\n\nyou\n\n\nsl ee p
the laundry room smells like cheetos and soap.\n\nyour head is BLEEDING PEELING APART RIPPING OPEN AT THE [[SEAMS|headache]]\n\nyou sigh and feed quarters into the machine and load in your laundry\n\n[[next|next]]
you take the laundered clothes to your apartment and collapse onto your bed.\n\nits black arms wrap around you and envelop you in sleep.\n\nyou are so tired.\n\nyour h head IS bleledi ng popen ripping at the ears and your mouth screamsn in a smile hahahah yu acant feel your toes\n\n[[wake up|wake]]
make me\n\nwake up you fucking [[trash|trash]]\n\n
it occurs to you that your job interview was today. you look around your apartment and your eyes land on the broken blue door of the closet.\n\nyour clothes are all dirty.\n\nyou need to go to the [[laundry room|laundry]]
nah.\n\nyou sit home and play [[video games|videogames]] until your stomach growls.\n\n[[check fridge|contents]]
your head hurts. you are in your [[bedroom|bedroom]] and you smell like sweat and mangoes. \n
you run your tongue over the teeth and fleshy gums and even the remnants of the sticky mango goo. you're disgusting.\n\n[[back|bedroom]]
you sit up and your heart is beating a little faster and the pounding in your head increases. you rummage around in your bedside table for your [[pills|pills]] before getting dressed.\n\nthe taste in your [[mouth|mouth]] is mango flavored gum and dirt. \n\n[[leave|leave]]
animal crossing: wild world because you are shit.\n\nteam fortress 2 because youre [[poor.|leave]]
you dont want to\n\n[[wake up|no]]
you take a nap on the dryer. when it beeps\n\nyou jolt awake and scream.\n\nyou were on fire in your dream.\n\n[[your head does not ache.|room]]
cold and white\n\nyour head\nis\n\no\nn\n\n\n[[FI RE|bedroom]]
the fridge has\n\n2 uncooked slices of pork chops\n\none rotting sandwich\n\nspoiled milk\n\norange juice\n\noatmeal\n\nyou take the oatmeal and [[sit back down|couch]]
you pop two more pills\n\nthe pain \n\nsub si ide s a lITtlte [[bit|laundry]]