As you are afraid of the dark, you went to the left corridor, picked up a lamp and run towards the right-handed road.\nYou run towards the end of the road and see the door. To play it safe, you look back to check if there is a way back just in case anything goes wrong later.\nThere is no way back! You are being trapped, being blocked by a door at your back.\nIt seems that you have to open the door and enter the room.\nYou open the door with shaking hands. \nYou gingerly walk into the room, wonder if everything's over. \nAt the same time, two people enter the room. \nOne is a girl at your age and the other is a nurse.\n\nThe nurse smiled and crouched behind you, says: “ kiddo, believe me, I will help you to get away from here. I am glad that you didn't take the poisonous food; otherwise you won't see me here. That girl is a murderer, you better don't trust her, she will kill you!”\nThe girl went around you and whispers: “ the woman is the master here, she will send zombie to kill you!”\n\nYou have to make a choice:\n[[the girl|the girl]]\n[[nurse|nurse]]\n
Congratz! You are still alive; you can continue your adventure!\nIt is a gloomy tunnel. When you are walking in the dark, you stumbled over a stone and plopped down on your bottom. “ Ouchh~”\nWhen you are about to stand up, the two red signposts printed on the floor catch your eyesight, one pointing to the left and the other pointing to the right. \nYou haven't got a clue looking at both sides.\nThere are few lights on the [[left|left]], not knowing where it goes.\nThere is endless darkness on the [[right|right]]. Maybe a zombie is WAITING FOR YOU! But you can barely see a door at the end of the road, which may allow you to get rid of this nightmare. \n
You have picked the door at the middle.\nUnfortunately, a zombie is HIDING at the back of the door. “Ahhh!”\nGame over!\n
Both of you crack the window, jump and fall into the water.\nA tiny fishing boat is drifting slowly along. \nAfter some time, you two arrive a small island. \nThe girl has to go back to save the others and can only leave you here.\nCongratulation! You won!\n\n
Continue your adventure! \nYou open the wardrobe with trembling hands, as expected; there is a secret passage!\nYou walk into the secret passage with great caution, afraid of any horrible surprise attack.\nThere are three doors at the end of the passage, which one will you choose? \n\n[[door on the left|door on the left]]\n[[door in the middle|door in the middle]]\n[[door on the right|door on the right]]\n
You followed the girl dubiously, but don't you be thinking the hostess will let you off easily. \nAt first, the nurse pretends that it's a pity that you don't believe her and go away.\nThe girl keeps reminding you to be carefully until the nurse appears again with a gang of zombies.\nYou and the girl apparently being scared by their appearance and drove backwards until both of you hit the glass.\nTo escape, the only way is to [[crack the glass and jump|crack the glass and jump]]! But will you break your neck if you fall off the house?\nYou realized there is a [[door at the corner|door at the corner]], but it is possible that there is zombie inside too. \nYou have to make your decision now!\n
You stared in horror looking around. The house is empty. There is only one big wardrobe and a table with some food. You have been asleep for some days and now you are very hungry. When you are about to pick up some food to eat, you notice that there is a paper. Both sides of the paper are filled with words:\n\nFront: You're the sixth person to be here. Welcome. \nAs the owner, I have to prepare some food for my guests.\nYou must be very hungry, take some food before you go home. \nAlso, do remember that there is something horrible outside the house, stay in.\nSomeone is coming to rescue you!\n\nBack of the paper:\nWords at the front are false! \nRun fast! There is a channel in the wardrobe!\nThe food is poisoned; you will die if you eat it!\nDon't stay in the house; there will be zombie coming after you very soon!\n-Anonymous \n\n[[front|front]]\n[[back|back]]\n
Untitled Story
You have eaten the food.\nFinally, because there is sulfuric acid in the food, your whole body is decomposed. \nGameover!
You picked the nurse.\nThe nurse is the master here!\nShe sends you to the zombie base and tells the zombies “ tonight we have meat to eat and blood to drink as well!” \nGame over!\n
Be ready to feed the zombie. Bless you!\nGame over!
You chose the door on the left, but you just couldn't get the door open. \nWhen you desperately looking for ways to survive, a ZOMBIE suddenly appears behind you! “Scream~”\nGame over!\n
You've always been afraid of the dark. Since there is a bright road, of course you will pick this road. \nYou run towards the lights without hesitation. \nAs you think this farce is about to end, all of a sudden, lights are put out.\nA vine grows behind you, which is prohibitively high with astonishing growth rate! \nIt grasps you all of a sudden and eventually you lose the breath.\nGame over!\n