looks like my lucky night right?\n\nWell afraid not. \nThis girl is the real slapper of the club and her boyfriend is with the other group looking straight at us. He runs and drop kicks his way across the table\nThis alerts the security who kick you out before you have time to blink\nGuess what??\nYou've [[Struck Out]]
Other girl walks away and you turn back to the bar.\nYou get Jazz Girl a drink and you [[Take her by the hand and lead her to your reserved table]]
She is totally into you dude. She laughs at every joke. She flicks her hair. Flirting at every chance. Things are looking good for everything except your poor bed springs which look like they will be tested tonight\nGuess What?\n[[You Scored]]
This place is enormous. The cloakroom is just inside the door and you are given a ticket with the number 122 on it. I'm sure that'll come in handy later!!\n\n\nThe DJ is playing the best house music you have ever heard. He is also being accompanied by a guy on Bongos and some jazz type guy in shades playin the sax.\n\n[[Go to the bar]]\n[[Stare at the jazz man and his impressive skills]]\n\nTime 10:45
Pet Detective???? WTF?\nShe thinks you are just messing with her and you get yourself 'Friend Zoned'\n\n[[Struck Out]]
They sit and talk about their problems which is really starting to bore you. \n\n[[Go to the bar]]\n\n[[Dance]]\n\n[[Stare at the jazz man and his impressive skills]]
In the line you are already checking out the talent. You can't wait to get in and show off your dance moves and make this club your own.\nOutside there are stilt walkers, jugglers, fire-breathers, snake handlers and everything you would expect from a big launch night.\nOne of the snake wranglers approach you with a very large python.\n\n[[Wear it bravely]]\n\n[[Freak out and call the manager]]\n\nTime 10:00
He sure knew how to blow his own trumpet but I don't think he was all that\n\n[[Struck Out]]
"What seems to be the problem here?", the manager asks. You explain your discust of having a snake handed to you like you are going to be ok with that. You are here to enjoy the show. Not to be part of it. If they wanted you to be part of the freakshow outside they could at least pay you.\nThe manager sees you are someone that shouldn't be messed about. "Obviously", he says, "let me get you a table in the VIP room and our biggest appologies to you". Well thats better you think as you skip past the unwashed masses and straight into the [[VIP Room]].\n\nTime 10:30
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Game Over\nYou Sleep Alone Tonight
Talking about Jazz makes you soon realise that even though you like it, you know very little about it.\n\n[[Keep pretending you know a lot about Jazz]]\n\n[[Tell her to grab her coat - Shes scored]]\n\n[[Change the subject to be more in your favor]]\n\nTime 01:00
She asks you who the king of jazz is\nYou go with your gut and say\n\n[[Big Blind Boy Boob Lay]]\n\n[[Django Rheinheart]]\n\n[[Louie Armstrong]]\n\n[[Paco DeLuca]]\n\n[[Ace Ventura]]\n\n
You give your best moves for this girl. Time is flying by as you move in perfect sync with this girl. She's worth it. Everything is in the right place for the perfect night.\n\n[[You ask her if she wants to go somewhere quieter]]\n\nTime 01:00
Sitting at the table you see that you are getting looks.\n\nThe blond girls in the corner flick their hair when you look at them [[Invite them over to your table]]\n\nThe models in the middle of the group send a girl over who asks you to join them [[Sit with popular girls]]
A glass of champagne lands in your hand as you enter the room. As you take note around the room some rather lucky people are in for a treat now that you are there.\nYou spot a very pretty brunette in the middle of the room. She has lots of friends around her but she is obviously the center of attention in the whole place.\nTwo blondes are leaning against a wall staring at the group in the middle. Looks like they feel a little left out or worse jealous.\n[[Go to the bar]]\n[[Head striaght for the middle of the room]]\n[[Slide over to the blonde girls]]\n\nTime 11:00
An amazing complex of bars overlooking the oldest part of the city. It's opening night and things are going to be electric!\nDoors open at 10PM and the music goes till 3!!!\n[[Continue]]
You grab the snake and wrap it around your neck. All your friends back away. "This sure is one way to get yourself noticed", you think. Is it starting to choke me???\n*[["Get it off!! Get it off me now!!!!" |Get it off me now!]]\n\n*[[Act Cool]]\n\nTime 10:15
Wow these things are pretty strong. By the end of the night there isn't much Red Bull in your glass. It's mostly vodka.\n\nYou are way too messed up to have any kind of conversation with the opposite sex\n[[Struck Out]]
The music takes over and you spent most of the night nodding to the beat. It sure was enjoyable but you get your jacket and leave alone.\n\n[[Struck Out]]\n\nTime 3:00
by Danny Moffatt
They tell you they used to be friends with them but the ring leader of their group is marrying one of their ex-boyfriends and they have been shunned from the group\n\n[[Tell them their so called friends are probably all slags and they don't need them]]\n\n[[Tell them that you are here now and they don't matter]]\n\n
The Spanish Guitarist. I'm sure he would have played some savage Jazz if he had wanted. But I don't think you quite get it\n\n[[Struck Out]]