The semester came to an end they both realized they failed and the third one passed barely. The 2 goofs that failed were to lazy to take summer school so they went on vacation to america and turkey.\n\n[[gr11]]
Since they were very rowdy they were sent to the office. The principals threatned to seperate them to different classes which almost scared them straight but not really. \n\n[[back to the same habits]] [[exams]]
this is my story about three [[goofs on the loose|beginning]]
2 of the goofs had applied math together. They once decided to skip and had alot of fun. Since they had fun they decided to do it again and soon made a habit of it. They got a mark update and were surprised they both were failing that class. The goofs still found that funny and decided to continue what they did which was run, scream, dance and skip.\n\n[[summer]] [[icecream]]
After they realized they failed grade 10 math they met up after the summer ended in grade 11. They seemed to be the same and a little bit more crazier. The 3 goofs missed eachothers companies and then recieved there new scheduale for semester 2.\n\n[[grade 10 math again]]
Everybody hates the three goofs. Sadia, Uswah and i are in the same class. Everyone hates us because we laugh and annoy everyone really bad, we have been called DOLPHINS before as well.\n\n[[BBM]]
The 3 goons didnt care if they werent in the same class. They knew that failing a class would never seperate them, they were buddies forever.
Sadia is one of the weirdest goofs alive. She takes pictures of everything she sees. She takes pictures of shoes, garbage, clothes,birds etc.\n\n[[clothes]]
the pricipals threatened to seperate them in math, but then noticed the semester was already coming to an end and there is no hope for them tp pass anyways. 2 of the goofs decided to apologize to get out of the office and trouble.\n\n[[back to the same habits]]
Me and Sadia made up a game called "LAVA" at lunch. This is how it goes you walk around the school stepping on the cracks on the floor. If you step on the floor like where their arent any cracks yaa and then you dieeeee and you fall in the lava.\n\n[[BBM]]\n
They continued to flop on class, and soon it was time for the semester to come an end. Since summer was here the ice cream truck would always park beside the road where there class was because he knew the 3 goofs would buy icecream from him no matter what. Everyday at 11;15 the goofs would wait for the truck to come to purchase there mixed icecreams.\n\n[[exams]]
The three goofs tend to laugh at everything and anything. We always have something to laugh at. Everything just seems very funny. \n\n[[BBM]]
2 of the goofs had hope they would pass the exam which would make them pass the course. They failed the exam and the course but hoped for something better next year. \n\n[[grade 10 math again]]
Last eyar Sadia msged me 5 in the morning asking me where i was. Apparently she was seeeing a dream and she messaged me with out knowing it was a dream. Once I told her this she thought i was joking with her but it was not a joke. ahah\nShe thought it was fake untill i showed her and she was shocked to see what she did.\n\n[[Loud]]
one day me and my friend Sadia decided to change shoes in class. We were watching The Thirteen floors as a class. Me and sadia took pictures of our shoes and made it as our display picture on BBM.\n\n[[pictures]] [[BBM]] [[lava]]
2 of the goofs were once walking down the hallway and were speaking very loudly. They were laughing and dancing which made the teachers teaching the lesson very angry. They were then sent to the office.\n\n[[office]] [[seperation]]
The two goofs failed there exam and also failed there applied math course. The weird part about it was they found that funny too. The math teacher at that point didn't know what to do and was very glad the semester was over. After walking out of that class they prayed that they would have grade 10 applied math together again in grade 11.\n\n[[grade 10 math again]]
one day the three goofs decided to not go to class. They caused alot of trouble in the hallways. Principlals teachers and students disliked them. They played a game called lava.\n\n[[lava]] [[converse]]\n
The 3 goofs had a very high pitched voice which made a weird screaching noise when they would laugh or talk. This always got them in trouble.\n\n[[problems]] [[fail]]
once upon a time there were three goofs that were careless as could be.They also attended the same school. They were good FRIENDS and they also caused trouble all the time. \n\n[[trouble]] [[fun times]]
In grade 11, 2 of the goons then realized they have grade 10 math again with the same teacher. They screamed and laughed and made all kinds of noises. That was a very good day for them both.\n\n[[schedual switch]] [[buddies forever]] [[media]]
The office realized it was ahuge mistake for them to be in the same math class again this year so they switched them out of the class and seperarted them.
Them 3 always had fun whenever they had eachothers companies. They were always down to do anything and enjoy to make trouble. That brought joy to them to bother others. They liked being hated.\n\n[[hate]] [[hahah]]
Both of the goons were happy exams were near. They were so behind that they didnt know what the exam would be on. They both tried to study for the exam to try to pass it but then got distracred as always and went to the movies. \n\n[[failure]] [[gr11]] [[hope]]
After the year had begun the 3 goons were in the same media class. They were very loud, laughed alot and did eveything they werent suppose. The only difference was they had a much bettterrr teacher which was the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After apologizing the goons ran up the stairs and made a lot of noise.It was like they didn't even listen to anything the principal had just said. They laughed loudly and did exactly what they were told not to. They went back to the same habits.\n\n[[gr11]]
The three goofs alwasy end up matching even if it is not planned.\nThey always ended up wearing converse shoes, with sweaters. They always made a big deal about things that didnt really matter. That was one of the main reasons why people hated them.\n\n\n[[BBM]]