Holmes investigated the captain's cabin and found personal documentation from the local insane asylum, and discovered that he had made a visit on July 13th as well. Holmes determiend that both the captain and his wife were murdered by their daughter as revenge for submitting her to the asylum. After a couple of days, the police found the duaghter barking at a cat and arrested her immediately.\n\n[[Poe|Poe 5]] [[Christie|Christie 5]] [[<- previous|Doyle 4]]
The next cage contained an orangutan, but the cage door was open and it was jumping from cage to cage. Its hands and face were covered in blood as it found its way to the staircase leading to the top of the ship. Dupin and theo ther crew member ran after the orangutan in an attempt to catch it, but the orangutan was shot as soon as it tried to attack another crew member.\n\n[[Doyle|Doyle 5]] [[Christie|Christie 5]] [[<- previous|Poe 4]]
Dupin walked on the dark, creepy pirate ship, satisfied that a brick which fell from a house above did not hit him. He had been asked to help invesitgators with a murder most foul that happened in the crow's nest. The body of the captain was found, but his head was not with it.\n\n[[<- previous|Start]] [[Doyle|Story Start Doyle]] [[Christie|Story Start Christie]] [[next ->|Poe 2]]
Holmes then investigated her body and noticed that she too was shot in the front and back. The wife of the captain was holding a family photo, but Holmes noticed a white out area that seemed to previously hold another person. After a short deliberation, Holmes realized that the date written by the captain was the birthdate of their daughter who they thought to be dead. The picture appeared to have previously held the picture of a child.\n\n[[<- previous|Doyle 3]] [[Poe|Poe 4]] [[Christie|Christie 4]] [[next ->|Doyle 5]]
Holmes walked on to the ship with his usual arrogance of the situation. He commented on the other policeman's fine work of sabotaging the scene of the crime and muddling the evidence. Holmes had been called in as a consultant to the other investigators in the murder of the captain of the ship.\n\n\n[[<- previous|Start]] [[Poe|Story Start Poe]] [[Christie|Story Start Christie]] [[next ->|Doyle 2]]
Holmes walked slowly to the body of the captain found underneath the crow's nest. He noticed the tracks on the boards of the ship, a gold ring that no one else had seen, and writing that was gently etched under the captains right hand. The captain has been shot in the front and back, and he was laying on his belly at the time of his death.\n\n[[<- previous|Story Start Doyle]] [[Poe|Poe 2]] [[Christie|Christie 2]] [[next ->|Doyle 3]]
Holmes determined that the captain knew of his death and that he was attmeptign to escape his murderer. He obviously failed to escape, but he determined the etching and the ring to be the captain's attempt at leading the investigation to the right person. The etching was of the date July 13th, and it appeared by the dust laying on the ring and the angle of the pocket nearest the captain's hand that the ring actually came off his own hand. Holmes wanted to see if the captain's wife happened to be on the ship, and after searching they discovered her she was killed not 30 minutes ago.\n\n[[<- previous|Doyle 2]] [[Poe|Poe 3]] [[Christie|Christie 3]] [[next ->|Doyle 4]]
Dupin believes, although very extraordinary, that an animal may very well have been the culprit of this crime. One of the crew members tells Dupin that there are several animals in the lower half of the ship in cages, so they deside to investigate this area next. When Dupin and the crew member go down to the cages, they find the head of the captain inside of one of the cages along with the body of another crew member,\n\n[[<- previous|Poe 2]] [[Doyle|Doyle 3]] [[Christie|Christie 3]] [[next ->|Poe 4]]
Dupin told all of the crew members to stay on board, and he explored the ship for clues. He noticed a trail of blood leading from the crow's nest to the back side of the ship, so he searched over there and noticed bright orange hair around the mast. There were also claw marks on the wood, and many of the boards were broken as if they had been stepped on by something heavy.\n\n[[<- previous|Story Start Poe]] [[Doyle|Doyle 2]] [[Christie|Christie 2]] [[next ->|Poe 3]]
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Proroit explained to the passengers that the first murder was in fact a robbery that turned into a murder. The culprit had been ordered by another person on the ship to steal a valuable watch from the captain. Having a great sense for valuable jewlery, both the millionaire and his wife noticed the missing watch and saw that a different passenger was wearing it. When they approached this passenger to ask about the watch, the passenger took action and killed them as well. Proirot revealed that Gilligan had written a love letter to the famous movie star, and the movie star said that she would return his love if she got him the watch. Gilligan was the one who killed the captain, and the movie star killed the millionaire and his wife. After explaining the entire scenario, Gilligan and the movie star were both arrested.\n\n[[Poe|Poe 5]] [[Doyle|Doyle 5]] [[<- previous|Christie 4]]
Poirot continued with his plan to investigate each room, and in the millionaire and his wife's room, he found a letter addressed to the famous movie star. He also found notes on the ground with a different handwriting than the one in the letter to the famous movie star. Poirot declared that he had solved the case, and asked if everyone could gather outside Gilligan's room.\n\n[[<- previous|Christie 3]] [[Poe|Poe 4]] [[Doyle|Doyle 4]] [[next ->|Christie 5]]
Poirot, the skipper and the famous movie star decided to investigate each of their rooms to see if there was a murder weapon, but a loud gunshot stopped everyone from moving. After a minute or two of waiting, Poirot and the gang ran to the source of the fire and found the millionaire and his wife had been shot.\n\n[[<- previous|Christie 2]] [[Poe|Poe 3]] [[Doyle|Doyle 3]] [[next ->|Christie 4]]
Poirot investigated the scene of the crime, and it looked as if the captain had been shot while struggling on the ground, but it looked to be his own gun that killed him. Poirot determined that it had to be one of the passengers who's cabin was near the captain's cabin, which narrowed down the list to Gilligan, the professor, and the millionaire and his wife.\n\n[[<- previous|Story Start Christie]] [[Poe|Poe 2]] [[Doyle|Doyle 2]] [[next ->|Christie 3]]
A Murder Most Foul! Detective Stories
Alan Zaring
Dupin investigates the crew member and determines that he died only minutes ago. There were handprints around his neck as if he had been strangled, and orange threads of hair were everywhere. Dupin figures out the case and says that the culprit is in the next cage.\n\n\n[[<- previous|Poe 3]] [[Doyle|Doyle 4]] [[Christie|Christie 4]] [[next ->|Poe 5]]
Poirot decided to take a cruise ship as a reward for solving his last case. Before boarding, he had already met several of his fellow passengers including Gilligan, a skipper, a millionaire and his wife, a famous movie star, a professor and a woman named Mary Anne. They had been on the cruise together for three days when the captain was discovered dead in his chamber.\n\n\n[[<- previous|Start]] [[Poe|Story Start Poe]] [[Doyle|Story Start Doyle]] [[next ->|Christie 2]]