Yaaaayyyyyy\n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/53lbtr7.png]]\n\n[[Hot|hot]] or [[Not|not]]
Well howdy, I am B.E.A., your ship's matchmaking artificial intelligence. \n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/r8Cow8w.png]]\n\nI heard you say you are bored. \n\nTo help pass the time why not find a cowpanion?\nAlright part'ner, preview your potential life-partners. \n\nNathan [[Blackangus|Blackangus]] \nRachel [[Simoone|Simoone]]\nTwo [[Butter|Butter]]\nBrandon [[Cowboyer|Cowboyer]]\n\nYou decide whether they are hot or not. \n
Oh darn. We ate all the [[grass|grass]].\n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/u3RTHVo.png]] \n
I'm the strong, not silent type. Let's improvise and see where the evening goes.\n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/5RQrrAn.png]]\n\n[[Hot|hot]] or [[Not|not]]
IDK I think I'm super into you. Ok.\n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/88P9CcU.png]]\n\n[[Hot|hot]] or [[Not|not]]
Time to stop messing around. Report to milking station.\n\n[img[splode.png]]
[img[http://i.imgur.com/LuleYp7.png]]\n\nBovine\nEngagement\n[[Algorithm|Algorithm]] \n\n\n
Malfunction. Malfunction. Self destruct sequence execute.\n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/pKl9Je2.png]] \nThanks to @juegosrancheros @venuspatrol
Party tiiiiiime!\n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/c56ZuE5.png]]\n\n[[Hot|hot]] or [[Not|not]]
We have traveled for a hundred years back to our home in Taurus on Gliese. We are starting to get [[bored|bored]]!\n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/hcIf8ms.png]] \n
Bovine Engagement Algorithm
Is this hot enough for you?\n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/pKl9Je2.png]] \nmade for #spacecowboygamejam #marfafilmfestival 2014
Art \n@twobitart\n\nSilliness \n@twobitart \n@bowtieshark
Time to return to our home planet. 3..2..1... engage cowpie [[ignition|ignition]].\n\n[img[http://i.imgur.com/sMf7gm7.png]]\n\n