Samantha ran to the back doors realizing she used to bully the wrong people. They all were just angry for what she had done to them. So she ran outside apologizing the guys that her daad just chased. She told them off and said pease forgive me for the mistakes ive done. \n\n[[wrong people]] \n[[The end]]
The music just started and the doors for her to walk through just opened. All the lights were shining on her, and all eyes were on her. She had to walk in and walk up to her Cake . \n \n[[Cake]]
It was finally the day, the day everyone was waiting for, the most popular party of the year. Samantha woke up so happy hoping nothing would go wrong today. She and her companions ran downstairs and ate there breakfast ranting about how tonights party would turn out. And if the wrong people would show up. \n\n[[wrong people]]\n\n[[turn out]] \n
Not so sweet 16\nA.Abdidahir\n\nThere was once this girl named Samantha Woods. She was a popular girl in high school and was graduating the following year. It was a month until her sixteenth birthday and she was extremely excited. \n\n[[sixteenth]] \n[[excited]] \n
This sweet sixteen is a formal party. So everybody would come in dresses and dress shirts. Except for Samantha. She was planning to wear a big poofy pink dress like a princess. All her friends and family were counting down the days to this big party.\n[[friends and family]] \n
The end
Hana sort of envyed her bestfriend. Even though she loved her very much. Evryone wondered why she was still friends with the wrong people. \n\n
He opened the backdoors and see teenagers dressed in all black running outside, and chased them. Meanwhile Samantha broke down in her makeup room wondering why someone could do such thing. She started yelling and questioning her friends what she had done wrong. \n\n[[questioning]] \n[[The end]]
It was 2 weeks left untill her big birthday party. She already handed out the invitations and obviously they were Samantha material. Which was all glittery and pretty. All was left was for Samantha to find the perfect dress.\n\n[[dress]]
Samantha was planning on throwing a huge party . And to invite basically her whole school , including her friends and family. Everyone was curious to know what would go down at the party . Especially if Samantha invited the wrong people.\n\n[[wrong people]] \n[[party]]
There was one week untill the big day. Everyone was so excited, especaillly Samanthas bestfriends Angie and Hana. Angie was a year older than her but they were still bestfriends. And Hana was Samanthas new bestfriend but the only thing wrong with her was that she was still associated with the wrong people. \n\n[[wrong people]] \n[[one week]]
Every girl can't wait until the become sixteen. Because that is the most perfect age. Your not considered a child anymore or an adult yet. You basically get the best of both worlds.
There were only 3 more days untill the big day!!!!!\nAll the stress they have been through for planning the big party was gunna be so worth it in just a couple more days! The whole school was talking about it and everyone was so amped. \n\n[[amped]]
Samantha threw a slumber party the night before her birthday. With all her close friends and family. They were all excited for Samanthas Big Day\n\n[[Samanthas Big Day]]
Samantha sat back down. And started remembering her childhood. She remembered all the times she would get bullied in elementary school. And the time when she would bully people in middle school. \n\n[[The end]]\n\n[[middle school]]
Her dress was on , her make up was cute, and the music to walk in to was about to start. In Samanthas culture a sixteenth birthday was big , almost as big as a wedding. So if anything went wrong it would be a complete disaster.\n\n[[disaster]]
Just as she walked up to her cake. Something exploded. Garbage started to fly out of the cakke and it was disgusting. Everyday started yelling and screaming and didnt know what to do.\n\n[[screaming]]\n
Samanthas face was extremley angry , and sad . Her family looked extremely frustrated. They all looked eachother and thought of the wrong people. She figured they'd do something but not something this big. They all envied her but this was cruel.\n\n[[cruel]] \n[[wrong people]]
Samantha was so happy she finally bought her dress and she couldnt wait untill everyone seen it. Her bestfriends Angie and Hana helped her picked it out and they were so happy for their bestfriend. \n[[bestfriend]] \n[[Hana]]
Samantha has alot of enemies. A lot od people envy her, because the way she looks and acts. Noone liked the fact that she was such a positive person all the time. And always acted like nothing was wrong with her.
When she was younger throught elementary school and middle school. She hated it there. Samantha cried almost everyday and hated school to the point were she stopped going. All the bullying stopped as soon as she reached high school and moved neighborhoods. \n[[high school]]
Samanthas birthday was a day away and everyone and everything was ready. \n\n[[a day]]
Hana , Samanthas new friend was seen talking with the wrong people. These people were the ones that used to bully Samantha when she was younger and basically made her life like hell. They were such bad news. \n\n[[younger]]
Samantha picked up her dress and ran back to her makeup room. Her friends followed her and so did her mother. Her father ran outside to go look and see if anyone that couldve caused this was out there. \n\n[[outside]]
Samantha and her family moved neighborhoods and changed schools because she couldnt take it anymore. But that turned out to be the best desicion they have ever made before. She and her family were finally happy and relieved.\n\n[[relieved]]
The banquet hall was beautiful. The cake was perfect, and the guests seemed all happy. The catering was awesome and the dance floor was as fun as it gets. All that was missing was for Samantha to walk in with her gorgeous dress. \n\n[[walk in]]