Your skin turned green and veiny, this makes you mad\n\n[[Punch the mirror|punch]]\n\n[img[hulk.jpg]]\n
You run through the walls and the building collapses\n\n[img[juggernaut.jpg]]\n\n...killing thousands
The mirror explodes into a million shards
Who needs $100 when your bank account looks like this:\n\n[img[bank.jpg]]\n\nCongrats on being rich
You notice $100 bill on the ground\n\n[[Pick it up, it's 100 freaking dollars!#blingbling|pickup]]\n[[Leave it there, it's probably dirty|ignore]]
A small glowing spider crawls from under it and bites your hand\n\n[[Look in the mirror|mirror]]\n[[Run away screaming like a little girl|sissy]]
Amazing Adventure
Arnel Querido