You've hit the jackpot. An attractive stranger gives you the eye and asks if you want to go somewhere quieter. You grab onto their hand and follow their lead. You head towards the smoking area and take a seat in the far corner.\n\n[[Make a move |Move]]\n\n[[Sit and smile politely |Sit]]
You just about make it into the toilet cubicle. After twenty minutes of wretching and feeling like the world is ending, you realise that this night is not so fun anymore. You straighten yourself up, take a deep breath and head for the exit of the club. \n\nYou jump into a taxi home and dread the photos that will appear on your Facebook tomorrow.\n\nNight.
With your hands in the air (like you just don't care), your body sways to the music. Suddenly you feel a presence in front of you. Hands grab you and pull you in. \n\n[[You push them away |Friends]]\n \n[[You move closer |Closer]]
"Here, have some water." Your so-called admirer turns out to be not so "attractive", especially in this harsh synthetic light. "How did you get into this state? Where are all of your mates?" \n\nThe alcohol has taken over your body, you find it impossible to string a sentence together. All of a sudden your head fuzzes over and you have a swirling motion in your stomach. \n\n[[Run to the toilets |Toilets]]\n\n[[Put your head in your hands and hope for the best |Vom]]
After several laps around the club and quite a few pitstops for a quick jagerbomb or two, you finally find your friends. Somehow they've managed to blag themselves into the VIP area. They clock you, one of them runs over and drags you in. \n\n"I've been looking for you guys all night! Why haven't you replied to my texts or calls!?"\n\nAfter a few minutes of drunken squabbling, you can't be bothered with the drama.\n\n[[Forget about it, and get the drinks in |Drinks]]\n\n[[They've pissed you off, leave and make your way back onto the main dancefloor |Start]]
You projectile vomit all over yourself, the random stranger and several others. You're grabbed by the arms, the bouncers throw you outside of the club and you're left lying in the gutter.\n\nOh, the humilation.\n\nGame over.\n\n
Mortified, your supposed admirer bolts backwards. "What are you doing? I'd seen you were in quite a state, you could hardly stand up straight. I thought you might have needed some fresh air."\n\nYou look like a fool, how are you going to live this one down?\n\nGame over.
The music is blaring, the bass is bouncing off the walls. Fog and strobe lights blind you. Dancing alone, you couldn't care less. The adrenaline has kicked in and you feel immersed in the crowd. \n\n[[Go find your friends |Friends]]\n\n[[Continue in the crowd |Crowd]]
Don't be stupid, why would you go and speak to an ex?\n\nGame over.
Nothing new.
Abigail Whitehouse
You then push your way through the sea of people. Stumbling over glasses and feet. You finally reach the end. You see an ex stood at the bar.\n\n[[Carry on finding your friends |Friends 2]]\n\n[[Go over to the ex |Ex]]
You push yourself to the limit, taking advantage of the free drinks available in the VIP. The mixture of booze swirls around your body, and the inevitable happens. It quickly becomes apparent that you've got approximately two minutes to get to the nearest toilets before you vomit everywhere.\n\n[[RUNNNNNNNN. |Toilets]]\n\n