powerful and sucessful capable of great potential.\n\nTrinity was bored. As she levetated towards the centre of the floor. Damned same old routine she thought. I'm going to have to get a better gig than this. Well from Magicians assistant to Star act in a wll known [[club]] is no mean feat, she was heading for stardom. This was her last night here. She called up a volunteer from the audience. As the young man approached she recognised somthing familar about him.
Tim stepped out of the elevator and proceeded to the end of the corridor. He could read the noctice Land's End. mmmm...must be a tourist company here. He knocked on the door. A voice called out to him and told him to take a ticket from the machine beside the door and to come in. Tim took a ticket it was the number[[three]][[six]][[nine]][[twelve]]
Sally looked over the heads of the people dancing on the floor. She saw Tim walk across the floor with a blond hanging out of his arm. Totally devastated she went to run from the night club. Tim stops her "Sally were are you going" he asks "I've wonderful news, this is my sister Trin, we havent seen each other for twelve years."
Running down the crowded street Tim was blocked by a group of ancient nuns playing hop scotch on the pavement. As he tried to pass them Tim tumbled over one of the nun's rosery beads. Crashing down head first, he lost consiousness for a moment. He recovered to find himself surrounded by the nuns. "You will be ok, Three O'Clock, three times three, the [[Trinity]] " one of the old nun's mumbled. Tim backed away, slowly. He had a bad experience with nuns as a child growing up in the orphenage of the Sacred Heart, run a gang of vicious [[nuns]]and did not want to get involved with any more mumbo jumbo.
Stepping into the dark recess of the entrance, Tim felt a shiver crawl up his spine. He heard a faint [[tick]] coming from the inner office. Going towards the office he was stopped by the security guard who told him it was [[time]] to go up. Tim went back to the bank of elevators and entered. The elevator immediately shot up and the tick tocking grew louder as he went higher and higher.
Hot sweaty bodies gyrating to pounding [[music]]. lights flashing. "Shit, feel an epileptic fit coming on," Tim said. as he dropped suddenly to the floor. As the smoke cleared Tim realised he wasn't in Kansas any more. "Not that I've ever been there" he thought to himself. Looking around he saw he was in the middle of a street with people rushing past him. Glancing at the nearest person, he stepped back shocked to see a clock instead of a face. Not knowing what else to say he asked the man if he had the right time. The man pointed up the street. \n\nTim followed the direction the man pointed, towards the tall [[office building]].\n\nHe runs the [[other way]].
life six: Compassionate and serve others A healer and helper to others. \n\nTrinity put her stetescope around her neck. That was a close call. Lucky she had been close by in the [[club]] when this guy had a fit. Must be an epiliptic. He somehow looks familiar she thought.
It was [[Trinity]]'s first day at her new job. the Land's end was a popular hang out place for the local neighbourhood as well as people stopping off from the local\n[[office building]]'s. She nervously rubbed her [[birthmark]] on her left hand. She hated first days. The door swung open and a handsome dark haired guy entered rapidly.
Trinity glanced down at her birthmark on her left hand. She was astonished to see the mark which showed the [[time]] spin rapidly. She looked back up into the eyes of the man standing in front of her. And looked back at her hand again. The hands of the clock stopped at [[three]],[[six]],[[twelve]],[[nine]].
The mother superior shook her head. She had found a home for [[Trinity]] but unfortunately she couldn't find anything suitable for Timothy. Perhaps it was for the best. Tim could be intractable at times. She looked up at the Clock.
Life three: Three's the magic number. creative extrovert, writer actor musicians.\n\nTrinity put her guitar into the case. She had to hurry or she would be late for her debut at the Stardust [[club]]. [[music]] was her life.
"Hi Philomena, are you going to be at the [[club]] later? I'll be there at nine as Tim is working late again." said Sally. "Sure, Sally, I see you at the bar. Try and get there a [[little earlier]] as I've something [[important to tell]] you." "What is it, can't you tell me now?" replied Sally."
Humanitarian,idealist concerned with the state of the world.\nTrinity shouted the loudest. "Out, Out, " She and her fellow protesters did not want a night club in their neighbourhood. Looking at the entrance of the [[club]] she saw a familar face..."Oh my god Tim" she cried.
Tim rushed into the coffee shop. He was running late all day and had not even the [[time]] to stop for coffee that morning. He had to get back to the flat to change and meet Sally at the club later. The local coffee shop the [[Land's end]] had the best brew ever. Looking around the coffee shop Tim noticed Philomena holding court as usual in the corner with her cronies. The new waitress approached his table. She seemed vaguely familiar to Tim.
As the waitress handed Tim his coffee, Tim noticed the mark on her hand, he looked up at her. He had a feeling of de'jevu. He was stuck for words "Trin.." he uttered. "Oh my god" [[Trinity]] said. She sat down beside Tim and took his hand. He did not notice when [[Philomena]] moved past and left the coffee shop with a thunderous scowl on her face.
Looking at his wrist Tim could see that his watch was stopped at three O'Clock. [[tick]] tock, he heard from the back of his mind. Wow, I haven't thought of that nickname in years. When he was a child, at the orphenage he and his sister, Trin were called tick and tock by the [[nuns]]. Naturally they labled the name tick on him as he was always getting into trouble. The last time he had seen Trin was when her new parents took her away. She had only time to shove her favourite book The Land Before Time into his hands. The last image fixed in his mind was the birthmarkof a clock showing the time of three on her left hand.
Tick tock
Marita Deery\nEmile Quigley
"I saw Tim earlier at Lands End. He was flirting again! The waitress this time, didn't I tell you he was up to no good!" "Look Phil, last time he was not flirting just having lunch with a colleague, who we both know very well. I know you have had a bad experience before but Tim is not a flirt" Sally replied. "Yeah well they were holding hands, you have to face the [[music]], that waitress at Land's End is no colleague of his"
Trinity's mind wandered back to physics class that morning. She pondered on the realities of String Theory. It's bizarre to imagine hundreds of thousands of me living different lives in parallel universes. I wonder what I'm doing now elsewhere? She absentmindedly scratched her [[birthmark]]. Well, whatever about other universes, tonight she was looking forward to heading out to a local [[club]] here called the stardust.
Sally got to the [[club]] a little after 8.00. [[Philomena]] was nursing a pina colada at the bar. "hey sweets, whats up, I'm dying to know what the gossip is. You havn't seen Tim yet have you." Hi Darling," Philomena replied. "No he's not here yet, which is good as I've something to tell you which concerns Tim. It may be nothing [[but]]....."