This is the tale of Ahmad's basketball journey to the NBA...\n\n[[Start the journey|Page 1]]
In his 4th year of the NBA Playoffs, Ahamd's first opponent was the Boston Celtics. It was an easy series, winning it in 4 games. Ahmad averaged over 32 points per game, and they went on to the face the Indiana Pacers...\n\n[[Face the Pacers|Page 19]]
In their second year together, Ahmad, Lebron, and Dwayne all averaged over 20 points and lead the Heats to their 7th NBA Championship. However, Lebron started to get jealous with Ahmad's excellent performance, and he decided to take him out of the team...\n\n[[Lebron vs Ahmad|Page 18]]
In his first year with the Miami Hetas, Ahmad was a very productive player, averaging 24.5 points, and 6.8 assits per game. Along side with Lebron James, and Dwayne Wade, Ahmad helped the Heats to their 6th NBA Championship. Ahmad decides to stay with the Miami Hets, knowing that they could win more rings.\n\n[[Stays with the Heats|Page 16]]
Ahmad continued his outstanding season from last year into this year. He averaged over 26 points per game, and was selected into his 3rd All-Star game.He won the Three-Point Contest, and was the MVP for the All-Star game. His season wasn't over yet, as his team had he best record in NBA History, going 82-0. They toke their outstanding season into the playoffs...\n\n[[Go to the Playoffs|Page 17]]
8 months after his sever knee injury, Ahmad comes back, and plays his first game in his last year of University. He averaged 14.5 points, and 3.6 assits, in 23 minutes of playing time. His team however couldn't make it into the National Championship game, losing in the second round. Even though Ahmad didn't make it to the NBA, he still enjoyed his career in Syracuse, and decided to pursue his career into Teaching.\n\n[[Go back to the beginning|Page 1]]
In his third year of the his short NBA Career, Ahmad was still outstanding, averaging 28.9 points, and 7.6 assits per game. He helped the Hawks go to the playoffs, but eventually lost in the second round to the Lakers. Frustrated with his teams bad performances, Ahmad request a trade. The general mangaer accpets Ahamd's request, and gets him a trade to the Miami Heats.\n\n[[Get traded to the Miami Heats|Page 15]]
In his third year, Ahmad averaged over 25 points per game, and finally helped the New York Knciks win a NBA Championship. He was also named, NBA Finals MVP. He still decides to stay with the Knicks, hoping they can win another ring.\n\n[[Stays with the Knicks|Page 14]]
Ahmad came back for a third year to Syracuse, and still was averaged more than 20 ponts per game. His season was cut short, when he got a sever knee injury that prevented him from paying basketball for 8 months...\n\n[[8 months later|Page 13]]\n
Ahmad and the New York Knicks were able to defeat Paul George and the Indiana Pacers in 6 games. Ahmad scored 45 points in the last game to advance to the next round. Their next opponent are the Toronto Raptors...\n\n[[Face the Raptors|Page 21]]
Before the season started, Lebron decided to invite Ahmad to his house for a teamate dinner. Thinking this is an occasional dinner, Ahmad accepts the invitation, and decides to go to it...\n\n[[Go to Lebron's house|Page 20]]
Ahmad stays at Syracuse for his 2nd year in University. He averaged 28.4 points per game, leading the country in scoring.His team lost to Michigan State University in the National Chmapionship game. He decides to stay at Syracuse for his 3rd year...\n\n[[Stays at Syracuse|Page 10]]
Ahmad gets drafted 7th pick by the Atlanta Hawks. He averaged 18.9 points, and became Rookie Of The Year. He decides to stay at Atlanta...\n\n[[Stays at Atlanta|Page 9]]
Ahmad was drafted 3rd pick by the New York Knicks. In his first year, he averaged 22.6 points, 6.7 rebounds, and 4.9 assits per game. They made it to the playoffs, but they lost in first round. He decides to stay at New York...\n\n[[Stay at New York|Page 8]]
Ahmad also started at Syracuse University. He averaged 25.6 points per game, leading the country in scoring. He lead Syracuse to the National Chmapionship game, and thats were they lost to Duke University. He had to chose wheter he would stay for a second year, or go to the NBA...\n\n[[Go to the NBA|Page 6]]\n\n[[Stay at Syracuse|Page 7]]
Ahmad started at Kentucky, and averaged 23.5 points per game. He lead them to the National Championship game, and they won it. He decided to leave Kentucky, and go to the NBA...\n\n[[Go to the NBA|Page 5]]\n
Ahmad attended Kipling Collegiate Institue, and averaged 28.7 points, 8.6 rebounds, and 6.4 assists. He lead Kipling to OFSAA, and they won a Gold Medal there. He got basketnall scholarhips from the University of Kentucky and Syracuse University. He had to chose one...\n\n[[Go to Kentucky|Page 3]]\n\n[[Go to Syracuse|Page 4]]
Ahmad's basketball joruney started when he was very young. However he got more serious about ball when he started high school...\n\n[[Start high school|Page 2]]
Ahmad averaged 32.3 in his second year in the NBA, and lead the league in scoring. He won the MVP Award, becoming the youngest player to win that award. His team also made it to the NBA Finals, but lost in 5 games to the Houston Rockets. He still decides to stay in Atlanta, and play for the Hawks...\n\n[[Stay with Hawks|Page 12]]
Ahmad stays at New York for his second year. He averaged 27.6 points, and became an All-Star for the first time in his short career. His team went to the finals, but lost to the Minnesota Timberwolves. However, he still stayed at New York...\n\n[[Stays at New York|Page 11]]
Ahmad stays with the Knicks, and says his team is going to just as better as last year. With the addition of Shooting Guard Klay Thompson and Point Guard Stephen Curry, the team is going to be unstopabble. The New York Knicks were 9-0 in Preseason, and everyone in the NBA werent suprised. The only thing we can do is wait for the season to start...\n\nThe End
Ahmad's decision to leave the Nuggets and go to the Knicks was a wise choice in his opinion. He thinks the Nuggets can do the same thing they did in New York, but better. With the addition of Chris Paul and Marc Gasol, the NUggets are going to be unstoppable. The only thing we can do is wait and see if the Nuggets can live up to their expectation...\n\nThe End
Ahmad decides to return the to the next game, and he actually did excellent. He averaged 32 points in the last 6 games, including a game-winner from half court to win the NBA Championship. He had to chose wheter he would stay with the Knicks, or get traded to the Denver Nuggets...\n\n[[Stay with Knicks|Page 28]]\n\n[[Get traded to the Nuggets|Page 29]]
Ahmad decides to sit out for the rest of the playoffs, watching from the sidelline depressed. His team lost in 7 games, and Chris Paul was named MVP for the Finals. Ahmad was so sad, that he decided to improve his game for next year. He quoted in the post-game interview,"The best of me has yet to come". The only thing we can do it wait....\n\nThe End
Ahmad was so excited to face the Clippers, because he is going ahead againts his favourite basketball player ever, Chris Paul. However tragedy struck the team, when Ahmad got injured in the first minute of the game. He fractured his knee, and had an option of either continuing to play, knowing that his injury might get worse. Or he could sit out for the rest of the playoffs, watching his team from the sideline. This was a hard decision to make...\n\n[[Continue to play|Page 26]]\n\n[[Sit out for the playoffs|Page 27]]\n
Ahmad and Lebron fought for like 10 minuites, punching each other, and throwing furniture at each other. Ahmad was trying to prevent Lebron from firing the gun at him, but he failed. Lerbon shot Ahmad three times in the chest, and twice in the stomach. Ahmad was so shocked by Lerbon's action, as he lay in his living room. The last thing Ahmad heard was Lebron saying, "I'm the leader of the Heats, I'm the leader of the NBA!!". Ahmad died a short time after, and Lebron was charged with first-degree murder, and was sentenced to 60 years in jail. The legacy of Ahmad continues for ever...
Ahmad stays at Lebron's house, thinking that he might be a little early. After 2 hours Ahmad realizes that no one has came yet, so he decides to go home. Once he was about to leave the door, Lerbon appeared infront of him with a handgun. Being so shocked and scared, Ahmad tries to leave through the other exits of the house, but Lerbon tackles him down. Ahamd and Lebron started to fight...\n\n[[Ahmad vs Lebron #2|Page 25]]
Ahmad decides to go home, and realizes that none of his teamates were going to actually come. He realizes that Lebron isn't a team player, rather he is a selfish person. Being fed up with the conspiracy happening with the NBA and the Miami Heats, Ahmad decides to retire from the NBA. Ahmad is still being queistioned on why he retired, but there is still no response. No one will ever know...\n\n[[Retire from the NBA|Page 1]]
When Ahmad arrives to the team dinner, he realizes that it is only him and Lerbon there. Getting suspicous, and had to chose wheter he would stay for the dinner, or to go home...\n\n[[Stay at the dinner|Page 22]]\n\n[[Go home|Page 23]]\n
The Knicks continue their outstanding performace in the playoffs, beating the Raptors in 5 games. He averaged 40 ponts per game, including 3 game-winners. Their last opponent before winning their second Championship in 2 years was the Los Angeles Clippers...\n\n[[Face the Clippers|Page 24]]