i once burned my hand on the stove and you laughed. you complained about your metaphorical third-degree burns that covered your whole body, but did you know how you burned my heart to a crisp?\n\nthey did not have a heart transplant available for people like me, who loved people like you so much. my name is on the waiting list to this day and i will never be able to pay for the things you've done to me.\n\n[[start|Start]]
i'm afraid of water. i don't even deserve to be krill in your whale's mouth, nonetheless some form of siren.\n\n[[start|Start]]
where are you
you know more about the night [[sky|sky]] than you know about my favorite [[colors|colors]].
thousands of fish are dead in the bellies of people like you. what sort of metaphor am i supposed to draw from the fact you're an abuser? i don't need poems to realise this, and i don't need personal experience, either.\n\n[[start|Start]]
when ashes cover cities and black out the sun for days, the materials your eyes are made of are formed - they are pitch black and have such [[fire|fire]] behind them, you recreate Pompeii each time you ride the train.
i wish i were a [[mermaid|mermaid]]. maybe then i wouldn't be afraid of being [[dead|dead]] weight at the bottom of the sea.
where are you?\n\n[[boat|boat]]\n[[obsidian|obsidian]]\n[[sink|sink]]\n\n[[note (this is not a poem)|test]]
i chose black as my favorite color in my third grade essay. they made fun of me for spelling "colour" wrong.\n\nwho knew there were grammar elitists in the goddamn 3rd grade?\n\n[[start|Start]]
your children fill the sink with bubbles and i am the ones you blow away when the kids ask you to play. [[you|Start]] feel bad for destroying me for just a moment.\n\n[[start|Start]]
your eyes are dark as the [[void.|space]] you shine like black diamonds. i am drowning [[somewhere.|Start]]
this poem is a test, please disregard it
bunny clark
[[who|Start]] knew the ocean would be so cold while you are on your yacht. i can feel something warm fathoms [[deep.|deep]]