you asked me what i ordered and i told you, except i said i had no sugar and three spoons of milk\n\nyou were confused and you [[laughed|1.2]]
you meant to be laughing at yourself but the look in your eyes made it seem like you were laughing at me\n\ni don't know if you were sorry or if you meant to hurt me, but i couldn't sleep that night i was so [[embarrassed|1.3]]
every time i pass that coffee shop i cry a little bit. i'm such a wimp\n\n[[2|2]]
i was under the knife and i could feel everything\nthis could never compare to the things you've done to me in other timelines, of course. this time you just wanted to [[help|8.3]]
you are a rebellious teenager with a lighter\ndon't get near [[me|7.3]]
cities are on fire as i tell you stories of my petty feelings\n\n[[1.|1]] [[2.|no]] [[3.|no]] [[4.|no]] [[5.|no]]\n[[6.|no]] [[7.|no]] [[8.|no]] [[9.|no]] [[10.|no]]
my husband died years ago but i have not removed my wedding ring. i will not let it go to the likes of you. his ring is already on your head\ni won't let you take anything else\n\n[[4|4]]
people come to this town just to see me. they think i'm so pretty, even with my marks from stray [[artists|7.2]]
my children are crying because they haven't eaten in days\ni am crying because i stole flowers from my job tending gardens to munch on before the farmer man found [[me|3.3]]
i tricked a man into buying the fake gold necklace my husband gave me to buy food\nhe didn't fall for it and gave me some food money out of pity. i couldn't eat that night out of nausea. my children ate the bread with dirty [[fingers|3.4]]
you yell at me for not understanding you. i fucked up your [[life|6.2]]
you wear a beautiful crown. it is laden with roses your mother grew with the strongest, most eco-friendly fertilisers in the land\nit is made of gold from centuries past, from wedding rings of divorced couples and from necklaces of their [[daughters|3.2]]
maybe i'll just\nbump into you\nmaybe some light will catch into [[me|2.4]]
your boat's lights are shining against me. it's so warm. this ocean is so cold. maybe i'll get [[closer|2.3]]
you are steering a ship in the dead of night. a storm is raging and you shouldn't be out here. you've always been hard-headed like that, you [[know?|2.2]]
i crash into boats every day, all the time, parts of me all over the world are crashing into boats like yours all the time\nbut you were different\ni'm a little warmer now\n\n[[3|3]]
you knaw at me until i lose the grip of my dog. spot gets away with his blood-covered fur\ni gave up moments before you came, it's not like i started trying the moment you poked your teeth through my [[eyelids|4.6]]
i only remember how to use a rifle when your bullets are in my chest. i died after one but you felt the need to empty your magazine into [[me|5.3]]
i always did like my eyes best. did you really have to ruin those first?\n\n[[5|5]]
i see a stray dog in the distance. he looks [[cute|4.2]]
i scream in fear when you jump on top of me\nyou bite my shoulder and it reminds me of that night in the alley i forgot years ago. that alley was supposed to be my [[home|4.4]]
i met you in a coffeeshop after work like every love novel goes, and i ordered some coffee\n\nthree spoons of sugar, no [[milk|1.1]]
at least i feel a little better now. i don't think any of these fake stories will amount to the empty promises you made to me.\nwe are just kids and i fell for [[lies|10.3]]
we are supposed [[royalty|3.1]]
i am in the atlantic, i am salty and fluid and i'm filled with the shit and piss of thousands of dead creatures but people still find me [[beautiful|2.1]]
it's the second world war and you stand at attention, gun in hand, red band on your arm. you are the proudest of your [[kin|5.1]]
i am walking my dog on a friday afternoon, the sun has almost set and i forgot my gloves at [[home|4.1]]
i'm the oldest building in the [[city|7.1]]
i am your mother and you are my seventeen-year old son\non your birthday i regretted having [[you|6.1]]
i am a child with black hair like obsidian and you are the man i fell in love with for some reason\nyou aren't even [[pretty|9.1]]
suddenly people start to realise i'm not so beautiful when i am rubble and ashes\nyou are in the headlines as some sort of hometown hero for destroying things, even as you sit in jail\n\n[[8|8]]
maybe i thought i was pretty with your hands around my neck\nit was supposed to be erotic, you said, but were my vocal chords supposed to metaphorically and literally just stop working? sign language is a fucking hard language, you piece of trash\n\n[[10|10]]
i needed a heart transplant. i never took good care of myself. i was the talk of the clinic for [[months|8.2]]
all in all, i can't believe how i have to write poems on stanzas on passages on pages of novels to represent how you hurt me [[so|10.2]]
you look me in the eyes. i am crying for my mother silently and your eyes are as bleak as the gunpowder in your [[arms|5.2]]
you were charged with medical malpractice by my loving family when i died under your hand\ni'm sure you didn't mean it, though\n\n[[9|9]]
you butt my comrades in the face while they walk over my corpse. you look terrible from down here\n\n[[6|6]]
you are a surgeon, the best in your little [[town|8.1]]
i'm a little queer kid who wants to bash in [[skulls|10.1]]
you flick the lighter\n[[goddamnit|7.4]]
i start to walk away with my dog but he grabs your attention. in this situation, you are the dog\neveryone has already run away but you come towards me with dirty [[paws|4.3]]
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i can only hope that sometimes you miss your mommy\n\n[[7|7]]
timelines by b.c\n\nthank you everyone else for loving me incessantly
the way a son loves his mother and the way a mother loves his son is different. i could never stop caring about you but you could drop me without a [[word|6.3]]