You go to the police department and return to your family.\n[[
You look around some more and see some leaves.\n[[Grab Leaves and make a raft out of leaves|Leaves]]\n
After 2 hours of sailing you see a house in the distance\n[[Go to house]]
You see a faint light in the distance.\n[[head to the light]]\n[[keep looking around]]\n\n\n
You look down and see your shoe laces\n[[grab shoe laces|laces]]
You look around and see some drift wood\n[[Grab Drift Wood|DWood]]\n[[Keep Looking|Looking]]
You grab the drift wood.\n[[Make a raft out of drift wood|Raft DWood]]
The light looks pretty far away.\n[[Swim to the light|water]]\n[[Make a Raft|Raft]]
You pull out your shoe laces and tie the raft together.\n[[Ride the raft to the light|RTRTL]]
You reach the river and see the moon shining off the river.\n\n[[Look around the river]]
hello? who is it? The Door opens.\n[[Ending|ending]]
You get frusterated and give up creating a raft out of leaves\n[[Grab Drift wood|DWood]]
You lay driftwood in a floor like positon but have no way to tie it together.\n[[look down|SHoe]]\n
You get tired and decide to turn back.\n[[Make a raft|Raft]]
You reach land and abandon the raft and get to the house door.\n[[Knock|]]
Ahh! Nothing seemed to happen\n[[Run|PT3]]\n[[Look Around|PT2]]
You notice a river in the distance\n[[Head to the river]]
Ahh! Nothing seemed to happen\n[[Run|PT3]]\n[[Look Around|PT2]]
You suddenly wake up in a forest unknown of your current location with no memories of the past.\n[[Scream|PT1]] \n[[Run|PT3]]\n[[Look Around|PT2]]
After 15 minuets of scouting around you dont find anything of use.\n[[Light|head to the light]]\n
James Sartorelli