Well done! This will definitely become your most valuable tool. But Aliena scolds you for not practicing a more suitable skill for surviving. \n\nYou quickly launch into the air, soar across the field, find a buck, pick it up, and drop it from a high place. It lands a few feet in front of Aliena, dead and ready for cooking, you swoop down, skin it with your claws, and snort out a fire bolt through your right nostril. \n\nProud of yourself for showing off to a blind woman… right, she's blind so that didn't mean anything to her, but at least there will be a feast tonight! Aliena apologizes and says you did [[well.|NIGHT]]
“If it isn't my Love. Have you come to rescue me?” asks Sithandra mockingly.\n\nAliena lets out a little gasp. Sithandra is unaware of her presence, so she whispers to you, “I'd recognize that voice anywhere. It's HER!”\n\nSithandra begins quietly, “Tell me -” And she ends in a thunderous voice, “What are you doing in my castle?”\n\nTrying to keep your cool, you reply, “Your castle? Really? What happened to you, Sithandra?” \n\nShe cackles. “Have you forgotten already? I caught you in bed with that that so-called physician on the night BEFORE our wedding!”\n\nYou:\nA. [[Laugh, knowing the truth.|LAUGH]]\nB. [[Disregard her accusations.|DISREGARD]]\nC. [[Say nothing.|SILENT]]\n
Shortly after making your toast, sickness overtakes you and you excuse yourself. [[Someone|Frena]] notices your discomfort.\n\nYou:\nA. [[Refuse her help and stagger on towards your room.|REFUSE]] \nB. [[Accept her help.|ACCEPT]]
The boy's heart hardens as you coldly address him and continue on your way. You don't know it now, but you just made an enemy for life. You will some day come to regret this. Now, back to your feast, Sithandra [[awaits you|CONTINUE]].
You brush it off as no big deal, confident in yourself. Aliena notices your confidence and is glad to have you as a companion in these forests. Aware of her comfort, she moves in closer to your side as you move [[onward.|FIELD]]
Groggy, you open your eyes. As they focus, you notice that the room is covered in blood. You quickly sit up, but break the bed in the process. Frena's lifeless body rolls onto the floor. With disbelief and horror, you [[reach for her|REACH]].
You're burning up with a fever! Frena informs you that she should be able to cure you, just as long as she can get you back to her chambers.\n\nThere's nothing you can do, but you try your best to remain [[conscious|ACT TWO]]… \n[img[black.jpg]]
Without saying goodbye, you turn around to leave, but Aliena hears you. Her crackled voice indicates her fears of abandonment, so you decide to stay and tell her [[everything.|CONFESS]]
<big><center><h12><strong><em>Introduction</em></strong></h12></center></big>\n<em>You are about to embark on an adventure across the mystical realm of Aldori. \n\n[img[AldoriMap.jpg]]\n\nBefore you start your journey, it's important to remember that you are the High King of Aldori, King Lien. Every decision you make from here on out should be made with the utmost care. Now, if you're ready, your [[bride-to-be|Sithandra]] awaits you in the [[Great Hall|ACT ONE]].</em>
You show no mercy when slaughtering Sithandra, besides, she asked for it! The down side is that you will remain a dragon forever, while having to stay on the run to avoid being killed by other men in your realm. However, upon killing Sithandra, Aliena's curse is broken, she regains her sight, and she absorbs all of Sithandra's power. Instead of a tyrant leader, your kingdom now has a fair and just queen.\n\nTHE END
Sithandra's beauty is well known throughout the land. Every man is captivated with her and every woman desires to be her. Although she's very seductive and has no competition, she has been known to be extremely jealous at times. Now, make your way to the Great Hall so you can dine with [[her|Start]].
Aliena is unlike anyone you've ever met. Although she may be blind and clumsy, she knows that you are a dragon and it does not frighten her. Besides, she's the only one who can hear you as a man! \n\nAs you're traveling, you step into a soft spot on the ground and fall. \n\nYou react by:\nA. [[Loosing your temper.|ANGER]]\nB. [[Sheepishly trying to cover your embarrassment.|SHY]]\nC. [[Ignoring it.|PRETEND]] \n
You storm the castle with Aliena at your side. Upon entering the throne room, you find Sithandra sitting on your father's chair. Something is different about her. Instead of being scared of you, she cackles like a crazy woman.\n\n[[The BIG reveal...|DIALOGUE]]
You start walking towards the dining hall, where a feast awaits you. A little boy with tattered clothes and tears in his eyes runs into you.\n\nYou:\nA. [[Ignore the boy and continue towards the feast.|IGNORE]]\nB. [[Get angry and tell the boy to watch it!|ANGRY]]\nC. [[Show compassion for the boy.|COMPASSION]]\n
You don't need to learn to control your body, you're already a pro! How about practicing something a little more productive, like [[breathing fire|FIRE]], or [[flying|FLY]]?
You give a moving toast to your bride. Many of the female guests are so moved that they shed tears at your words. Your bride, however, has a look of distrust in her eyes. Seeing the look in Sithandra's eyes you drink the entire glass of wine in one gulp and [[sit back down|SICKNESS]].\n
Midway, you collapse in the hallway. You know that this is the end. You close your eyes and with your dying breath, you wish that you had not disregarded Frena's help. [[Try Again?|SICKNESS]]
You remain silent at Sithandra's accusation, now realizing that her jealousy was far greater than you had ever imagined. Knowing there would be no chance of convincing her otherwise, action is taken without another word… \n\nYou:\nA. [[Kill Sithandra mercilessly.|KILL]]\nB. [[Let Aliena kill Sithandra.|LET A KILL]]\nC. [[Take pity on Sithandra.|PITY]] \nD. [[Can't make up your mind, so you flip a magical coin.|COIN]]\n
As much as you'd like to take control, you realize that you're going to need help, especially in your current form. You've been so torn between finding out how to become human again and finding out what happened to your sister that you forgot all about your kingdom! Your old strategic ways will need to come into play [[now.|CONFESS]]
A black claw protrudes where your hand should be and you quickly retract it. Again, you reach for her, only to see the same black claw reach for her. You extend your arm, but in its place, you see a thick hide of black metallic scales. \n\nYou:\nA. [[Panic!|PANIC]]\nB. [[Run away!|RUN]]\nC. [[Freeze!|FREEZE]]\n
You unintentionally insult Sithandra by telling an embarrassing story about her childhood. What was meant to be a humorous and endearing compliment to her soft side, made her appear weak and incapable to your guests: such an insult is not easily forgiven. Her eyes scream anger at yours and you quickly drink the entire contents of the goblet before sitting down like a [[scolded dog|SICKNESS]].
You mastered how to breathe fire… after setting the field on fire! But, in the process, you managed to beautifully roast a wild hog. Looks like pork is on the menu!\n\n[[Continue|NIGHT]]
<<nobr>>\n<<set $Achievement = "UNLOCKED!">>\n<<endnobr>>\s\nGREAT JOB!\n\nYou can now choose to take form as a dragon whenever you desire, you have mastered the beast within. Your kingdom will be forever in your debt. Now, not only do they have fair and just rulers, but they also have the best defense that the realms have ever seen, your dragon form.\n \nTHE END?\n
It's nighttime, but at least you're now safe in the forest. You're distraught and you blame yourself for your sister's death. No matter how much you try to replay what happened in your head, you just can't piece it together.\n\nYou hear a deafening cry of a woman in the distance. As you approach, you can see that she has been captured by ruffians. \n\nYou:\nA. [[Ignore her, you've got problems of your own!|IGNORE HER]]\nB. [[You save her; you never could resist a damsel in distress. |SAVE]]\nC. [[Spy on her, who is this girl?|SPY]]
You freak out, and terrify Aliena in the process. It won't be easy to regain her trust… \n\n[[Try Again?|PROCEED]]\n
After your story, Aliena is silent. You wonder if she heard you or is now scared of you. It takes her a bit, but after she gathers her courage, she confesses that she wasn't always blind. An evil sorceress cursed her with blindness and took her beauty as a child. Everything that she has heard about the tyrant leader reminds her about the woman who cursed her. Whatever that leader is planning, you've got an ally and she's in for better or [[worse!|ACT THREE]]
That <em>someone</em> is a physician and conveniently your <em>secret</em> half sister, Frena. As much as you would like to tell Sithandra and everyone that she is your sister, doing so would not only jeopardize your kingship, but also ruin your father's honorable name. Besides, your mother forgave your father long ago, so you honor their privacy as they rest in peace. \n\nFor now, you need to focus on your current [[situation|SICKNESS]].
Your spell is broken, and you're now free to be with Aliena, but Sithandra isn't finished with you yet! In a rage of jealousy, Sithandra casts the death curse on you, but not before Aliena steps in, shielding you. As a result, Aliena dies, Sithandra escapes, and your rage transforms you back into a dragon.\n\nTHE END\n
Words are not easy to come by, so you rush through a hearty thank you to your guests and sheepishly [[sit back down|SICKNESS]].
You spy on Aliena in her time of need. While spying, you accidentally back up and knock over a tree, alerting her captors. Unfortunately for you, they are dragon hunters and your element of surprise is lost. The men charge you and you blindly stomp and claw at them, destroying them and unwillingly saving [[Aliena.|PROCEED]]\n
You find out that the boy's parents just died from a collapsed roof, little Noah barely escaped with his life. You escort him to a room in the castle, where he will be watched and cared for by others. By helping him, you have gained a great ally for life. Good job, now to the [[feast|CONTINUE]]!
Embarrased at your lack of finesse, you quickly move back into formation and pretend that nothing happend. Aliena can't see you, but she can read your emotions. Aliena smiles, but ignores the mistake. Greatful for such a friend, you smirk to yourself and realize you need more practice in this [[form.|FIELD]]
Aliena may be blind, but this girl knows how to fight! A charm around her neck protects her from Sithandra's spells and she slaughters Sithandra! Lien's spell is broken, he becomes a man again, Aliena's full sight and beauty are restored, as well as her magic, and the two live happily ever after in their realm of Aldori. \n\n<<display Achievement Tracker>>\n[[Unlock Achievement]]
New Achievement: <<print $Achievement>>
Your heart pounds, you can't move, you feel faint, and… you pass out. Castle guards have been alerted that there is a monster roaming the castle, they find your passed out body and kill you. \n\nWould you like to [[Try Again?|REACH]]
During one of your travels with Aliena, she encourages you to try your abilities by learning to hunt for food. You find a field and practice. \n\nYou practice: \nA. [[Breathing fire.|FIRE]]\nB. [[Flying.|FLY]]\nC. [[Controlling your body.|CONTROL]]\n
Your ignorance has cost this girl her life. During the night, her ghost frightens you beyond all fear; you have a heart attack and die. \n\n[[Try Again?|FOREST]]\n
Later that night, Aliena tells you to hide for she hears someone coming. You do as your told and a random tradesman approaches. He speaks to Aliena and asks if she would like to purchase any of his goods. She asks for a special herb, Kingsroot, and the tradesman goes silent. He said that since the mysterious disappearance of the King, a new leader has come to power and banned such herbs. He said the last person to sell Kingsroot was quartered in front of his family, as ordered by the leader. Aliena quickly apologizes and sends him on his way.\n\nA tyrant leader has taken your place; you wonder what you're going to do. Then you suddenly remember your betrothed, oops! How could you forget? Has Aliena really overtaken your thoughts as of late? \n\nGuilty, you:\nA. [[Sit down and absorb the information you just heard.|SIT]] \nB. [[Try to leave in hopes of finding Sithandra.|LEAVE]]\nC. [[Confess your story to Aliena and ask for her help.|CONFESS]] \n
You begin to turn away, clearly you were wrong about this woman and it's a good thing this happened to you. \n\n“Don't ignore me!” screams Sithandra. \n\nAliena steps out from behind you. \n\n“You!” gasps Sithandra. \n\n“Me,” replies Aliena callously. \n\n “No, how can this be? Guards! Guards!” screams Sithandra, frantically calling for aid.\n\n“They can't hear you, Sithandra. It's time you faced me!”\n\nYou turn around, astonished of the fear in Sithandra's eyes. Quickly taking your place back at Aliena's side.\n\nYou:\nA. [[Kill Sithandra mercilessly.|KILL]]\nB. [[Let Aliena kill Sithandra.|LET A KILL]]\nC. [[Take pity on Sithandra.|PITY]] \nD. [[Can't make up your mind, so you flip a magical coin.|COIN]]\n
<<silently>>\n<<set $item = either("Heads, she dies.", "Tales, she lives.", "Your coin toss landed straight in the middle, now what?")>>\n<<endsilently>>And the results conclude: <<print $item>> \n\nHum… Perhaps using this method is a little too ridiculous, even for you. [[Try Again|LAUGH]].\n
In a panicked frenzy, you knock over and break furniture, alerting the castle guards. A shattered mirror on the ground catches your attention; you look down and a large reptilian eye stares back at you. You draw back in terror and are startled as the guards enter the room. You make a break for the window and blindly jump through it.\n\nYou're a little shaky, but you manage to glide towards a dark [[forest|FOREST]].\n
Making a hasty decision to run deeper into the castle, you find yourself surrounded by guards with no way out. Knowing the castle, you immediately regret your decision as the guards close in on you. \n\nWould you like to [[Try Again?|REACH]]
You enter the dining hall, unaware that your lack of action has shown your heart towards your people. You are a selfish and heartless king! Go, just [[go|CONTINUE]].
<<silently>>\n<<set $item = either("is definitely noticed!", "goes unnoticed by all, except by Sithandra.")>>\n<<endsilently>>Your late arrival to the feast <<print $item>>\nYour future queen is already an envious person and she's suspicious of your behavior...\n\nYou apologize to your company for your late arrival. You raise your goblet to make a toast to your future bride. \n\nYou:\nA. [[Toast from the heart|HEART]]\nB. [[Insult your future bride, thinking you've made a joke.|INSULT]]\nC. [[Thank everyone for the wonderful welcome.|THANK]]
“You think this is funny?” replies Sithandra furiously. “Well it serves her right! She got what she deserved!” \n\n“What did you say?” you demand.\n\n“I said she got what she deserved, too bad you didn't! I'm just glad I was the one to finish her off. But you, you were supposed to die, not turn into this awesome beast!”\n\nShe waves her hand and turns you back into a man. Aliena is now visible behind your naked flesh. You're so angered you don't realize you're human again. You yell at Sithandra, “That so-called physician was my SISTER!”\n\n“What?” replies Sithandra. In great disbelief she sits down and places a hand over her face. “I'm sorry, Lien, I'm so sorry. I had no idea!”\n\n“Don't listen to her!” shouts Aliena. “She's lying!” \n\n“Who is this?” demands Sithandra. "How dare you?"\n\n“I don't owe you an explanation,” you reply coldheartedly.\n\n“Then back to your beastly self!” Sithandra shouts and she turns you back into a dragon. “Now you shall never know love or the touch of another woman!”\n\nYou:\nA. [[Kill Sithandra as the beast you became.|KILL]]\nB. [[Aliena doesn't buy her apology. She kills Sithandra before you can tell her not to.|LET A KILL]]\nC. [[Take pity on Sithandra.|PITY]] \nD. [[Can't make up your mind, so you flip a magical coin.|COIN]]
Ali Worton
Thankful for your assistance, she tries to hug you, but you turn away and she falls to the ground. You didn't realize that she's blind, oops! You apologize and tell her that you don't like to be touched. She [[understands.|PROCEED]]\n